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Globus Logisys: A Prodigious Name in the Logistics Realm

Goods have moved from one place to another since time immemorial. Services like storage, freight management, supply chain management, and transportation have formed the crux of industrial growth everywhere. In short, the logistics industry has always played an important role in the growth of nations.

However, what has changed between the past and the present is the speed at which goods moved. A slow and cumbersome process has now metamorphosed into an agile, interactive network. And behind this change are some illustrious pioneers that have brought innovation, automation, and customer service to the forefront.

Globus Logisys Private Limited is one such prodigious name in the Indian logistics realm. Established in 2003 and headed by a charismatic leader, Anil Kumar Agrawal, Global Logisys is setting new standards in providing complete supply chain solutions.

Anil Kumar Agrawal has persevered with patience and resilience over the past 15 years to expand and enhance the reach of Globus not only across India but also across the world. Today, Globus serves 126 countries worldwide and is the preferred logistics provider for clients spanning several industries.

The mammoth expansion of Globus can be explained in the words of the founder himself, “To make large, you have to think large”.

About Globus Logisys

Globus Logisys is an international logistics service provider that provides customized supply chain solutions to business organizations and government agencies across India and the world. They cater to exporters and importers from all major ports in India.

Services provided by Globus include specialized logistics, integrated freight logistics, value added infra-technology services, warehousing, and supply chain logistics. The spectrum of Globus’ clientele covers a wide range of industries such as textiles, leather, heavy-duty industries, government sectors, subcontractors, and consumer products. They take care of air freight, ocean freight, and surface logistics.

When Anil started his journey as an entrepreneur, logistics was a mere custom clearance and transportation job. However, he was always focused on adding value to his services. Globus’ implementation of One Stop Logistic Solutions and Door to Door Supply Chains have gone a long way in helping Anil fulfill that promise.

Innovation Defines Globus Logisys

“Until and Unless there is innovation in a process, growth is bound to taper off”. – Anil Kumar Agrawal

Globus Logisys values innovation. It is a key tenet in their corporate values. Employees utilize new concepts in the market in existing products and services. They always try to incorporate new knowledge in order to make their processes better.

Globus innovates on the go for its clients. As an organization, they strongly believe in curating their processes according to client requirements. After a thorough understanding of client’s business needs, Anil and his team come up with a supply chain solution that is exclusive for every client.

Anil believes that needs vary of individuals and firms. Everyone has their own operating system. And Globus prefers to mould itself to be compatible with them rather than vice versa. That makes them the preferred logistics partner across industries.

Success does not come easy

“Ups and downs are what shape your persona and future” – Anil Kumar Agrawal

As the adage rightly goes, success does not come easy even for Globus Logisys. Cargo industry is fraught with challenges. A high growth rate, new technologies and business models, and a regular influx of new entrants in the market is enough to keep you on your toes all the time.

In these times of constant flux, you need to make tough decisions and stand by your commitments. And Anil does exactly that.

When the company started off as a custom-clearance organization under Anil’s father, spending money on information systems was considered a wastage of funds. However, Anil was extremely passionate about serving his clients better.

Despite existing company policies which prohibited him from doing so, he sent fax messages to his clients to communicate with them about the arrival of their shipments. But he came up with a better and more efficient way to do it. He sent those messages only after 9 pm in the evening because fax rates then were far cheaper than those during the day.

Even though his actions were considered a mere expense and frowned upon within the company, they actually brought clients closer to the firm. It brought in the loyalty of his clients that no money could ever buy.

Even today, Anil strongly believes in work ethics and stands by what he did then. He remarks, “You always need to have a strong commitment to yourself and your product. The competition will come and go, products will be copied, and low hanging fruits will be plucked. What will differentiate you from the crowd is your dedication to the job and an ability to delight your customers beyond their expectations”.

A Strong Focus on Technology

The evolution of technology is rapidly changing how the logistics industry functions. Smart tracking systems, Radio Frequency Identification, and Enhanced GPS systems are contributing to this disruption. Customers want to have all the information on their fingertips now. They want to be able to track their shipments and get regular updates.

In such a scenario, Globus Logisys maintains a strong focus on implementing the right technology for their products and services. They believe that clients deserve access to the best IT portals. IT has become a major differentiator in staying ahead in the market, especially when a number of multinational companies with modern technologies are entering it.

Indepth research and analysis play pivotal roles in Globus’ approach to technology adoption and upgrades. With reliable IT systems such as warehouse management systems, remote video surveillance, data warehousing, access control systems, and GPS trackers in place, Globus ensures that clients have access to fast communication and an efficient network.

Effective Crisis Management

Globus Logisys excels in crisis management. Whenever a client shares his problem with the company, the team steps in immediately, understand the issue at hand, and tries to solve it in a mutually amicable manner.

The management at Globus takes customer service very seriously and makes sure the client needs are met until the very end of the chain. No doubt they have handled more than hundreds of thousands of containers and billions in freight value across the globe till date. Customer delight sets Globus Logisys apart and their tagline is rightly “Experience the Difference”.

An Employee Friendly Culture

The company promotes an employee-friendly work culture and motivates employees to find their sweet spots. Employees are trained regularly in new and upcoming technologies and processes. They are encouraged to take ownership of their jobs.

Anil treats the staff as his family. Many activities related to personal and mental well being of employees such as yoga sessions, open houses, team discussions, and query resolutions are conducted at the office.

Senior management is also driven to effectively utilize the capabilities of their employees. They make time to regularly evaluate departments that need updates and changes in terms of staff. Job rotations, promotions, and regular appraisals help them keep track.

Giving back to the Society

Sustainability has always been the vision of Globus Logisys. The CMD, Anil Kumar Agrawal started this company with the dream of enabling businesses to get to a profitable and sustainable future. Anil’s father instilled in him and all his siblings a sense of responsibility towards the society. Therefore, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been a top priority of Globus ever since its nascent days.

Logistics requires all kinds of manpower throughout the supply chain. This means that a logistics company needs to directly interact with vehicle cleaners as well as top management personnel. Globus’ priority has always been to provide jobs to the people who are specifically in need of them. More than a thousand employees were recruited and trained from scratch at the beginning of Globus’ journey. People who were unemployed at one point in time are now contributing members and entrepreneurs in their own right.

Aligning with the initiatives of the present government

Budget 2019 has made it clear that the logistics sector is going to play an important role in making India a $5 trillion economy. Key features such as Ease of Doing Business, UDAN, and Bharatmala are going to dramatically change how the logistics industry functions in India apart from reducing transportation costs.

Inland waterways will be leveraged for freight transfer, last-mile deliveries will be improved, and a whopping Rs 100 crore will be invested in India’s infrastructure. This brings a lot of hope to the logistics sector. Globus Logisys is aligned with the vision of the new government and is looking forward to making the most of these advancements in the most effective manner for its clients.

Notable Achievements and Milestones

In the past 16 years, Globus Logisys has expanded its reach to cover 126 countries. They have handled more than 1,00,000 containers around the globe and US $ 20 billion in freight value.

Today, Globus Logisys has a pan-India presence with regional centers in Mumbai, Delhi (NCR), Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Kanpur, and Panipat. They also have offices in Nepal, Bhutan, and Japan.

With 15 global affiliations and hundreds of notable clients such as BHEL, Delhi Metro, ONGC, Procter & Gamble, Honeywell, and Cipla under their banner, Globus Logisys has surely come a long way.

In the words of Anil Kumar Agrawal, “The very fact that our customers and partners are happy with us and do not have any complaints about our service is the greatest achievement for me”.

Humility and simplicity are evident in Anil’s approach to growing his company. He wishes to take the same qualities forward and reach the right audience that truly requires Globus for increasing their efficiencies.

Building a Global Brand

Globus Logisys is slowly inching towards being recognized as a global brand in the logistics industry. The company does not believe in participating in the rat race for success. Rather, it has slowly and steadily built a reputable name for itself in the sector. Their core focus has always been superior product and service quality. This has led to satisfied and beaming customers who are always eager to recommend the services of Globus.

Transformation in the entrepreneurial world comes at a very rapid pace. Anil believes that staying abreast of these changes, adapting to them, and still maintaining an excellent rate of service is what differentiates winners from losers.

In the end, a few inspiring words from the man himself.

“Think of your dream businesses and no matter how many complexities you see in your plan, let Globus become your helping hand and logistics partner in solving these problems and ensuring a consistent journey.

This journey will bring many odds but always feel confident in your ability to keep moving. You have come this far and I bet that wasn’t an easy journey ever. Make happiness your goal and the rest will figure itself out.”

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