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‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ is a question that bothers so many of us in this world striving for perfection in almost every aspect of life, physical appearance being the most prominent one. With the ever-haunting conventional beauty standards, we are bound to fit in the ‘better-appearance’ mold along with other qualities to gain success with lesser obstacles in life.

For some, a certain disfigurement, scar, non-conventional body feature, etc. can become a cause of deep concern. It can lead to lower self-esteem, lack of self-confidence or even chronic depression. Apart from trying to mentally accept the natural self, another way to overcome these problems is plastic or cosmetic surgery, which involves improving a person’s natural appearance or incident-induced anomalies. In this particular field of medical sciences, which is rapidly gaining popularity among the masses, the Orissa Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery has emerged as one of the most renowned and trusted names in India and outside. It is a unit of Sushruta Hospital and Trauma Care.


With its inception in the year 2008, this ever-growing name began its journey from a tiny clinic in a house of 400 sq. feet, with only one person in the staff. With the rising popularity, the founders increased the bed strength to 5 and staff members to 15, and currently to a bed strength of 25. It was registered under Odisha Clinical Establishment Act during its nascence. In the year 2019, Sushruta Hospital and Trauma Care was registered under the Registrar of Companies, and since then, Orissa Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery became a unit of the same.

Dr. Akshay Kumar Rout, an extremely skilled Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon is the founding member of it and the Director of Sushruta Hospital and Trauma Care. He has an impressive profile of completing his degree in M.Ch. from PGIMER, Chandigarh (A premier medical research institution in India), and holding a fellowship in cosmetic surgery from Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, New York, USA. Showing an exemplary brilliance in integrating healthcare with entrepreneurship, along with Co-director, Mrs. Ekatmika Khatua, an IT expert from Banglore and Co-founder Mrs. Chidatmika Khatua, a social entrepreneur, he has inspiringly expanded the hospital over the years.

Orissa Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is an ardent believer of a combination of beauty and intelligence as the mantra for success in today’s world. It has continuously provided the same to the clients without fail.


Within just 10-12 years of its inception, Orissa Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery has brilliantly come a long way in providing the latest services to the clients with the most trustworthy professionals and procedures. It believes that such procedures involve making several thoughtful choices, and the most important one is choosing a trusted APSI (Association of Plastic Surgeons of India) member surgeon. Therefore, it is made sure here, to provide the clients with such qualified and trustworthy professionals. Some flagships available at this center include-

  • Nose Reshaping
  • Breast Reshaping
  • Liposuction
  • Gynecomastia Treatment
  • Hair Transplant
  • Hand Trauma

Other services available are face-lift and rejuvenation, chin augmentation, ear reshaping surgery, neck lift, boob job, tummy tuck, hymenoplasty, vaginoplasty, post-bariatric treatment, sex-change surgery, transgender changes. The trauma services include- burn trauma, road traffic accident, hand trauma, microvascular surgery, facio-maxillary trauma, varicose vein treatment, etc.


In healthcare fraternity, values, work environment, and medical ethics are of utmost importance. A client needs to feel at peace, comfortable, and stress-free before, during and after the treatment. This can only be achieved if the employees are given a good work environment, standards are followed, values are at the core of all functions and discipline is maintained.

Dr. Akshay Kumar Rout, Founder, and Surgeon at the Orissa Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery believes in keeping full transparency along with value-based ethics. Perseverance, dedication, keeping work and personal life balance along with listening to the clientele’s problems with an effort to provide the solution is at the core of their business. The employees are given a healthy employee-friendly environment, with the least possible interference and liberty to think beyond conventions. They are supplemented in inculcating a sense of belongingness and responsibility by being provided with encouraging- incentives and required leaves with alternative arrangements. Festival celebrations and get-togethers are duly arranged for the employees for their recreation and motivation.


Orissa Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is the first choice for many people in multiple countries for obvious reasons. It has added many feathers to its cap in such a short period. For the last two consecutive years, it has won in the Times Of India Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery category. It also received the prestigious Odisha Excellence Award from the Governor of Orissa, apart from the Bhubaneshwar Brand Leadership Award and the Kalinga Bali Sangam Award from Indonesia. The recent introductions of the latest Laser Surgery, Non-surgical anti-aging treatment, and microscopic surgeries keep them abreast of the technological advancements and the changing market requirements.

Frequent visits and association of the anesthetic consultants and orthopedics plastic surgery consultants give them the brownie points.

The clientele itself boasts of the success of the center as it includes clients from the states of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, and international clients from USA, Singapore, Bangkok, Maldives, and Gulf countries.


Entrepreneurship without benefitting society is meaningless. As a part of the human race, it is an obligation upon every business to render its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). And it becomes all the more important when it comes to healthcare and service to the mankind. Orissa Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery has enthusiastically put its front foot forward in social welfare. With one of its founding members being a social entrepreneur, it is obviously taken into consideration seriously, given that they provide 10% free services to the poor and downtrodden. Free of cost treatment for road accident victims, diabetic foot, dialysis, etc. are also provided to them. Aiming high, the founder, Dr. Akshay says that his vision is to increase the capacity upto 100 beds, and to designate 50% of beds for free treatment to the destitute.

These are the times when not only stars, and socialites go under the knife for plastic and cosmetic surgery, but common masses are also increasingly participating in it. With the global influencers like the Kardashians constantly ruling the social media with their perfected appearances achieved via multiple treatments and surgeries, people are becoming more and more conscious of how near they can get to the set norms of beauty. What only god could do in earlier times, has been made possible by man today. Therefore, it is essential to choose a trustworthy doctor and keep one’s expectations real from the treatments.


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