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Hirexa Solutions

Hirexa Solutions: The Next-gen talent discovery and recruitment platform

Your people are your greatest asset. The people you ultimately choose for your organization are directly linked to your overall success. There is no final and true formula for hiring the perfect person every time. Sometimes you make mistakes and other times you get lucky. Therefore, in Hirexa Solutions” there is no mistake chances in hiring the right workforce. It’s their job to define a process that allows you to always hire the right person for the job.

Hirexa Solutions, a leading player in the United Kingdom, European and Indian Talent Acquisition ecosystem, is the fastest-growing next-generation provider of Technology & Healthcare Talent. They facilitate prolific candidates who become resourceful to achieve higher productivity, adopt a nimble structure and effectively execute project deliverables.

With a handful of experience and a  proven track record of Excellence in their commitments to clients, they always strive hard to match the right person with the right kind of career opportunity. Apart from that their focus is on high professional standards delivered by a dedicated team of experienced and qualified recruitment experts.

With a collective 50 years of Industry Expertise, they provide the bouquet of Human Capital Services spread across various business lines such as Bespoke RPO Solutions, Staffing Services, Leadership Search, International Mobility, Technology Services, Healthcare Staffing, Tech Assessment /Interviews on Demand and Talent Market Research & Analysis.

Hirexa Solutions was born out of trust quotient between each of the founding promoters and the complementary skills each of them brings to the table. The name Hirexa in fact, was christened to reflect their confidence factor of winning, with the ambition of launching an International Talent Acquisition firm.

Features: which makes them Contrasting from competitors 

With specialized knowledge that backed up with decades of experience in the industry, supported by continuous research & development they always intend to be one step ahead of their competitors. Hence, by bringing something new every time based on their client’s business requirements makes them superior from their competitors.

Recent Contribution:

Continuing the history, which they are known for recently they have implemented in house ‘AI Voice Chatbot’ application to provide quality of profiles to their clients to complete their day to day recruitment screening in seconds, regardless of how many applications are received.

Start-ups can be Challenging & Endeavour

Mr. Mahesh Jain and Mr Kingsly Stephen, Co-founders behind this Admirable company: “Hirexa Solutions” believes that for decades the recruitment industry was relatively static with recruiters having full control of the hiring process.

This was initially replaced by online job portals, which was proven to be very effective when you have got less time to cover any given position(s). Therefore, nowadays they see the Technology is advancing rapidly on a day to day basis, SMEs/startups are turning out to ‘AI solutions’  for their hiring needs, which is not only cost-effective but saves a lot of time as it requires less human effort to operate.

The story behind the Meritorious Company

From a thought to a successful business venture, Hirexa was built from ground zero by Mr. Mahesh Jain & Kingsly Stephen who carry two decades plus experience in the Talent Acquisition Industry. Both started this company and due to their differentiated business strategies, hard work and commitment backed by a young and vibrant team they are successful in making Hirexa become a well-known firm in a short span of time within the UK, Europe, and the Indian market. Along with this journey, Mr. Mohammed Zakir joined them for the business from the UK to be part of this growth journey.

Initially, they started with two people and have continued to grow until now. From a single unit of two to a Hundred plus best in class Talent Acquisition Experts, they worked hard to always ensure that they deliver the best possible solution to their customers when no one else can. That’s how they managed to differentiate themselves from others in the market & have scaled their goodwill with time which made it possible for them to deliver quality Staffing IT solutions across the world market.

The Client’s traverse and belief 

Their unique model exceeds the industry benchmark, which is standard by delivering peerless, world-class and bespoke solutions with the sole focus on creating value and ensuring the clientele’s holistic success. Service Excellence has been their key focus in making a positive impact on their clients and having them back to their company repeatedly.

The ultimate mission of customer success is enshrined in their relentless pursuit to deliver efficient, credible and professional individuals who can become pillars of the company’s prosperity. Their incomparable competency in delivering a professionally rewarding environment to their talent pool is a pure touchstone.

With best quality recruiters they pride to deliver when no-one else can, that’s what the story is all about. No matter how difficult clients request is, they always work smarter to make sure it’s always been fulfilled from their end, which makes their bonding stronger with the customers.

Research is formalized curiosity, Development is creating new knowledge.

Technology is a rapidly evolving phenomenon and when it comes to recruitment you need to be abreast of all the latest trends to leverage the available tools and garner the opportunities with the customers being a differentiator.

Technology changes at such a speed that existing strategies can become obsolete in the blink of an eye. That’s why they have always focused on upskilling their recruitment practitioners according to these changing situations. Continuous training not only expands their knowledge base but keep them conversant with emerging trends in the marketing field.

Implementing and managing continuous research activities within the business offers tremendous advantages for the company. Overall, it allows them to create an environment within the organization, which is favorable to questioning and answering processes.

At the end of the day, it is their investment in innovation and research that allows them to gain in technology and future capabilities than would be eventually convertible into new Products, Processes, and Services.

Politeness and civility are the best capital for Employees

‘Employee Loyalty begins with Employer Loyalty.’ Employees are like a soul to a body, only when you keep them happy they can be productive. At Hirexa Solution they always intend to ensure that their employees are happy with them & they always come with positiveness in themselves. When they feel that they are a dynamic and essential force of the team, they are more productive and willing to go the extra mile for their customers and peers, which has always proven effective when it comes to them.

Therefore, by conducting Training for upskilling and keeping them up to date on the functional and market perspective makes them more capable of loving what they do. In addition to running some Rewards and Recognition Programs and special campaigns regularly to motivate them to set goals appropriate to the work. Mr. Kingsly Stephen believes that taking their employees’ needs seriously makes them worth doing business.

By respecting and listening to their staff, they give them the motivational push by which, they need to stay loyal and committed to the company’s goals. And when you have a happy and productive workforce the team is eager to contribute to the next level of company growth.

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