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Experience Travelidea Private Limited

Experience Travelidea Private Limited

Changing the Travel Industry Dynamics by Formulating a Fine Blend of Technology & Tourism

The journey to becoming a pioneer, built on the concrete shoulders of a nascent travel agency, started from a goal instilled with the enthusiasm of a humble and earnest name in the travel landscape, Mr Tushar Tayal, Founder of Experience Travelidea.

A young and dynamic entrepreneur, passionate about both travelling and the environment, he decided to explore the travel and tourism industry at just 17 years. He launched his first business in 2016 as ‘Experience Travelidea’, which is now the fastest-growing travel agency in North-East India. Travelidea came into existence as a standard travel agency in a pricecompetitive market. Using the sources and their own travelling experience, the team could escape the price war.

They could emerge as a cost leader with initial fund burn and solid relationships with airlines and inventory holders based on profile. However, Tushar did understand that the travel market required more than just affordable costs. Then Travelidea launched their distinctive custom travel options, where they developed unique travel packages for clients in a modular manner, allowing each section to vary with easy pricing.

Travelidea initiated its own CSR project, helping students and medical tourists from less affluent families with the cost of necessary travel. It is also currently funding 10 tickets each month for critically ill patients who have to travel to a different city for treatment. As soon as Travelidea received its first round of funding, the website www. was launched with 200+ APIs integrated, fetching live airline and hotel prices as well as other information from all over the world.

Parallelly, b2b.tarvelidea. in was launched to cater to travel wantrepreneurs who wish to pursue a self-employed career in the travel business as well as travel agents and want to be entrepreneurs, who all have access to the platform. The registrants are given mentoring, marketing guidance, legal help, and a complete technology framework to launch their businesses.

As the CEO was studying abroad, he participated in numerous international travel fairs and exhibitions to promote “Incredible India” around the world. As a result, Experience Travelidea now welcomes at least 200 foreign visitors to India each month and shows them the beauty of the hidden jewel
of India.

Travelidea’s Comprehensive Service Portfolio

Conceptualising, tailoring, and curating the best possible travel experience, Travelidea is a well-conceived venture of young enthusiast entrepreneur Tushar Tayal. The following are the key services offering the company -:

• Travel Services: As a full-service travel agency, Travelidea offers a wide range of travel services to its customers, including flight bookings, hotel reservations, cruises, yachts, charter flights, and tour packages.
• Travel Technology: The company provides travel technology solutions, such as online booking, real-time updates, and thorough travel information, to make the booking process simple and effective.
• Medical Tourism: Travelidea is an expert in medical tourism and connects patients with top-notch healthcare providers all around the world.

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions):

The company provides businesses with the resources and expertise they need to plan and execute successful events, including venue selection, logistics management, and travel arrangements.

Customized Travel Solutions:

The company provides customised travel solutions to meet the unique needs of each traveller, whether it’s a romantic getaway, family vacation, or business trip.

Target Clientele

Experience Travelidea strives to serve a wide spectrum of clients and provide customised travel solutions to meet their unique needs. To ensure that the customers obtain the finest service and experience, their services are divided into many departments, each of which is run by a team of experts.

• A committed group of professionals is available to help medical tourists and students committed, from finding the right medical facilities to arranging comfortable accommodations.
• Corporate and business travellers can turn to Travelidea’s corporate travel division for support with everything from hotel and flight reservations to event planning and meeting planning.
• The team of professionals can assist you in creating the ideal holiday for your family or a romantic retreat, making sure you have a stress-free and pleasurable time.
• In order to give consumers, the finest service possible, Travelidea Private Limited is dedicated to collaborating with other travel agencies.
• There is a team of professionals who can assist you in starting your own travel company and give you the resources and assistance you need to be successful.

Overcoming the Hurdles along the Way

Starting a business is never easy, and the situation faced by Tushar was no exception. The company was established right before the COVID-19 pandemic, which severely hurt the tourism industry, broke out. Tushar, who was only 17 years old and a travel enthusiast, had no experience with managing a company. He was forced to fight with established competitors in a fiercely competitive market because of his lack of experience.

Customers were highly price-sensitive, and there was a lot of unhealthy competition in the travel business. This made it difficult for Travelidea to stand out and attract new customers. To overcome this challenge, they had to come up with new offerings and innovative ideas to attract customers and differentiate his business from others.

In addition to the competitive market, Travelidea faced another major challenge in finding skilled employees in the area. Given Tushar’s youth and the fact that he was still a student, managing both his academic career and the business was a difficult balancing act.

Investment in Travelidea

Travelidea is primarily bootstrapped. The pre-seed has been invested by the founder and his family himself. Travelidea has streamlined and traditional agreements with its suppliers to manage the cash flow in order to meet its working capital needs. Travelidea was able to secure its initial investment of 1.1 million at a 10% stake as its seed 1 investment shortly after the conference when the industry received a resurrection push.

However, Travelidea is currently aiming for a Seed 2 investment with a projected valuation of 3 million USD for a 10% interest in order to accomplish its next growth phase goals and objectives. Additionally, Travelidea aims to list on the NSE and BSE by 2027.

The Maverick behind the Success

The man behind the idea, Tushar Tayal, a young and dynamic entrepreneur, is passionate about both travelling and the environment. At just 17 years old, Tushar started his first business, Travelidea, and has since been involved in six different businesses across various industries.

He is a visionary who is well-known for creating social company models that benefit the environment and create job opportunities while still making money for investors. Both Tushar’s professional and academic accomplishments are excellent. Among 1.4 million students, he achieved the top All India Rank in the commerce stream of the CBSE High School Examinations.

This outstanding achievement earned him the privilege of being invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan in India by the President, where he attended the ‘at home reception party’ along with many other delegates. Additionally, he received an invitation from the honourable prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi, to the Republic Day parade.

Tushar has been recognised as a top student at the esteemed SP Jain School of Global Management, where he has attained a rank of 1 in the Dean’s List for an impressive six consecutive semesters, thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and drive. This demonstrates Tushar’s devotion to accomplishment, hard effort, and dedication.

One of Tushar’s latest ventures, Casa Bambo, is a sustainable bamboo products business based in Sydney, Australia. Tushar’s impressive track record speaks volumes about his entrepreneurial skills and his passion for business. With his unwavering ambition and dedication to making a good effect, Tushar Tayal is certainly a name to watch in the business world.

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