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HashedIn Technologies

HashedIn Technologies: What makes it the Company of the Year?

Legend has a prominent tale about a man who caught a large fish and kept it in a big tank filled with a lot of tiny fish. Over a few days, he observed that it was very easy for the big fish to catch the smaller ones and eat them.

In due course of time, he partitioned the tank with a glass, in such a way that the big fish remains on one side of the glass, and the smaller ones on the other side. He noticed that the big fish tried hard over the first few days to catch its prey but failed to do so due to a glass partition. The man eventually removed the glass partition after a week and noticed that the big fish had stopped trying to hunt its prey.

The takeaway message from the story, in a nutshell, reminds us that at every walk of life we get overwhelmed by the obstacles and engulf ourselves in a realm of disappointment. But the lack of persistence to venture for the impossible just let a golden opportunity slip through your fingers. Your never-give-up attitude makes all the difference in life.

This article is about one such renowned company that has learned to embrace challenges irrespective of the hindrances and in the long run have learnt to achieve success through their dedication, hard work, and creativity.

HashedIn Technologies Pvt Limited, incorporated in 2010, has grown by leaps and bounds and stands with a growth rate of 153% in the year 2018-19. Additionally, HashedIn Technologies has also won the “Great Place to Work award” for the year 2018 and has been recognized in the 2018 Red Herring Top 100 Global List in recognition of the most innovative and leading tech startups from North America, Europe, and Asia.

What does HashedIn Technologies Pvt Ltd do?

HashedIn Technologies is a product development services company that nurtures its expertise in analytics, machine learning, and integration. The company builds intelligent SaaS (software as a service) solutions for its clients in a global spectrum and enables firms to build, run, and manage a successful SaaS application.

The vision of the company

Intelligence has pervaded all sectors and is changing the way we operate and look at technology. HashedIn Technologies believes that the next stage of evolution in the SaaS landscape is inculcating the feature of Intelligence. The company visions at becoming a go-to company for building, scaling and managing Intelligent SaaS (iSaaS) Product and Platforms for businesses.

It aims at working on several Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence engagements and foresees the advent of real-time Intelligent SaaS platforms powered by IoT, AI, ML, and Analytics. This juncture is where HashedIn aims to develop a niche for themselves in the future.

The focus area for HashedIn is to develop technologies of tomorrow paving a stupendous path for their clients to reach top-notch in their endeavors. The success stories of its clients have spoken volumes for HashedIn Technologies.

An inside look at HashedIn Technologies training methodology

HashedIn has a highly trained team, sophisticated tools, and resources to power its advanced developmental capabilities. The company has an innovation-driven work culture that includes an intensive training program for new campus recruits at HashedIn University (HU). New recruits are provided with training and hands-on experience in most of the upcoming technologies and processes. Apart from this, it also provides opportunities to take up AWS training and certification courses. The company currently employs 450+ employees.

What are HashedIn Technologies competitive advantages?

HashedIn Technologies has drawn a fine line of seclusion amongst its competitors by providing an incredible range of services. HashedIn Technologies specializes in providing relevant SaaS solutions with the necessary flexibility and scalability. The business model is customer-centric and helps companies create smart SaaS solutions that are most compatible with their existing process and business needs.

It ensures to provide the necessary cloud solution deployment in an appropriate structure in order to scrutinize the costs associated with the concerned rollouts. The company has developed reusable modules, proprietary tools, and processes that help in realizing the client’s ideas faster, giving them a competitive advantage. It continues to innovate and establish a sustainable advantage in the long run. HashedIn possesses a strong market presence which is not only a sign that the company’s strategies are paying off, but also creates a strong competitive advantage.

The work culture at HashedIn Technologies

HashedIn Technologies is an employee and customer-centric organization that contributes its success to the sole dedication nurtured by its employees. The company has successfully built in the concept of taking up ownership and accountability for building great products and delivering fabulous results.

With this mantra, HashedIn Technologies has successfully delivered numerous products to some of the most popular companies across the globe. It emphasizes on a culture mixed with both fun and work as HashedIn strongly believes in the proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Associated clients with HashedIn Technologies.

HashedIn Technologies serves clients from different industries across the globe, spanning from startups, mid enterprises, global enterprises, and innovative centers. HashedIn has built, transformed, and launched over 150 robust solutions for 125+ clients worldwide.  Key clients include Honeywell, Mahindra, Myntra, Swiggy, Aruba, Bounce, Nutanix, NetApp, WinZip and many more.

CEO speaks:

  1. Company’s Ethics and Values

Speaking of the company’s values and ethics, the CEO and Co-Founder of HashedIn Technologies, Mr. Himanshu Varshney states, “Our centric values that keep us closely knit is the tendency we nurture towards customer success. Customer centricity is the mantra we follow and inculcate in all our endeavors.

We strive to the fullest to ensure customer satisfaction. Another value that we cherish the most is the aspect of growing hand in hand with the sense of ownership and responsibility. We believe that growth showcased from any aspect is a major success worth celebrating. Our most valuable ethos is to bring a genuine smile on everyone’s face. HashedIn is a hub of jovial teams and happy employees are the pillars on which we create exhilarating experiences for our customers.”

2. A lifelong message

“The best lesson I learned during my hardships is to never give up on your dream, no matter how difficult it may seem. Have a vision in life and always move forward towards achieving the same. Ups and downs are a mere process that sculpts us for a better future. I certainly did face an array of obstacles but the determination to achieve success helped me sail smoothly during this period of transition.

As an individual, I learned several lessons along the way that made me implement them in the best possible way when we started growing. I envisioned myself at the top of the ladder and didn’t waver along the way. Every step was taken with uttermost care and thought as I held myself responsible for every action made.

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