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GNANLex Associates: The Legaltech Justice and Premier Intellectual Property Consultancy

In every society, some men are born to rule, and some to advise. However, numerous intellectual property consultancy and legal advisory firm and technical solutions companies are facing the challenge of a steadily growing number of projects in an increasingly complex environment.

Hereby, the Most Innovative consultancy GOPAKUMAR NAIR ASSOCIATES strive for all the challenges and become an onshore consultant of the year under the leadership of cordial leader DR. GOPAKUMAR G. NAIR, the MANAGING PARTNER and CEO.

Gopakumar Nair Associates was founded by Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair in 2002.  Dr. Nair was CMD of M/s. Bombay Drugs & Pharma Ltd. and Honorary Chairman & Director of M/s. BDH Industries Ltd.  He was also the Dean of IIPS (Institute of Intellectual Property Studies), Hyderabad as well as Past President of IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association).

Having been associated with numerous organizations, he has traveled all over the world on behalf of the Government’s Export Promotion Agencies, Industry Associations, and Chambers of Commerce. This exposed him to various World Trade development organizations such as GATT, ILO, WTO, TRIPs, Uruguay round, Doha round and many global protocols such as Madrid Protocol and Montreal Protocol.

Exposure to these rounds and protocols enabled him to closely monitor the potential impact of Uruguay Round, WTO, TRIPs and other treaties on the small-medium industry. Formally it is renowned under the patent name of GNANLEX ASSOCIATES LLP.

 The story of Key official

Dr. Nair took a Diploma in Patent Law and Practice from IIPS (Institute of Intellectual Property Studies) now under NMIMS, Vile Parle.  Dr. Nair had already obtained his Ph.D. from National Chemical Laboratory, Pune (Pune University) in 1966 and post-doctoral at IIT, Powai before joining Pharmaceutical Industry in 1968.

After acquiring new legal skills (LLB from Mumbai University) combined with pre-existing technology skills, he consequently became an independent IP practitioner, advisor, and consultant.

Over the years there have been fast developments in the fields of IP (Intellectual Property) Laws, Technology trends, R&D and innovation.  In the transition to the new millennium, Dr.Nair observed that India and the Indian industry, as well as academic researchers, needed better exposure to the new Intellectual Property regime emerging post-WTO/TRIPs.

Mastering the new IP regime could take India to global leadership in innovation in fields like pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as IT and Biotechnology.  With this goal and zeal Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair, set up Gopakumar Nair Associates (GNAs) group, he is the Founder and CEO of GNAs.

Oh-so Services they provide

Every good company wants to provide excellent customer services, but it is not always easy to balance that with other business needs and goals.

Having nearly 40 years of experience in the pharma industry, a few Indian pharma stalwarts and CEOs approached Dr.Nair seeking his services in Patent Law related areas. The area of determining patentability criteria based on prior art searches leading to the filing of patent applications and prosecuting them was the beginning.

Post-2005, with full-fledged product patent regime, patent-related litigations under the new Indian Patent regime, provided the right platform for Dr.Nair to take up IP services through M/s. Gopakumar Nair Associates. Patent related services were later strengthened and extended to Trademarks, Design, and Copyrights when his longtime associate Mr. Sajeevkumar Nair became Legal Associate after LLB.

Pre and Post-grant Oppositions, as well as for revocations, became an integral part of their services.  Research and documentation support for litigations in High Courts and Supreme Court, as well as drafting of contracts and agreements, became active service areas for GNAs over the years.  As a dedicated consultant, they have been retained as IP Adviser and resource persons by many Indian Corporates and research institutes.

Type of clients serve

They have served and are serving the IP needs of many clients in India and overseas. Their initial clients were all from Pharma Industry, especially because of the long association of Dr. Nair with Indian Pharma Industry and associations as well as export promotion councils (Chemexcil and Pharmexcil).

Their existing clients were IPCA and CIPLA.  Many other clients such as USV, Strides, FDC, Ind-Swift, Calyx, BDR, Indoco, Fourrts and many more are worth mentioning.

Over the years, their services spread to many other fields such as automobiles, textiles, engineering, biotechnology, energy, environmental, software, electronics, polymers, agrochemicals, fisheries, and others.

Uniqueness of business

They are recognized for their passion and commitment to client services.  Their clients promote them through recommendations to others.  They are extremely ethical and protect the clients’ confidentiality and expectations from them as well as the deadlines promptly and meticulously.  Their productivity and pursuit of an early grant of patents, trademarks, designs, and other IPs have spread their reputation in the community.

Their success rates in prosecutions, pre-grant oppositions, and other proceedings are well-known to be close to 100%.

Ethical Values as consultant and faith of clients

They follow not only the fiduciary responsibilities and commitments to their clients in professional services but also provide personal attention and prompt services.  They let their clients realize from their experience of working with GNAs that they are different from the perceived description of “Consultants” generally. They work as their extended arm with loyalty, confidentiality, and team spirit.

By providing time-bound and nearly 100% successful services and by meticulously providing responses with commitment and perfection, they have gained the confidence and loyalty of their clients over the years.

Struggle is Absurd

‘Struggle’ is a word not in their dictionary. Opportunities come with challenges. Fortunately, for them, the challenges were few and opportunities are more. Their entrepreneurial journey has been, so far, smooth, enjoyable and satisfying.

“Struggles are just as addictive as life so when you find yourself on that balance scale tilting towards one than the other, you’ll feel the withdrawal symptoms like you’ve been getting too little of one.”

 R&D for GNAs

Research and Development is not only the source of their daily ‘bread and butter’, but also the breeding ground for “innovation”, which sprouts with spreading light from “ideas” and “creativity”.  Their entire operations are based on emerging IP (Intellectual Property) generation, protection, maintenance, defense, enforcement and wherever needed work-around solutions.  Their growth is fuelled by innovation and IP generation and protection by registrations through the IP office in India and overseas.

Life of DR. GOPAKUMAR G. NAIR as a Best Consultant

His entire team normally works on a 10.00 am to 06.00 pm schedule, of course with exceptions.  Client visits are normal.  While about 60 to 70% of their clients come to their office for discussions, it is often that they need to visit the clients, even outstation.

Weekends are for the pursuit of hobbies and relaxation, which varies from associate to associate based on their personal preferences.  He loves to visit and travel the locations and persons.  Being President of Bharat Education Society, Kurla, and founder of Patent Gurukul and CIPROM (Centre for Intellectual Property Management), his hands are full even on normal weekends.

Goals Achievements and Millstones

They have provided IP (Patent, TM, Design, and Copyright) protection to hundreds of clients in India and overseas. They are on retainer-ship with many distinguished industries and institutions. Providing and continuing to provide IP services to their clients in the short term as well as long term goals.  They also associate extensively with start-ups and academic inventors.  Hereby they work with grass-root innovators.

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