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Glendale Academy

Glendale Academy: Reshaping EDUCATION Through Strong Character Building and Competence

Rote learning and the traditional methodology of imparting education is prevalent in most parts of our country that ought to be upgraded with the latest patterns of education and spearheaded technology. Glendale Academy has brought a transformation in the Indian Education System through diverse methods of unconventional teaching. Glendale Academy was formed with the intent of empowering and enriching lives through the powerful medium of education. The vision is to develop proactive global citizens of the 21st century by cultivating Character and Competence. Glendale has campuses in Artillery Centre, Financial District and Tellapur. They offer a variety of curriculums from CBSE, Cambridge and IB.

Glendale Academy was started in 2003 and has transformed into a lush green 10-acre campus with state of the art infrastructure and facilities in these 15 years. The Glendale group started out as a philanthropic vision of Anjum’s late father in law Mr. Basheeruddin Babukhan, which she helped to bring to fruition. Her husband Salman took care of the construction and infrastructure while she took charge of the pedagogy. This institution is symbolic of their family synergy with each member adding their competence.

At Glendale Academy they believe in imparting ‘learning for life not just for school.’ It is a Multiple Intelligence School where they believe that each child is unique and gifted & their aim is to develop the full spectrum of human potential. They also believe that ‘the more ways we teach the more children we reach.’ They equip their students with opportunities to develop 21st-century skills which will help them to thrive as proactive global citizens & be future-ready. They believe in cultivating both the character and competence of students for their holistic development. Competence is developed through Multiple Intelligence, Brain Compatible Learning Methods and 21st-century skills whereas their Campus Culture of Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation along with Stephen Covey’s Leader in Me Program and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which have been incorporated into their curriculum, help to develop the Character of their students.


Glendale Academy has a green 10-acre campus with state of the art infrastructure, various learning studios, and sports facilities. They have been awarded as the ‘Best Sports Services Organization’ by Mind Mingle and have also won a ‘Green building certification’ in the gold category from CII. They have well-equipped laboratories including a STEM Lab with equipment from CREYA. They have arts and life skills studios. They offer a wide variety of sports and hobbies and have extra coaching facilities available for students. They have an in house kitchen with hygienic food and a huge variety of menu options.


Teacher Training is always been close to Anjum’s heart and she has ensured that they leave no stone unturned when it comes to teacher development. Right from the Teacher Toolbox training module which she personally developed for new teacher orientation to mandatory Professional Development classes each week, they go the extra mile to ensure that teachers are abreast of current trends in the industry. She has authored a book called ABC’s of Brain Compatible Learning that serves as a guidebook for teachers and she has also created free video series on the chapters of her book, which is available as a free resource on YouTube. They have even started with online Professional Development courses on the chapters of her book on their online portal.  Anjum says, “I believe in leadership density and after attending the Strategy in Action Program at Harvard I came up with an SIA team at Glendale Academy with whom I have regular sessions and who trickle down the learnings to the teachers.”

She takes a keen interest in the overall development of students. Thereby, Anjum visited Ivy League Institutions like Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford for bringing back the learnings to incorporate in their group of institutions. They have adopted Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their curriculum to develop the holistic personality of students.


They have digital classrooms and have introduced google classrooms as well. They have an online portal for anecdotal records, grade entry, and homework and teacher professional development.

Aside from technology, Brain compatible learning provides an upgrade on how they deliver education. Applying neuroscience info nuggets to how they can teach and learn more effectively helps the educator’s system to become smarter.

Anjum also wrote a book, ABC’s of Brain Compatible Learning, which acts as a guide for educators with tips

on making learning memorable. She says, “Dr. Gardner had asked me how I would leave behind a legacy that will carry on even without me. My answer to that was to launch a free video series associated with each chapter of my book as well as other topics like Multiple Intelligence on YouTube available for all to use! “


Glendale Academy is accredited with numerous accolades.

  • Ranked # 2 in the category of Co-Education Day School in Telangana.
  • Ranked # 14 among India’s top 1000 schools in Education World School Rankings
  • Eldrok India K-12 Award 2019 for Excellence in Infrastructure & Technological Advancements in Learning
  • Extraordinary Leadership Award- Education World Grand Jury Rankings 2019-20
  • Among Fortune Magazine’s Top Future 50 Schools Shaping Success in India
  • World Education Summit award Delhi Elets (Innovation in Pedagogical Practices)
  • Ranked # 19 among India’s top 10,000 schools at the Inaugural ELITE (Emerging Leaders in Innovation, Technology & Education Rankings 2018
  • Top School in National Curriculum in South Zone by Times Education
  • Best Sports Services Organization by Mind Mingle
  • School Excellence Award in three categories by Brain feed Magazine – Inspirational Leadership, Life Skills, Innovation and Leadership
  • Green Building Certification under Gold Category by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
  • First prize at the 4th Garden Festival organized by Horticulture Department, Govt. of Telangana.

Anjum was honored for her contributions to the field of education over the years. Below is the list:

  • Honorary Doctorate in Education from National American University & National Institute of Education & Research
  • 4th NIER’s National Excellence Awards 2019 (Indian Women Achievers award) • Future 50 Leader Shaping Success Award
  • Bharat Nirman Award
  • Pride of Telangana
  • Best Educationalist in Hyderabad at International Education Award 2018 by TIME Cyber Media
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding contribution to the cause of Education at 5th Acharya Devo Bhava Awards by Brain feed
  • Women Leadership Award for outstanding contribution to the Education Sector at FEMINA 5th World Women Leadership Congress.


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