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Extraamedia and Events LLP

Extraamedia and Events LLP: For Complete Marketing Solutions

To survive the super-competitive marketplace, every company needs to build a reputation, an image of its own. They need access to impeccable marketing and PR solutions. Moreover, in this constantly switched on world, digital marketing has become as important a tool for companies as outdoor marketing. Extraamedia is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of marketing and PR. They help you set your brand goals and then bring to bear their expertise in Web, Advertising, and Offline Marketing.

Company Overview

Extraamedia and Events LLP helps enterprises present their best foot forward to their clients and makes their journey towards success smoother. Reputation is the most valued asset of an organization. Extraamedia specializes in building, protecting, and enhancing the reputation of organizations. They enable their clients to engage with a diverse set of stakeholders, leveraging a unique in-depth understanding of the complex socio-political-economic landscape of India. Extraamedia stands out as the only agency you will need when you start off for all your marketing and PR needs. Based in Hyderabad, they represent a number of fast-growing restaurants and cafes of the city. They take care of everything from social media to bloggers to outdoor advertising, any and all marketing needs for their clients.

Anam Mirza, Founder of Extraamedia, has been very closely involved with the media in general since a very young age. As she grew older, she developed an even greater interest towards social media and marketing. A year and half ago, she started Extraamedia and Events LLP. With an amazing team along her side, she believes it has been the best thing for them to enter the market. The team at Extraamedia is a collective of diverse yet unified young minds that bring to the table a dynamic mix of industry knowledge, creative and strategic thinking. The company is known to keep up with emerging trends in the business. There are new things that happen across social media as well as outdoor marketing every day, new innovations that happen every single day. There is a need to learn to adapt to everything. It is a constant process of learning for the team when it comes to these things.

Extraamedia, as the name suggests, always goes that extra mile for its clients, and takes a personal interest in literally every brand that it works with. They are a one-stop-shop for all the marketing and PR needs for the clients, being the only agency in Hyderabad that provides that. There always arises a need to go to a different specialized agency at each step, while Extraamedia has an expertise in all fields of marketing. The team specializes in building, protecting and enhancing the reputation of organizations by providing a 360-degree solution to their clients’ needs.

The Journey So Far

Obstacles and challenges arise at every step for everyone, especially when you start off a new business. When Extraamedia was launched, they barely had one client. Within a short span of time, the agency grew and today handles around 15-20 diverse clients. The journey, according to Anam, has been a constant up and down. “That is growth, and you are learning constantly. It would be unfair to say that there were bad days only initially. Even today we have bad days. Bad days come and go – you have just got to get through them. With a team like ours, it gets much easier,” states Anam.

Anam started working at the age of seventeen, interning at a news agency. She worked with an ad agency next, and another ad agency after that. What her experience has taught her through the years is that bookish knowledge is often understated. “One thing that I’d like to tell our readers is that I have heard a lot of people say that studying is not as important as practical know-how. But if I hadn’t studied the things that I did when I did my graduation in PR, I would probably not know now what exactly am I doing. Yes, practical knowledge does teach you a lot, but the school or college you are going to is important as well. It’s only later in life that we realise how important those fundamentals were for us.”

Extraamedia works with a lot of popular restaurants and cafes in Hyderabad: Alive Cafe, Chef Inam, Apollo Life Studio, Bazzinga Brew, Krsna Couture, Tamanna Makeup Studio & Academy etc. and provides them with A to Z service: social media, outdoor marketing, PR. They have also done marketing activities for prominent brands like Steve Madden, Diesel, PMJ Jewellers. Extraamedia is the only company in Hyderabad serving all these needs at one place. The agency boasts of a hundred percent client retention. They believe that the more you work with a client, the more you understand them. Being with them for a while makes you realize whether you can work together or not work together. They sign up with every client for only three months initially. Only after establishing that their synergies match and that they will be able to work with each other do they go for an extension. A lot of times Extraamedia itself goes to the clients and says that they cannot make this work, that their thinking and the clients’ don’t match. The imagination of their brand is very different from how Extraamedia wants their brand to look. After three months, if the agency finds themselves comfortable with the client, they go on with them and build a very, very strong relationship. With fundamentals as strong as theirs, it is no surprise that no client has left them. That is a testament to them providing exceptional services, to the best of their capabilities.

When it comes to technology, it is crucial in this line of work that the team stays updated. One day there’s Instagram, the other day there’s TikTok, the next day Facebook is outdated, and there’s a need to keep up with all these trends and more. The digital world is forever changing and evolving, and Extraamedia is in no way getting left behind.

“Our company is not very old, we are just a startup, we are trying to make it as big as we can. With Coronavirus, the process has obviously slowed down, but we are going to be trying our best. Right now the goal is to have at least three national brands on board, to do their PR and handle their social media. The team is ever-growing, and we can’t wait to see what future has in store for Extraamedia.”


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