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Technology is a pillar that helps an organization embark on a voyage of growth and prospect over the globe. Over the years technology has evolved and crafted a wide variety of successful products, which has helped many entities to take their performance to the crescendo. Amidst the crowd, one of the most accomplished and fruitful outcomes of technological evolution is the IT Platform. The emergence of IT in the business arena has grown rapidly from the early 21st century. With the shift in time, the IT Platform has further conceived many brainchildren namely: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Language (ML), Cloud Computing,…., and much more. These technological upgrades have a high demand for organisations as they provide a successful trajectory towards perpetual growth.

However, to grasp these technological upgrades, organizations require reliable solution and service providers, who can stay alongside their clients until the successful implementation of the merchandise. One such stellar IT facilitator is ‘Herrington Technology’.

The brand is a specialist of SAP services, which encompasses SAP ERP, Hybrid Cloud Backup, Data Protection (device/server/endpoint) Global Telecom Services, FIN Tech and Healthcare solutions (big data/ai/ml/in memory, analytics), Security/Cybersecurity, and data centre. These varieties of technical merchandise aid Herrington in sustaining in the globe as a preferred IT partner for a niche market.


The company was brought to the light in 2009 by Valery Herrington, CEO of Herrington Technology. Situated in the city of Manhattan, New York, Herrington Technology has successfully provisioned its clients with all sorts of Futuristic technology solutions. Their wide variety of services is highly recognized by the industry, which ranges from small, mid-sized to world’s top firms.

The solutions proffered by Herrington are client-centric and are tailored to meet their satisfaction. The company does this by ensuring a cohesive relationship with their clients. By working alongside their clients, they fathom the extent their client is intending on achieving. This collaborative approach has helped Herrington Technology tremendously to treasure a huge trove of clients. The company has treasured experience of working in world-class enterprise projects in the past, which helps them in crafting customized SAP advisory services to build a better tomorrow.


Valery is one of the most respected and recognized leaders in the globe for her indomitable Business Solutions and “World’s Top SAP Technology expert” designation. She has incorporated degrees in Economics, German and Computer Science. She also holds a leading 2014 Executive MBA Degree from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (specialized focus in technology for business and healthcare). The curator has incubated over 30 years of cumulative experience in information systems, consulting, enterprise business, technology and advanced computing. Her computing experience further involves a vast array of leading software and hardware technology including SAP Software and Products, databases, operating systems, performance tuning, security and programming languages.

The inception story of ‘Herrington Technology’ dates back to the period of “The Great Recession”. America was submerged in crisis, and Valery had very limited or no resources in her trove that can help in establishing a successful organisation. However, the right attitude, sheer will and a clear goal are some factors that help in breaking through hurdles to reach the desired goal. The same mindset was embedded within Valery and her team. Through their co-efficiency, they built ‘Herrington Technology’ from scratch.

Today, Herrington Technology stands as one of the most notable names of servicing technological advancements and Future-Gen solutions, but what brought it till this far was its unprecedented leadership at the core, which helped the brand withstand a historic economic recession, a set of spontaneous natural and man-made disasters, a 70-year-old hurricane, and much more. These disruptions were sufficient factors to destabilize the economy of any establishment. However, staying consistent on the ultimate goal and spearheading a “let’s do it” attitude is something, which has kept the brand going and face new challenges with time, eventually helping them to sustain a successful business.


What makes Herrington Technology significant in its domain is – its specialized models, brand label and R&D, which aids in delivering cutting edge solutions and services for its clients. These business models and deployment methods ensure the most appropriate and efficient outcomes for the clients. The firm has enlisted a team of experts that endeavour to collaborate innovation, creativity, and science, which enables them to work on the frontier curve of advanced technology.

In-depth R&D and advanced tech expertise have helped Herrington Technology devise the necessary frameworks that help organisations sail through disasters. The company’s initiation period was encircled with adversities. Learning from that, Herrington Technology has devised innovative services, which make sure no other organization has to go through such a dearth situation or can withstand one if consequences do arrive. This is one of the finest examples of Valery’s bold leadership, which helped the company forge a strong backbone for others and themselves.

R&D has further helped the company tremendously to match pace with constant transition & evolution in technology. Their R&D practices focus on exploring new areas of customization, which helps them to synthesize appropriate solutions for their clients and stay adaptive to the dynamic factors like competition, scalability, productivity, and customer service.


The era of IT revolution has given birth to many pioneering brands. This has created a highly volatile place in the IT industry; Hence, comprehending to the evolution and devising specialised merchandise is the only way to have a sustainable business structure in the industry. By blending experience with knowledge, Herrington Technology has conceived many avant-garde services, which clearly makes it an ace of the deck. Their wide variety of IT services & solution accommodates:

  • ERP Program and Project Management (SAP Accelerated Implementations).
  • Executive Strategic & Trusted Advisor Services.
  • Enterprise Technology Architecture and Design.
  • SAP Software Reseller.
  • SAP HANA Implementation Services.
  • SAP IBM Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and FIN Tech Implementation Services and Solutions.
  • New and Leading Hybrid Cloud Business Continuity, Data Protection (backup/recovery), Data Storage & Encryption.
  • World-Class Telecom Services and Solutions (budget-focused alternatives).
  • Herrington Technology Brand Label Services and Solutions: PCAAS©
  • Endpoint protection, business continuity, data protection and cybersecurity solutions and services (MSP).
  • Datacenter (Telecom/connectivity, evaluations, assessments, services, facility/infrastructure and support).
  • Specialized SAP Business Software Packages, Deployments and Technology.
  • Winshuttle Data Loading Software and Deployments.
  • Emerging Technology Integration (includes mobile, social media and big data).
  • Technology Software and Hardware Solution Right-Sizing.
  • Quantum Processing Services.


“At Herrington Technology we’re like the master craftsmen, always perfecting the art of our science and technology” – Valery Herrington

Creativity is the platform that helps in forging qualities and thinking patterns that can evolve and transit, resulting in contemporary business operational structures. At Herrington Technology, creativity is an essential component living in its internal DNA & leadership. Technical creativity helps in developing many different features of an enterprise’s delivery models and brand label solutions. It requires both: The art of creativity and the art of science to skillfully run a leading solution provider organization as well as deliver premium solutions and services for its clients and customers.

What further enhances the creativity of its operations is its employees. Having an engineering core at the management levels, the company has homed a team of engineers who have collected a wide arena of experience in the industry. In addition to the creativity part, the company’s employees have been a prime asset especially, during its turmoil.


Apart from being a technocrat, what makes Herrington Technology unconquerable is its aim towards corporate sponsorship. Few names for which the company provides cherishable sponsorship are:

  • Toys for Tots
  • dress for success
  • Girl Scouts of the USA
  • Boy Scouts of the USA
  • Eden Autism for Children
  • PBA programs supporting many worthy communities
  • Clothing Donations to local organisations

Activities like these, portray a positive picture of an organization; Hence, Herrington Technology has formed a business structure, which not only works on maintaining a profitable balance sheet but also a healthy relationship with the society.


By raising the bar of its quality and services, Herrington Technology has acclaimed many feathers on its cap. The company has covered a highly satisfied client base, that encompasses trending verticals like pharmaceutical, retail, finance, and high tech fortune 90 and mid-market firms. Apart from these, the company is well recognized by famous magazines. A few notable mentions are:

  • “Certificate of Excellence – 2017 Awardee” – CIO Bulletin
  • “The 10 Best Performing Sap Solution Providers 2018” by Insights Success
  • “10 Best IT Service Provider Companies 2018” by Business Insight Media
  • “Leading Software Development Company 2019 of the United States” – Global Business Insight Awards

In addition to these Valery is recognized as “The 30 Most Creative CEOs of 2018” by the Mirror Review Magazine. These rewards in response to their accomplishments spread a positive message in the market and make them a standout.


Technology is a constantly evolving platform and it’s making organizations work beyond their levels to achieve a competitive efficiency.  Furthermore, the invention of new tech concepts like the Internet Of Things (IoT) is making companies transform its framework from time-to-time. For the last 1 decade, Herrington Technology has shown insurmountable progressions and is looking forward to attaining quantifiable results based on their accomplishments.

In the coming years, Herrington Technology aims to grow and grasp over new innovations, optimize business, and generate prospective solutions for its clients. Valery concludes on this matter by saying “We will continue to expand our deep commitment to technology innovation, leading business solutions and the development of new ways to meet the needs of our customers. We will continue to expand our portfolio of solutions, services, and products on the path of becoming a world-class organization”


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