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Flower Fashion India: Scaling greater heights with splendidly finished floral deliverables

Flower Fashion India: Scaling greater heights with splendidly finished floral deliverables

The floral industry is ascending the graph of growth in the Indian markets, owing to the extensively growing demand for fresh floral products. Any special day is incomplete without the freshness dispensed by the alluring flowers as they are an integral part of any occasion. Be it a wedding ceremony or birthday parties, flowers add a touch of auspiciousness to every special day with their purity and beauty. It has been famously said that flowers convey faster than the voice. The arrangement of flowers in decoration reveals the kind of event that is being celebrated. Likewise, the type of flowers chosen to express the love and care to those who are the elemental part of our lives unveils a lot about our sentiments without even uttering a word. In terms of occasions like weddings, bridal floral accessories are quite imperative for making the moments remarkably unforgettable.

But, the floral industry is quite an unorganized sector, where the vendors don’t pay much heed to customer satisfaction that develops a sense of resentfulness among the customer base. It is a toiling task to search for credible floral-vendors who can render desirable deliverables with best-in-class quality, yet in the economical price range.

With the motive to fill the gap in this sector, Flower Fashion India pioneered in this domain, promising credibility and exclusive customer experience to the masses. Up surging the heights of success by harmonizing with the customer requirements, this blooming enterprise has carved a niche for itself in a short span of time.

Flower Fashion India: The company at a glance

A budding business venture, Flower Fashion India is an Online Platform to order Designer Wedding Garlands & Flower Jewellery that are formed out of fresh and unique flowers. They offer door-to-door fast delivery to their customers with customized products. Acknowledging the need of the customers in regard to finding the best-in-class Designer Flower Garlands at affordable prices, Flower Fashion India pioneered the domain of Floristry by offering delivery at the doorstep. With the exclusive offerings, they are adding to the auspiciousness of the important days of the lives of their valued customers to make their moments of joy truly unforgettable ones. Flower Fashion India recognize the need for making doorstep deliveries to offer ease in the management of big ceremonies such as weddings. Ensuring utmost pride in the quality while catering to targeted customers, they intend to create a lasting impact with their deliverables. Each delivery offers the patrons with ‘Flower care Manual’ that allows the users to maintain the freshness of the Garland for a prolonged period of time.

Dealing with the COVID-19 crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic left no business untouched of its rage. Be it a mega-brand or a budding business, every venture is suffering adversely. And this scenario was even worse amidst the Nationwide Lockdown when the whole business community was dumbstruck, due to the immediate implementations of the new norms of ‘staying at home’. Flower Fashion was also numbed by this crisis as markets were forced to be closed with the strict implication of rules. Customers in need of the fresh floral products were helpless in finding the desired products at that sensitive time. Recognizing the customers’ need, the team commenced a home delivery initiative of their offerings, alongside ensuring all the crucial precautions that needed to be considered to prevent the spread of the virus. Be it the making of the floral deliverables or the deliveries of the same as per the requirement of the customers, they ensured to take all the precautionary measures to combat the virus.

What makes their business model so unique?

Flower Fashion India is the brainchild of Melting flowers (Leading wedding designers in South India) the four exclusionary entrepreneurs i.e Father & 3 Sons who are conducting the business operations for this venture in equal partnership. Syed Arif, Syed Atif, Syed Kashif and Syed Tousif, altogether commenced this venture after recognizing the low customer satisfaction level in the Floristry Industry. Flower Fashion India’s endeavours are focussed on offering the highest level of customer satisfaction with their latest designs at the most cost-efficient prices and on-time delivery module.

Setting new trends in the relevant domain with its out-of-the-box designs, the company is forging ahead with absolute enthusiasm.  Flower Fashion India’s finest garland and jewellery artisans are skilled in customizing the deliverables as per the latest trends and aspirations of the customers. The artisans are capable of creating the replicas of the trendy pieces of jewellery that allows in cost-cutting and rendering affordable deliverables. Their uniqueness has bestowed them with excellent reviews, several referrals and word-of-mouth publicity. Furthermore, the insightful approach of the key officials has allowed them to contribute in reducing the carbon footprint by enhancing the usage of natural flowers in place of artificial ones, alongside improving the labour policies by ensuring fair wages and regular recreational activities to their employees. Their service-quality has allowed them to earn noteworthy accolades in their favour.

Synergy with the Technology

Syncing with the technical advancements, the company has framed an online e-commerce website for delivering Garlands & Floral Jewellery. Flower Fashion India’s team has eased the Flower jewellery customization process for the brides-to-be with a single click only. The technicality of their offerings has extended to ‘Trial Room Feature’ on their online portal where a wedding couple can try different designer garlands by uploading their pictures in the wedding attire. This functionality has allowed them to satisfy their customers effectively. Flower Fashion India’s efforts are constantly striving towards infusing the technology with their outstandingly finished products to emerge out as a significant player in the domain.


With the future outlooks to expand their reach at the PAN India level, they aspire to render the most out of their offerings to their customers at affordable prices. At last, the key officials would like to share some words of wisdom with the budding entrepreneurs. They elucidate that the route to entrepreneurship is not a cakewalk, but one must not lose heart while dodging the obstacles or overcoming pitfalls in the nascent stage. One must pursue one’s goals with utmost dedication, perseverance and passion, till one reaches the aspired destination.


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