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Enviro Water Integrate Pvt. Ltd. is ingenious entrepreneurship born with a single focus – Conservation of Water in manufacturing industries. Most of the manufacturing industries consume a substantial amount of water for their operations. During the summer season, these companies often face a shortage of water as rivers get dried up and water reservoirs, within the plant get depleted rapidly, hampering the unit’s operations. Eventually, these impacts the Company’s productivity – failing in commitments and financial losses as well, which sometimes leads to a complete shutdown. This is where Enviro Water comes in!They provide technical consultancy services that provide solution for substantial reduction in water consumption, with cost-effective technologies.

Leveraging on efficient technology, they have curated “Integration of Water System”. The system encompasses of integration of water circuits and on-line monitoring of water quality parameters, at various consumption points. These eventually brings down the water consumption and further helps, with wastewater management (recycling, reusing and conserving). Enviro Water’s innovative framework is a boon for manufacturing plants. With a few modifications of the plant’s existing installations of Water System & installation of Flowmeters & Analyzers, Enviro Water significantly reduces the water usage quantity and the operation cost of the whole plant.


Enviro Water is established in May 2020, by Mr Aditya Kumar. The 57-year-old persona is a Mechanical Engineer,with more than – 3 decades of experience in manufacturing industries and has accomplished several leadership roles. During this stint, he introspected that plants suffer a lot of water shortage problems, especially during the summer season. Being responsible for Water System in the Integrated Steel plant for a while, the situation significantly affected him on a personal level.

On another note, Mr Kumar was well aware of the Continuous Industrial development in India. With his substantial experience, he did in-depth research on the regular water consumption in these plants and concluded, that mankind will face water crisis by next 2 or 3 decades. This impending conclusion gave him the drive to ideate a platform that can reduce water consumption. Since this area wasn’t addressed by anyone across the globe so far,  he penned down his idea briefly & got Patent search done by a Competent Patent Agency, where it was widely acknowledged as a prominent cause. This motivated him to launch his innovative start-up Enviro Water Integrate Pvt. Ltd. The prime focus was to facilitate Green Technology in manufacturing industries, a step forward in achieving ‘Sustainable Developmental Goal’.


In addition to Mr Kumar, the upper echelon of Enviro Water is addressed, by three more leaders. They are:

  • SUNEET MATHUR, Director (Operations)

A Water Treatment Expert, who has devoted 3 decades of his life in providing water treatment solution to various manufacturing industries. He is a self-motivated person having vast experience in marketing and services of Water Treatment Technology.      He has been associated with one of the world’s largest and renowned Global Water Treatment company providing solutions to organizations utilizing water as their critical components in their process cooling needs

  • UTKARSH PATEL, Director (Automation): Utkarsh has acquired decades of experience in Process Instrumentation & Automation Engineering from various industries. He enjoys a commendable track for fulfilling the need for economical & reliable instruments, by various industries.
  • SATISH KUMAR PANDEY, Director (Execution): A Mechanical Engineer, having more than – 2 decades of knowledge of manufacturing industries. His areas of specializations include project execution in the field of Water, Air & Gases. His skills further include fabrication, machining and inspection. He is also skilled in plant operations – commissioning of projects and successful execution.


Enviro Water leverages on digital platforms to provide its services to customers. They converse through virtual conferences and present a Powerpoint presentation featuring the benefits in terms of Water Conservation and reduction in operational cost; all of these at a nominal investment. Once the client approves, Enviro Water does a complete survey of their plant premises, followed by Water Mapping of the entire plant. From there, the research team works on the acquired data and proposes the appropriate solution suited to the plant. Upon the client’s approval of the proposed solution, the company proceeds with execution.

This simplistic yet professional framework attributes the Company’s vision to ensure adept service quality and 100% client satisfaction. Focusing further on this, Enviro Water is seeking to develop an online monitoring framework, which will help them remotely monitor client’s water consumption from their centralized control system and provide real-time tailored solutions.


Enviro Water came to the picture in a period of challenges and technological advancements. With the unprecedented invasion of COVID-19, companies and individuals around the world went through spontaneous transitions. Recalling to this scenario Enviro Water has focused on digital media to propagate its business. Enviro Water is focusing on conceiving solutions for Water Conservation as well as Power Conservation & Water Treatment Chemical Conservation, which in turn would result in Cost reduction of the unit. Having an idea that has a          Social Impact, the Company is working on widening its clientele within the next 2-3 months, venturing on the digital platform.

Enviro Water leads the market with a tech-oriented concept. Their Integration of Water System ensures a “Zero Discharge of Water” from factory premises; addressing the water pollution issues extensively. Being at an initial stage, the Company is focusing on Integrated Steel Plants. Upon successful implementation, they are willing to proceed for Power Plants, Chemical Plants & Petrochemical Plants.

In addition to a tech-elevated platform and progressive marketing, the Company is encompassed with proficient employees. Mr Kumar asserts, We treat our workforce as an asset of the company”.  The Company is willing to provide employment opportunities to freshers & differently able youngsters. To keep their employees motivated, the Company has plan to push them through training sessions on a regular basis.


Being a Novel startup, Enviro Water has been forging ahead as a fruitful business. Submission of Complete Patent application is one of their breakthroughs; they are eagerly waiting for the publication of the same. Venturing on digital media, the Company is foreseeing a substantial client base, which will help in creating a dynamic image in the market.

In the road ahead, the Company is foreseeing the innovation of new manufacturing companies in India. With respect to the ongoing challenges, manufacturing units will need expert guidance on water conservation & management, bringing Enviro Water to the picture.


Foundation of any business is marketing. As such, Success of Startups largely depends on it. Technocrats often lack in marketing skill; hence, it should be planned either through separate marketing team or through outsourcing.” – Mr Aditya Kumar


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