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Vibtree Technology


Company Overview

Vibtree is an award-winning cloud telephony service provider serving 1000+ users across 20+ countries. It has established itself as a leader in offering enterprise-grade, cloud-based business phone systems for SMBs and Enterprise businesses. Delivering industry-leading quality with all-inclusive price points, Vibtree serves MNC/MSME/SME businesses, schools, government offices, and non-profit organizations of all sizes with affordable cloud-based and on-premise Unified Communications systems.

Vibtree also offers a wide range of supporting VoIP infrastructure technology, including SIP trunking and fax services, phones, networking interconnection products, and other telephony hardware, ie, a complete package to get started with an efficient business phone infrastructure.

Vibtree’s Customer Engagement Solutions include:

  • Auto Dialing • Multi-Level IVR
  • Call Return and Routing • Phone Book & Caller details
  • Blind and Attended Transfer • Configurable Routing Rules
  • Call Routing & Queueing • Selective Acceptance
  • Playback Extensions • Selective and Anonymous Rejection
  • Powerful Reporting • Music On Hold
  • Conference Calls • Voicemail Calls
  • Barge-in, Whisper, Listen • Holiday/Week Off Mode
  • DID Management • Ring Group
  • Do Not Disturb • Call Park & Pickup
  • Group Call Pickup • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring • Call Analytics
  • Multilingual Support • Integrated Advanced Billing Module
  • Find Me/Follow Me • Dashboard with real-time system status

They also provide VOIP calling infrastructure and VOIP minutes.

Ahead of the Curve

Every business starts from a basic idea, identifying a problem or a gap in the existing system. Abhishek Gupta, Founder and CEO, at the time of Vibtree’s inception, had been in the IT industry long enough to identify that business communications do not use existing technology in the most efficient way. Only 30% of big business enterprises employ cloud telephony, which according to Mr. Gupta is the future of Telecommunications. The existing companies provide cloud telephony services focusing only on those big enterprises.

The sole purpose of starting Vibtree Technology was to bridge this gap and make this technology available to smaller businesses and help them streamline their business process and save costs. Use of cloud telephony over traditional telephony systems reduces costs by 70%. It is easily scalable and allows employees to work from any location. CRM integration is possible in cloud telephony. It comes with all the latest tools of telephony with less investment in infrastructure.

Cloud telephony in itself is an evolving technology. There is a new product or new technology in this field every other day. Their best-in-class industry experts and developers work day and night to come up with the most innovative products for the clients that help them use their existing resources effectively. The research and development team does extensive market research to identify the current needs of businesses and develops a solution using cloud telephony.

Vibtree’s biggest strength is the level of customization it provides with its services, which is unparalleled in this industry. They design their packages strictly as per the need of clients. Another strength of theirs is the range of the products: they cater to the needs of small startups to multinational enterprises. This flexibility in range, as well as customization of their products, gives it an edge over the competitors.

Challenges Faced

For starters, awareness of cloud telephony is very low in the industry. Businesses are not aware that by using cloud telephony over traditional telephony systems they can save nearly 70% of the costs. So initially it was difficult to onboard clients for Vibtree because of the lack of information in the market. Finding technically skilled manpower for the company has also been an obstacle in initial stages. Even now the company is working on educating businesses about the use of cloud telephony and its associated benefits.

Every business is different and every business requires different specifications for its business communication. At Vibtree they analyse the needs of clients and deliver customized services that suit their businesses. They have 100+ satisfied customers all across the globe. Some of their customers include prominent companies like Eclick Software Solutions, Brightlink Telecom, IDT Corporation and Impact Telecom.

 “If you believe your solution can bridge a gap or solve an existing problem, and you believe your solution is innovative enough, then don’t let initial setbacks hamper your vision. You might not be making enough money in the initial stages, but keep your faith and keep updating your product, you will reach your goal eventually.”

The Team at Vibtree

Any company is as successful as motivated and passionate their workforce is. The management at Vibtree maintains a flexible and favorable environment for the employees where they can work without limiting their creativity. They make sure every employee shares the same vision to enable the clients to use their services most efficiently and in the process, they aim to become the best cloud telephony service provider in the country.

“It is important to have a team that can share your vision. It is difficult to find people who can share the same passion towards your vision as yours. So build a team of people who are as passionate as you and you will succeed and grow together.”

The industry experts at Vibtree help companies to analyze their current situation and design products as per their needs. All products are tailor-made for each client and a dedicated technical support team makes sure that the clients solve their issues in real-time, 24X7. All their products are provided on private and secure servers. Privacy policies are very rigid and secure. Vibtree has repeatedly proven to its clients that it provides best in class personalized services.

They have built a very strong R&D team with excellent developers and industry experts. Standing on the shoulders of technology experts and a tech-savvy team, Vibtree is always ahead in terms of the latest technology.


Awards and Goals

Within a few years of starting their services, Vibtree has been recognised as one of the best in industry by some esteemed organisations.


  • In 2019, CIOReviewIndia recognised Vibtree Technologies as one of the top “10 Most Promising Cloud Telephony Solution Providers”
  • CIO Insider Magazine “Top 10 Tech Entrepreneur Startups – 2020”
  • “India 500 Startup Awards 2020” by Team India 5000 Business Awards
  • Business Connect Magazine: “20 Best Startups in India 2020”

Mr. Abhishek Gupta was awarded the National Excellence Award by All India IT Association in 2019 for his vision.

Cloud Telephony is the future of telecommunication. Every aspect of business can be integrated with cloud telephony. Businesses are not yet aware that every business out there, every industry, be it banking, real estate, ecommerce, automobile, call centers, hospitality, etc, can benefit from cloud telephony. So there lies a huge opportunity ahead of Vibtree, and they are working and have been successful in grabbing it.

With business telecommunication totally shifting towards cloud telephony, Vibtree is looking to be a complete B2B telecommunication service provider


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