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Stimulating a generational impact, changing lives…

In an ever-evolving landscape, change stands as an unwavering constant, and those who resist its embrace inevitably find themselves falling behind. This is evident for the education and skill development industry. We live in an ever-changing world, and with the lack of certainty in predicting the future means that we need to be agile enough to adapt to anything that comes our way.

Equipping ourselves with 21st century skills ensures we have the flexibility to remain agile and take on whatever challenges lie in the future. The World Economic Forum’s 2015 report unveiled a roster of the top 10 skills vital for equipping the youth with future-proof capabilities. Among these, two previously unfamiliar traits took center stage: emotional intelligence and creative flexibility. Against this backdrop, a visionary leader cast his gaze towards the horizon, envisaging the trajectory of the global landscape of skill building by the year 2023.

Sundar Kumarasamy emerged as a trailblazer, capturing attention with his establishment, Excelerate, a pioneering venture and believes in: New Times Call For New Methods. This enterprise is not solely dedicated to enhancing the efficacy of learning; it also places a profound emphasis on shedding outdated skills and mindsets through a process of ‘unlearning’. This forward-looking initiative encapsulates the essence of adaptability and the recognition that staying abreast of the times requires a comprehensive transformation of not just acquiring new knowledge but also relinquishing obsolete paradigms.

To explore the length and breadth of the company, we arranged a virtual session with Sundar Kumarasamy and bagged valuable insights and food for thought based on his visionary outlook. “In a world constantly evolving, our capacity to learn and adapt becomes the cornerstone of remaining relevant within the future workforce. Embracing a path of lifelong learning is imperative, and our commitment to continuous improvement is paramount. Throughout my two-decade tenure as an enrollment manager, I’ve closely witnessed the intricate challenges that numerous educational institutions confront while attempting to bridge this gap for their students. This insight served as the catalyst for the inception of Excelerate,” Sundar initiated the discourse. Let’s dive in to get to know his venture and futuristic vision that has been inculcated in this narrative:

Bringing a wealth of experience to the table

Sundar Kumarasamy has solidified an esteemed position in the sphere of higher education and enrollment management, and is renowned for his innovative prowess in admissions. With an impressive 25-year track record in the realm of higher education, he has positively impacted students’ lives and career trajectories on a global scale.

Sundar’s extensive professional journey is marked by collaborations with prestigious U.S. universities. His role as Vice President of Enrollment Management at Northeastern University proved transformative. He orchestrated a remarkable surge in applications, elevating numbers from 50,000 to an astounding 90,000 for the fall term. The selectivity rate witnessed a notable ascent, rising from 28% to an impressive 6.5%. Under his guidance, Northeastern University ascended to the pinnacle of international enrollment in the United States.

Before his impactful tenure at Northeastern, Sundar’s inventive mindset had already yielded transformative outcomes at The University of Dayton. One noteworthy contribution was the creation of an immersive 36-by-20-foot video-projection wall, a pioneering concept along the advent of touch screens. This innovative technology offered a dynamic portrayal of campus life, embodying the university’s strong community spirit. It captivated prospective students, revolutionizing their engagement with the campus environment and exemplifying Sundar’s solemn promise to transformative education.

Sundar is committed to democratizing learning by providing equal opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds with his unique venture. His platform offers experiential learning avenues that cultivate the vital competencies and skills essential for thriving in the modern professional landscape.

A distinct vision

Sundar Kumarasamy’s holistic vision behind the creation of Excelerate, a cutting-edge experiential learning platform, is rooted in the recognition that modern-day skills comprise a harmonious blend of learning attributes, prominently encompassing the 4Cs: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. While emphasizing the significance of literacy skills, Sundar also places a substantial focus on the “FLIPS”: flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity, and social skills, all pivotal for the forthcoming success landscape.

The CEO is resolute in his pursuit to empower learners for the transformative future that lies ahead. He firmly believes in equipping the next generation of youth with 21st-century learning anchored in experiential knowledge that would transform lives at ground level.

For Sundar, the crux of success rests upon the cornerstone of experiential learning. He envisions a future where the cultivation of skills is immune to replacement by AI-powered tools. This aspiration is the driving force behind his dedication to facilitating experiential learning, ensuring that virtual internships, power skill courses, and innovative approaches converge to harness the prowess of experiential learning. Through these endeavors, Sundar Kumarasamy aims to nurture a profound sense of continuous learning, thus shaping a generation capable of thriving amidst dynamic shifts and challenges.

Driven by his years of experience and a zeal to make a difference to the skill-development space while reducing the existing gap, he decided to establish: Excelerate. The venture is a remarkable initiative to contribute to the brighter future prospects of skillbuilding in favor of our current generation in the upcoming years when AI would take over across various fields globally.

Excelerate: A glance

In August 2022, Excelerate was conceptualized and established. The company stands as an innovative technological platform, enabling learners from diverse backgrounds to access experiential learning opportunities. It equips them with the competencies and skills indispensable for flourishing within the dynamic job landscape of the twenty-first century. Excelerate serves as a transformative platform that connects students to their future careers, businesses to their future talent, and universities to their future learners.

Excelerate offers a spectrum of global internships and experiential opportunities seamlessly accessible through the platform interface. The platform is a pinnacle of functionality and agility, serving as a gateway to this immersive learning experience.

The dynamo claims, “I confidently assert that Excelerate signifies an indispensable pathway to unfettered access and boundless opportunity. By dismantling barriers and transcending limits, it expedites the route towards a gratifying career. Most importantly, it stands poised to mold the present generation of learners into formidable forces, primed for an array of career accomplishments throughout their lifetimes.”

Excelerate’s profound impact resonates across the global educational landscape, as it has diligently extended over 30 transformative opportunities to a burgeoning community of learners spanning across more than 160 countries. This resounding commitment has culminated in the profound transformation of over 26,000 lives, ushering in a new era of empowerment, enlightenment, and growth on an unprecedented scale.

For learners, Excelerate empowers them with personalized experiences and global internship opportunities, equipping them with essential 21st-century skills needed to thrive in the future.

The USPs

Excelerate’s comprehensive business portfolio embodies its founder’s unique and steadfast philosophy: education’s future should revolve around equipping today’s learners for the imminent changes on the horizon. The foundation of his vision is supported by three pivotal pillars: secondary education, higher learning institutions, and employers. It is his firm belief that students must grasp how their acquisition of modern-day skills can influence and transform their lives, shaping a more promising future over the next two decades, characterized by the ascendancy of powerful AI. Such an endeavor necessitates the unification of the community, pooling resources and efforts.

What sets it apart is the empowerment it offers learners, granting them the autonomy to tailor their educational paths rather than adhering to rigid, prescribed curricula. Whether catering to high school students or seasoned professionals, Sundar’s approach revolves around personalized engagement, guiding learners on their unique journeys, and unveiling the myriad possibilities that lie ahead. In Sundar’s view, the ultimate goal is to foster self-competition within learners. By encouraging them to strive for their personal best, he envisions a world where individuals are equipped to navigate the challenges of the modern landscape by continuously challenging and improving themselves.

Sundar elucidates, “This platform” is effortlessly able to extend learner’s reach by offering diverse learning avenues that cater to a spectrum of individuals, both local and global. It cultivates an early talent reservoir by curating experiences that validate and enhance skills, ensuring a steady influx of emerging talents. Also, it fosters an unbroken connection with existing and prospective talents, maintaining their engagement and participation. Last but not least, it is known to forge a lasting brand affinity with future learners and talents, thereby solidifying your reputation and building enduring brand loyalty.”

Connecting the dots, creating the impact

Excelerate empowers learners with personalized experiences and global virtual internship opportunities, equipping them with essential 21st-century skills. With Excelerate learners get a chance to connect with future employers and gain a competitive edge in the job market. They get to explore unique career paths that help them customize their professional journey in accordance with their interests and goals. Excelerate enhances their chances to thrive in the existing dynamic global economy, While the micro scholarships reward system provides them with some level of financial aid in their educational journey.

Excelerate bridges the gap between employers and talented individuals, establishing an early talent pipeline. By partnering with Excelerate, employers access future-ready talent with verified skills and hands-on experience. This fosters brand loyalty, driving organizational success and keeping businesses ahead in the global economy. Excelerate empowers educators and institutions to bridge the skill gap and boost their reach, recruitment, retention, and reputation.

By providing diverse experiential opportunities for learners, fostering global engagement, and shaping future career success, Excelerate enables educators and institutions to expand their influence, attract top talent, enhance learner retention, and strengthen their reputation in the ever-evolving landscape of education and workforce development. This synergy extends to employers as Excelerate constructs a conduit for nurturing future-ready talent and establishing an early pipeline of skilled individuals. Employers partnering with Excelerate gain access to verified skill sets and hands-on experience, fostering brand loyalty and propelling organizational triumph in the global arena.

In the true sense, the world is in dire need of ventures like Excelerate to serve as catalysts for equitable education and socio-economic development. These endeavors bridge geographical and socioeconomic gaps, ensuring that knowledge, skills, and opportunities are accessible to individuals across diverse backgrounds. Ventures like Excelerate empower underserved communities, unlocking their potential and enabling them to contribute meaningfully to global progress, innovation, and prosperity. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and empowerment, these ventures pave the way for a more inclusive, informed, and interconnected world.

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