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Budget Friendly Places to Visit in India 2020

Budget-Friendly Places to Visit in India 2020

Are you a wanderlust travel freak but running out of money? Do not worry about costing; we have brought you 5 best Budget-Friendly Places to Visit in India that can possibly be travelled in low budget.

These locations from India are perfect for 5 places to visit without breaking the bank account. Although, it has never been this easy to travel on a budget but we made research on How to travel in India inexpensive and this article highlights the right place and time to go.

From calm village to metro cities of buzz, from dry deserts to flourish mountains, India has every best thing that a traveller and backpacker would aspire. In addition, the best part is that a visit to these places is a pocket-friendly trip in India. Check out the list of cool places in India where you can plan a trip on the cheapest budget.

Kasol, Lil queen of hills

Kasol, the most famous hill station of Himachal is a small village situated along with the banks of the river Parvati. Kasol is the best tourist attraction of India that is rapidly gaining bright name and fame as a very popular hub for tourists. It is widely home to trekkers, backpackers, and serenity nature lovers.

This place is very economical and budget-friendly place to visit in India and commonly known as the Amsterdam of India. This place was originally a small little village that is now a big tourist attraction in budget. It represents the natural scenic beauty, and a part of that, the village has hotel offering rock bottom prices as homestays.

Best Time: October to June

Known For: Kheerganga Trek, Trekking in Kasol, Tosh and Sikh temple.

Pondicherry, small-town gift for travellers

Finely, located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Southern India – Pondicherry is a little town, which is tucked away on the southeast coastline of India. This counted among best and cheap place to visit in India that promises you the better sanctity and serenity for travel, in the sense of calmness and beauty.

Hereby, the normal and luxury hotels including inns in this place are also available. However, in case you are on a travel-friendly budget then you can stay at the serval Ashram offering almost free meals and stay.

Best Time: October to March

Known For: Paradise Beach, Pondicherry, Aurobindo Ashram for free stay and meals, and beautiful cafes in Pondicherry


Darjaling, the Jaw-dropping place for locals, mesmerising sunrises/sunsets of hills, and budget-friendly places to travel in India. Dargaling as the most scenic view that include the untouched beauty of the hills and the old-world charm of the past. The people of this place are welcoming with smiles and add up to make Darjeeling one of the most beautiful hill stations in Eastern part of India with budget range.

It is famous for tea and also offers the best quality chai at throwaway rates. Darjeeling is regarded as budget-friendly places to visit in India since it has reasonably priced quaint hotels and lodges for travellers.

Best Time: February to March, September to December

Known For: Darjeeling Himalayan range, Tiger Hill, and Batasia Loop

Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

Haven’t heard of this tourist place? Well, if not then it is the Budget Friendly Place to visit in India in 2020. This place in Tamil Nadu is the destination, which is still offbeat. Due to less number of people, visiting this tourist place the place Kolli Hills will give the best taste of utter peacefulness in Hill stations.

From the well flourished coffee and spice plantations in the heart of the city to the emerald valleys accompanied by the dark hills and the cool weather. These all things makes this destination the one the kind and you must plan your trip to budget-friendly places. Visiting Kolli hills will give you the amazing experience, at a minimal price range.

Best Time: November until March

Known For: Temples and great architecture building, best traditional food, and classical Indian dance/music.


Karnataka is a very small but best town of India, it has rich cultural and historical heritage, which is regarded as a traditional beauty of this place. From Breath-taking sacred temples to pleasant landscape and forts, it has all the highlights of best budget-friendly tourist attraction of India.

It has a famous world heritage site Hampi, that leaves you spellbound with its majestic glory as a tourist attraction. It is a place of the ancient era. All the temples and the sculptures on them are simply divine. All this is more joyful as you are doing the tour in a very affordable pricing.

Best Time: October to April

Known For: Karnataka is famous for its Heritage destinations and its Wildlife/ National Parks.

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