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How is India Redefining Healthcare with the Power of Technology

How is India Redefining Healthcare with the Power of Technology?

By: Ashwathy Nair

In the fast-changing world, it won’t be surprising to witness the most advanced tools in the healthcare sector in order to match the changing scenario. The availability of advanced technology in hospitals along with some changing patterns of doctor’s practice has brought an uprising change in the way we see healthcare sectors today.

With the ground-breaking changes that are witnessed today in healthcare, it has also changed the way of interaction among doctors and patients by altering the essence of their relationship. The significance of technology is being appreciated in the role of enhancing the general quality of life.

India is a place where most people are having nominal access to basic public services such as healthcare. In the context of developing countries, one develops an understanding of the importance of allowing technologies that sustain the delivery of services.

Healthcare sector has come a long way in terms of technology infusion along with the expansion of infrastructure and efficiencies. The healthcare industry in India has embraced the usage of technology for maintaining the records of patients’, enabled AI (Artificial Intelligence) to deliver better treatment.

With the availability of telecom bandwidth, the medical expertise is reaching underserved rural markets via tele-consulting programs that are delivered over mobile phones and telemedicine.

The usage of it has helped healthcare industry in getting a lot more organized and to become patient-centric. With the help of technology in healthcare, it has become easier to keep up records of patients like scans, test reports, plan of treatment etc.

Here are a few technologies that help in redefining healthcare sector:

  1. Digitization
    The concepts such as ePharmacy, eReferrals, eInsurance etc. are helping in strengthening the healthcare sector and is helping in creating a wave across the healthcare system. The technology has transformed the health services by improving efficiency and betterment of the patient.
  1. Telemedicine and Remote Advice
    Telemedicine is an effective tool that facilitates the development of medical skills outside the limits of a medical facility. This saves millions of dollars in travel expenses for patients and missed appointments. With the introduction of scalable telemedicine technology, health systems around the country have the potential to have a substantial impact.
  1. Mobility
    Smartphones completely have dominated the Indian market and have become widely available for the general population. It is this system and related technology that has made mobile healthcare available even to remote areas. The modern digital mobile apps let physicians provide online consultation, advice, and prescriptions that make healthcare accessible to everyone regardless of their location in time.
  1. Nanotechnology
    The technology is gradually printing its footprints towards the contribution to the healthcare industry. Nanobots are skilled with unclogging arteries and are preventive for the cases of heart attacks. With the help of nanotechnology, it will be able to cure neurological disorders in a better way and the future with nanotechnology has a lot of scopes.
  1. Robotics
    Technology makes our life more convenient and efficient, with the arrival of robotics in the healthcare industry, it has become one of the most advanced moves that have been initiated by the human in terms of medicine. The robotic surgeries are performed even without the presence of the physician.

In terms of technological advancement, there is a fabulous change that has been witnessed by the healthcare sector in India. The power of Technology and healthcare when comes together, it creates a revolution in itself that results in a breakthrough.

In the coming future, awareness is increasing among consumers and there will be a demand for better facilities. The above-mentioned technologies are the latest trends that are shaping the future of the healthcare sector.

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