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How to Identify Cancer at Early Stage

How to Identify Cancer at Early Stage

Cancer is a very common disease today and it becomes critical to have an understanding of cancer when it is at an early stage. Cancer, the second leading cause of death in America, continues to spread rapidly among the world population. However, people with cancer today live longer than before thanks to improved cancer screenings; it is always advised to get routine screenings done to catch diseases earlier.

Cancer can affect any person irrespective of age or health. Hence, it becomes life-saving to be aware of the possible signs of cancer. Here, it must be kept in mind that these symptoms don’t always mean cancer and they can be a reflection of many general health conditions. However, when it comes to cancer, the same signs can be clues to treat the problem at the earliest.

Before we move ahead, let’s know what are the common types of cancers.

Common Types of Cancers:

  • Bladder Cancer: It begins in the cells of the bladder.
  • Lung Cancer: Also known as lung carcinoma is the most common cancer in the world. It develops when uncontrolled cell growth takes place in lungs.
  • Pancreatic Cancer: It develops because of uncontrolled cell growth in pancreas.
  • Leukaemia: It is the cancer of white blood cells and begins in the bone marrow.
  • Colon and Rectal Cancer:  Also called colorectal cancer sometimes and develops in colon and rectum.
  • Breast Cancer: The abnormal growth of cells in the breast is called Breast cancer.
  • Prostate Cancer: A common type of cancer in males.
  • Melanoma: A form of skin cancer.
  • Thyroid Cancer: It develops in the cells of the thyroid.
  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: It begins in the cells of the lymphatic system.
  • Endometrial Cancer: The cancer of uterus is Endometrial Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer: When kidney cells grow out of control and form a tumour.
  • Liver cancer: Many types of cancer can develop in the liver but the most common is hepatocellular carcinoma.

How to identify cancer at an early stage?

Like most other diseases, cancer can be identified by understanding its symptoms at an early stage. Some of the most common hints are as follows:

Fatigue: If someone is experiencing fatigue that doesn’t go away even after taking enough rest, it could be a sign of cancer. Cancer eats up all the nutrients in order to grow and advance, leaving the body deprived of them that results in persistent tiredness.

Weight Loss: If a person is losing weight, there may be many possible causes of it. In many cases a person knows the cause. But if the cause is not known then fix an appointment with the doctor.

Unexpected Bleeding: One of the symptoms of cancer can be unexpected bleeding. It may be in poop indicating colon or rectal cancer. Tumors along the urinary tract also cause bleeding in urine.

Fever:  Fever is very general and a patient gets well in some days. However, some blood cancer like lymphoma signals through fever which persists for days or weeks as well. Hence, be assured of the reason and see the doctor.

Changes in the Skin: Skin is the largest organ of our body. It generally provides the clues of most underlying diseases including cancer.

If the skin looks yellow or red, gets darkened or itches or has an unexplained rash then it may be a sign of cancer-liver cancer, ovarian, or kidney cancer.

Also, appearance of new mole, bumps, marks can be the signs of lurking skin cancer.

Sores That Don’t Go Away: The most common sign of oral cancer is sores in the mouth which don’t heal. The person is on high risk who chew tobacco, smoke or drink a lot.

Persistent Cough and Hoarseness:  A persistent cough can be a sign of lung cancer while hoarseness might indicate the cancer of the larynx or thyroid gland.

Anemia: The main cause of anemia is lack of red cells in the blood. Red blood cells are produced by bone marrow and cancers such as Leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma can damage the marrow hampering the growth of red blood cells.

Pain: Though multitude of health issues can cause pain and persistent pain can signal toward lurking diseases. Cancer can cause it in many ways for example when a tumour pushes other parts of the body that results in pain and when the tumour releases chemicals that also brings pain.

Now there may be some symptoms which are gender based. Let’s discuss them here.

Common Cancer Symptoms in Men:

Abnormal Changes in Testicles:

If you see some abnormal changes in testicles like both or one getting bigger, notice a lump or they feel heavier, such symptoms can be a possible cause of testicular cancer and commonly found in young and middle-aged men.

Peeing becomes difficult:

An enlarged prostate gland can create problems like burning sensation while peeing, dribbling or leaking, increased frequency of peeing and weak stream. Even prostate cancer can create the same problems. To figure out the main cause of it you should not delay meeting a doctor.

Common Cancer Symptoms in women:

Breast, lung and colorectal cancer affect women the most. Uterus, vagina or vulva, endometrium or cervix are also common.

Untimely Vaginal Bleeding or Discharge: When bleeding or any discharge occurs between periods or post menopause, you must see your gynaecologist as it may be the hint of endometrial cancer.

Abdomen Pain and Bloating or appetite Change:

Feel crampy or bloated every time and again? They might be the symptoms. Also, if you feel full or don’t feel like eating at all it might be because of Ovarian Cancer. The reason is many cancers cause indigestion or nausea.

Changes in Breast: Consult with your doctor if your breast feels different, notice changes or any lumps and have any discharge from the nipples.

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