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Effective Tips for How to Work 80-100 Hours A Week

Effective Tips for How to Work 80-100 Hours A Week

How many hours of work at your workplace you deliver per week? does it take to change the world? That was the question asked by many of the professionals and this question of working hours was posed to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk on Tweeter. His answer won’t’ surprise anyone and he replied that it Varies per person, but about 80 sustained working hours increases exponentially above 80 hours a day.

Leaving this question behind and ask yourself the question that have you ever wondered how Wall Street professionals work 80-hour weeks without ever seeming to need a break? If no then ask now. Moving ahead to know that answer then we will share the best tips for balancing a hectic workweek with the rest of their lives.

It is possible! However, it is quite difficult. If you want to work like a pro and conquer 80 hours a week then you should have to follow a particular schedule. Only then, you will be able to enjoy your life to the fullest and do not burn with a hectic schedule. Therefore, to make sure you can do that, we have enlisted some expert tips and ideas in this post that will definitely help. However, most of the people said Elon Musk unrealistic with these expectations for people.

In addition, others made that point working 80 hours a week is not a choice but a necessity to keep food on the table and the bills paid.

People who are famous for putting long work hours

So many different Entrepreneur develops this working pattern and they showcase that working like a pro and 80/week is their lifestyle. Although the classic workweek usually counts, 40 hours and some people put in much more than that and proved to be billionaire of the time like Tesla’s Elon Musk. However, several successful and famous people are putting in long hours every week such as:-

  • CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, is famous for his time blocking technique and he works for almost 120 working hours per week.
  • Indra Nooyi, the woman entrepreneur of India and former CEO of PepsiCo, was famous as an early rising bird and she gets up at 4 AM every morning. Nooyi mostly focusing on her day at work and she worked until midnight every day.
  • Jeff Bezos, the eCommerce tycoon and the CEO of Amazon, used to spend 12 hours a day working, at the beginning of his career and till now working the same for Amazon.
  • Marissa Mayer, the American businesswoman and the former CEO of Yahoo, famous for her handwork and claimed to work for 130 hours per week during her time as CEO of Yahoo.

There are some hot fighters and their workweek seems packed, yet these entrepreneurs manage to helm every success in their companies and still lead a life with their spouses and children.

Let us discuss, how do they do it?

Working 60, 70, 80-100-hour in a week can get very tedious very quickly. Many have done it, but attempting to endure such a regimen with blunt force will not yield a happy result in the end. Here are a few points to help make the best tips for how to work 80-100 hours a week.

Sleep Efficiently

It is very hard that our time to sleep is justified an 8-hour sleep schedule to someone that spends twice as much time every day at the office. There are many ways, however, to make the best and efficient sleep of the 5 hours. The bedroom is for sleeping and sometimes can serve as your kitchen and working room too. The comfort of your room is very important if you sleep or work from it.

Both are equally important and keep in mind that the human body associates rooms with the things you do inside them. The habit of achieving a regular sleep schedule with hectic working hours is a challenge. Your body’s circadian rhythm defines productivity so sleep is very essential for works most efficiently when a regimen is established and adhered to; and yes, this includes weekends.

Therefore, try to avoid food and drinks that limit your sleeping efficiency. Nicotine and caffeine beverages are not required after sunset and if you have them in the evening then it will make you fall asleep more difficult.


At first, it may seem counter intuitive to take time out of your busy schedule to hit the gym; but its benefits go far beyond looking good naked and justifying ice cream cravings. A sickness is a form of krypton to any high achiever. Choosing between a miserable workday and a bed-ridden sneeze or the best fest is about as unsavory. Sometimes it is very difficult to keep yourself out of bed and you failed to get you out of this mess in the first place.

Studies suggest that exercise is the key solution for everything related to work or keeping yourself in any practice at day. Individuals who work out regularly are more likely to prevent themselves from normal viral and common diseases like cold and flu symptoms altogether, but the benefits do not stop there. It helps your body to stress less, as the workout is the tool to be energetic whole day. Hereby, for being effective at work for longer hours then be regular with exercise and exercise keep you regular at work.

Watch What You Eat

One of the benefits of working full time is the freedom to splurge on little things like doing your work like you own but efficiently. The freedom of working is like grabbing a tall latte coffee at Starbucks or saying yes to your favorite food. But food is the biggest issue at working hours a balanced diet is the greatest milestone in the journey to success. However, as every superhero movie has told us something like having great power, comes with the food we eat and it similarly responsible to work as well.

Food ultimately serves the purpose of happiness when you were working and provides your body with energy, and once again, there is a productive and unproductive way to do it. Keeping your diet and taking care of your meal makes you more productive at work for more hours, as your tummy and mind are happy with the food you eat. Hence, always watch what you eat and follow the path of never skip your days’ first meal or breakfast.

Keep a Calendar for Everything

Keeping a calendar means making yourself better at work in handling small to big tasks on time. As the week gets busier and busier, there are things that must be left by you for work and calendar makes it easier for you to cope with things. For working longer hours and continually it becomes increasingly important to keep a detailed schedule of everything; even your personal time like relaxation and family. Some may make the argument that carving out specific time makes them bound so do your schedule as your flexibility and keep leisures that make you happier out of the experience.

However, the simple fact of the matter is there are only 86,400 seconds in the whole day, and they can easily evaporate into thin air in no time so keeping a record of your every second and minute is very helpful in working long hours. For an instant lets took an example of American businessman Steve Jobs, on a schedule as a CEO of Apple, he started his first day as an CEO with a calendar that included breakfast with family in morning, a phone call with Tim Cook his buddy, and chilling out and listening to The Beatles for personal life.

Leisure time and breaks

The way you spend your leisure time has an important impact on how productive you can be during your working hours at the office. Lest say that if you are in a good mood after a quick lunch out with friends then you’ll likely be more productive at work once you return to your work because happiness helps productivity. Therefore, keeping short breaks for your happiness is very important and helpful as well.

On the other hand, if you have just taken a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood park, then it also likely to clear your mind and be able to solve pressing issues of work once you return to your office.

Always account for your breaks and leisure time, as they will help you power through your work. Short breaks always help to recharge the tired batteries and do make it a habit to implement breaks during your work routine.

If you have already re-filled, your cup of coffee during the first break then went to the bathroom during the second break or see if you have to meet someone at work. Similarly, you can use the third break to plan the leisure time with family to call loved ones and ask them if they are good. You will have a completely long week at work and there is nothing motivates better than family and loved ones.


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