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Google To Launch VPN As A Plus For Its Cloud Storage Service

Google To Launch VPN As A Plus For Its Cloud Storage Service

By: Sneha Chaudhary

The VPN is likely to be a free benefit of Google One, the corporate’s cloud storage service, for the $9.99- a-month 2TB contract. The Google One app for Android will easily show a brand new procedure that will trigger a VPN on the smartphone of the user.

The company uses the VPN as a safeguard to stop hackers from snooping on unencrypted visitors to customers’ Internet pages if their mobile phone is ever connected to the public Wi-Fi network. By encrypting the web connection of the mobile phone, a VPN will cease the potential eavesdropping, thereby scrambling the information streaming to and from the system.

The company wrote in today’s statement, “ We are already integrating enhanced encryption into all our product, and the VPN extends the protection to encrypt all the online data of your devices, no matter what app or device you are using .” “The VPN is built into the Google One app, so you can rest assure that your connection is secure from hackers with only one tap.”

A decision made by Google to give a VPN would probably lift some eyebrows. After all, the whole business philosophy of the firm is about controlling the internet behaviours to serve up specific advertising.

VPN often run by ferrying the internet access of the user’s to a private site, allowing the VPN provider (in this case Google ) to access all the web traffic passing through the system technically. Google assures its users that the company will operate a trusted VPN service.

The company wrote in a paper about the technology, “With VPN by Google One, we will never use the VPN Connection to track, or sell your online activity”. “To ensure service efficiency, a minimum logging is carried out, but your network traffic or IP connected with the VPN is Never logged.”

Google plan first to roll out the VPN service in the US market. It will be the only that Android Version will be available on Google One. Yet Google plans to extend the VPN service on Google One to more Platforms, including iOS, Windows and Mac within the coming months.


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