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Turning the Tide with Futuristic Solutions

Heterize Infotech is a thriving tech-establishment catering innovative & eye-catchy mobile apps & websites. Located in Indore, MP, The Company’s goalis to assist businesses shape the rapidly expanding prospects in cloud and other digital areas. And to do that, it has a dossier of innovative solutions, including mobile apps, website development, System apps Development, AR-VR Development, Game Development, Blockchain Development and much more.

It has a coup of fresh technologists and engineers working around the clock to propel growth to businesses. Their tradecraft in devising real-time and qualified offerings for all size of businesses makes them a promising brand. Heterize Infotech has been recognised by DPIIT as a startup. And despite the current scenario, the solutions contribute towards a better tomorrow.

“Technology must not only support your business. It must advance it.”-Harshvardan Gupta (Founder and MD), Heterize Infotech. This thoughtful etho helps the Company drive its excellence. Transformation and evolution are two of the paramount cornerstones for every business. And with digitization, these have become more crucial to adapt and stay competitive. Dozens of Indian Startups have become unicorns in the past few years with diverse tech solutions. To grow and build in this scenario, Heterize strives to craft cost effective solutions that streamlines client’s business and make it easier.

Harshvardan Gupta is a young techpreneur specialised in Customer Satisfaction, Sales Operations, Sales Management, E-commerce, SEO, and Data Analysis. Although Heterize is the finest illustration of his experience and ingenuity, Harshvardan actually stepped into entrepreneurship in 2016. He started with an e-Commerce platform, for it was an emerging boom in that period. And adapting with the trends, the platform bore rich fruits. Moving ahead, he completed his B.Tech in Computer Science and during this period, the idea of an IT company excited his mind.

“Stick to what you know” is a strict school of thought in many entrepreneurship circles”, says Harshvardan. After a lot of planning and research for the next 4 years, finally in 2021, Harshavardan found Heterize Infotech. His motto is simple, “To believe it and achieve it, I have to see it, feel it, smell it, and taste it.”As IT continues to unveil sustainable opportunities, Heterize aims to embrace and mould them to help firms build a name for themselves in the industry.

Digital solutions like AI, IoT, ML, etc. continues to be a boon to practically every business. This also creates a cut-throat scenario, where every Company is scurrying for themselves. And this increases the inclusion of R&D on a massive scale. “In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, competition cannot be ignored or undervalued”, affirms Harshvardan. As an experienced entrepreneur, he believes R&D is the lifeblood for business longevity. Not only does it allow business to grow but also gives it a competitive edge. With a competent team on deck, Heterize engages in deep research practices to churn out knowledge that strategizes new prospects, optimize employee engagement and moral codes.

This builds an innovative path for the Company and keeps its employees cognizant Adapting and innovating to technology and trends also helps in improving existing processes for better sustainability. A good example of its R&D is in its marketing and advertising approaches. Heterize invest in Website design and mobile marketing, Video marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-click (PPC) advertising and social media marketing. Moreover it also has Media Relations and builds prototypes prior any product release. In summary, R&D provides it with powerful knowledge and insights, leads to improvements to existing processes where efficiency can be increased and costs reduced.

Young and innovative, Harshvardan always believes Leadership is more than a title, it’s a mindset that sets someone apart. He believes that a person’s ability to communicate – to listen and evaluate a matter from all angles in order to reach a consensus – qualifies them as a leader. He also believes that a true leader expertises in a particular skillset, prefers learning to curb new opportunities out of failures.

He says, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”He has faced failure upfront but that didn’t stop or diverge him from his path. Last of all, he advices to prioritize health above all else.Everything else can be delegated and earned except health.

With such a charitable person at the helm, Heterize has built a wholesome culture which empowers everyone aboard to achieve their dreams. They have the concept of ‘joy at work’ imbibed within. For them, joy and quality should be at a juxtaposition, to ensure focused productivity. In simple words, “Learn By Fun” which makes everything easy. Harshvardan and his team constantly monitors employee behaviours and communication, since a healthy culture is not just a nice-to-have,it is the foundation of a thriving business.

Commencing entrepreneurship in a period of chaos and transfiguration is a bold move. Needless to say, Heterize has put forth a rebellious performance. It has developed 15+ Mobile Apps, 40+ Websites and 5+ system apps in merely few months, a great anchorage for further prospects. It has 4.9/5 client satisfaction rate and its building sustainable relationships that brings turnaround opportunities. “We are a Little Star which is soon going to be growing as big and brightest one”, avers the young founder.

In broad sense of prospects, his primary concern is to expand in Sales and marketing. Although it’ll take considerable effort, wearing different hats it’ll be worthwhile for the long run. While building in these, corporate compliance, end-to-end communication and digital marketing with more live demo are also important.Building a sales funnel with one-to-one advertising, Heterize seeks to touch new heights and drive revolution in its space.

Harshvardan sums up his vision saying, “Don’t focus on the short-term outcome of your work. Look to the long term. Build sincere value and look to help your customers. Genuinely care. That should be the foundation. After that, it’s simply a matter of taking action and putting in the work to scale.”

Alongside, Heterize also plans to form strategic partnerships with established foundations and initiate customer loyalty program. These approaches will be fostered by diversifying its portfolio and penetrating into more verticals. Last but not least, Heterize also plans to expand to the global market.

“One has to balance his belief in the idea and be rational enough to keep changing with the need. Being rigid means facing failure and One cannot build a successful company alone and hence look for synergies and help from others around who are within reach and most importantly, Never expect success starting from Day 1”, Harshvardan Gupta.

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