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Happy Connects Technologies: Connecting Careers

Happy Connects Technologies: Connecting Careers

Written By: Kriti Anand

Networking Through and Throughout the Lockdown
Happy Connects is a social networking service that helps people join forces for seeking and giving employment opportunities. More often than not, people at HCT come across the fact that open positions in a company are filled by referrals rather than by searching for suitable resumes on a job portal. This is true due to the effectiveness of a referral program which makes use of personal connections among people to source the right candidate. HCT is aware that referral programs are usually limited to an initiative within a company. Happy Connects is a result of their yearning to make this model of referrals available on a large scale in a social backdrop. The social networking aspect was important to ensure people benefit from the services at a human level. Happy Connects wants to help people connect professionally and personally and promote each other. HCT provides people with a platform to

  • Refer friends, colleagues, candidates for job opportunities.
  • Be referred by friends, colleagues, and social circles to job opportunities.
  • Post job opportunities against a pool of suitable candidates vetted by like-minded professionals.
  • Directly apply for jobs of interest.
  • Nurture and build valuable professional circles that become a source of knowledge and professional growth.
  • Socially interact with your professional network.

The mission of HCT is simply to help people join forces and yield positive professional outcomes for themselves as well as others. A twelve-month plan is to build social circles of professionals as big as possible and list a plethora of jobs that meet and exceed the demands of these social circles.

In the current scenario where work from home is the norm, making professional connections is the need of the hour. The pandemic took away many jobs and Happy Connects took this as a challenge to create a platform for bringing people together who can make meaningful connections, refer each other for jobs and share ideas during these tough times.

Happy Connects is a social networking platform specifically designed to bring professionals together for a mutually beneficial engagement. The business model of HCT supports consultants and corporates in their employment requirements, thereby providing them value for services of HCT. It is in the interest of both the recruiters and the recruited that Happy Connects is not only an effective model but also a viable business.

Making The Most of The Pandemic: A Vision
Happy Connects is using the latest development methods to build a robust system engaging cloud solutions available in the market. Security in general and data security in specific is an especially important aspect in creating trust and nurturing a long-lasting relationship for users of HCT services. This compliance is a testament of the heightened sense that we as a company possess towards the protection of the Happy Connects users. Happy Connects is also the product of an idea that generates out of the need of their users. HCT constantly aims to build, provide, and maintain services that enable their users completely without infringing upon their privacy.

As a social/professional platform, Happy Connects direct clients are the end users themselves. However, Happy Connects has tied up with various Consultants and Corporates allowing them to meet their recruitment deliverables. For both the end users and the consultants/corporates, the incentive HCT has is to provide a mutually beneficial platform that meets individual and business objectives

The success of any business depends on the differentiating value it provides to consumers or customers as compared to its competitors in the market. The R&D team at HCT performs regular research on the needs of users already exposed to platforms like Happy Connects and of new user expectations. The results of such research help Happy Connects bring in exciting features on the platform every month which meets and exceeds user’s expectations.

Focus is at the centre of achieving goals and vision of Happy Connects without any compromise. “The main ingredient in being focused consistently is to have a balance between work and personal life,” says the Founder of Happy Connects Technologies, Manmeet Singh. He enjoys cycling for an hour every day, it is a very refreshing activity. Mr. Singh also plays indoor sports, keeping him active and agile. According to the founder of HCT, there is no better substitute for motivation than watching sports on TV. As evident, Manmeet Singh is an avid sports fanatic.

Happy Connects is built on an idea of making a social networking platform more inclined towards mutually benefitting professional networks. HCT not only imbibes the favourite features and functionalities of social media platforms but also enables their users to promote career aspirations of self and others whether they know them closely or are just in common social circles and share a professional likeness. Happy Connects urges its users to influence the professional outlook of a deserving individual and thereby also build a social network for themselves. It is different and carries a sense of social responsibility. Happy Connects’ profile page is attractive, simple to use and comprehensive. The users can display their accolades, achievements, skills, and abilities (socially or professionally) to people from all walks of life irrespective of whether they are of the same industry or outside.

The company is focused on enhancing the basic and important features required for a platform like HCT. Happy Connects is regularly building and testing features that are relevant and attractive for a best in class end-user experience. The company is also developing an analytics tool that will enhance end user experience.

Elated Networking
At its core, Happy Connects as a team is completely dedicated to their mission and cause. Every team member is completely aligned with their vision and is working relentlessly to achieve the same. This inherent passion brings out the best in each and every employee of Happy Connects naturally. They are a start-up and it is quite natural that there is overwhelming enthusiasm and creativity which is necessary. However, HCT also follows all processes and protocols established as standards in the industry to channel this energy appropriately without losing sight of the mission. Daily discussions, standup meetings, impromptu creative sessions, feedback loops keep the team active.

Happy Connect Technology is a startup with a slightly informal culture that allows for fun and focus at the same time. This culture has helped HCT beat the troublesome effects of a pandemic that has touched every individual and business in one way or the other. Their passion for the fruition of their vision has helped HCT adopt the environment of digital communications. Video conferences, phone calls and emails are the primary means. These communications sometimes turn into harmless gossip and laughing sessions. The nature of how employees get to work at HCT keeps them refreshed and ready for the next milestone.

The idea of the platform was started during this lockdown and they were able to translate this idea to a working product within just a few months. That was a huge milestone achieved by the entire team. The company plans to go global by 2021, reaching out to millions of professionals and becoming a leading Professional/Job platform in the industry.


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