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I-CUBE ACCESS GLOBAL PRIVATE LIMITED (DIPP21857) was incorporated on 22nd May 2018.  Headquartered at Vadodara, it is a startup recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India & Incubatee at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), Gandhinagar.

The Company is also in discussion with the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology (icreate). icreate is an independent center that facilitates ‘Next Generation Entrepreneurship’ that blends creativity, innovation, engineering, product design and leverages emerging technologies to evolve out-of-the-box applications and facilitates new age entrepreneurial pursuits of youth that focus on innovative applications for wealth generation, employment creation and global competition.

In the first stage of its product offering, the company has developed a unique, innovative & Patented Reverse Caller Tune Application, wherein Calling Party can decide what the Called Party would be able to listen to or see on their mobile device. There is absolutely no operator in the world who offers Reverse Caller Tune as a service.

There are a host of features and functionalities which they intend to offer to Smart Phone Users. Every phone that rings are a customer to them. Since Android covers 90% of Smart Phone users in India, they have released an Android version of the product that is called Ctunes for Smart Phone Users.

Caller Tune as a service & nature of service which they intend to offer helps marketers and advertisers to gain 100% Attention from its users.  Attention is the key Pain area for Advertisers, Marekters, and SME’s as it affects the view ability, awareness, recall ability & sales for any organization, which they intend to solve via their Mobile Application.

Given below are the Key Pain Areas and Solutions that they propose with the Patented Application.

  • Gain 100% attention of the Users
  • Advertising Platform
  • Open & Easily Accessible Platform for SME’s/Advertisers & Marketers.
  • Content Aggregator & Sales Platform

The product also offers Voice Mail or Voice Messaging service, which works in tandem with your existing mobile service provider. In case of called party being busy, not reachable or have missed the call, users on the Ctunes platform can immediately leave a Voice or Video message to be shared to Called Party.

They have developed the product for B2C users and soon will create a platform which could be used by B2B users. The existing product is a niche and innovative Reverse Caller Tune service with Voice mail functionality. With the next release, they intend to provide both Caller Tune and Reverse Caller Tune service on a single platform to users of mobile phones.

The platform provides a unique opportunity to SME’S, Enterprise and Businesses to retarget their existing customers and reinforce their brand impression amongst its existing users. Retargeting their existing customers, gaining 100% users’ attention & reinforcement of their Brand impression is a great value proposition of Ctunes Platform.


What WhatsApp did to SMS service, we are trying to achieve the same by disrupting a couple of value-added services (VAS) offered by mobile operators across the world. The company has developed a cloud-based application, which provides Caller Tune as a service & Voice Mail/Voice Message service FREE to all smartphone users.

None of the Operators in the world offers Reverse Caller Tune as a service and also no app is there in the play store. They have registered Patent related to services offered by the Ctunes platform both nationally & internationally.

Apart from niche & innovative service offered by the Ctunes Platform, the platform offers enhanced features & functionality compared to existing Caller tune service provided by mobile Operators.

Some of them being

  • Free Cloud-Based Platform for Smartphone Users
  • Open & Easily accessible Platform
  • Personalization of service for individuals
  • Customization of service: Platform allows user-generated content and its use
  • Use of Multimedia like Audio, Video & Image as Caller tune
  • Social Media Integration: Allows users to access and use their social media content
  • Multimedia Editors: Allows users to create their own content and use it based on their preference and liking.

Technology keeps on changing every single day, and players like Google and Amazon keep updating their platform to comply with the latest norms and regulations of Govt. across the world. Kaushal Patel says, “We have to be very vigilant in terms of changes on the platforms where we operate, new releases, regulation etc., so that we can adapt ourselves with the changing technology and players we operate with. Hence, R&D plays a very critical role in order to adapt to any foreseen changes well in advance.”


During the 1st stage of Ctune development and deployment, they have developed a niche and innovative Reverse Caller Tune service that is not provided by any operators across the world. This service allows Calling Party to decide what the Called Party would listen to or see on their mobile phones. Besides this, there is complete control over the service for the users of mobile phones, which is not possible in the existing Caller Tune service.

During an initial deployment for Beta testing, they have 35,000 beta testers with monthly 6500 active users and weekly 2000 to 2500 active users. Users find it very interesting platform, as they can set audio, video or image to be played or seen on the called person’s mobile phone. Asides, there is great flexibility of using their social media content i.e.

FB or Instagram, they can also create content based on their preference and liking with the editors they provide on Ctunes Platform. This convenience – easy and accessible to Ctunes platform along with FREE service is driving users to Ctunes platform. At present, the product is only available to mobile phone users in INDIA alone. The Company is planning to release a final product in India and venture into different countries and demographics.

Soon they would be rolling out Caller Tune Service, which is provided by mobile operators on their Ctunes platform. Users on the Itunes platform will be able to enjoy both Caller Tune and Reverse Caller Tune service on a single platform. Caller tune market in India alone is 11,000 CR of market size, they intend to disrupt 5% of this market share within the next 6- 10 months of their full product release in India.


It has been 2 years since they started working towards this innovative concept & formally incorporated a PVT. Ltd company on 22nd May 2018.

As a Startup, they have been fortunate enough to be selected at Y Combinator Startup School, one of the best accelerators for the startups in the world. They were also selected as a finalist in the mobile category at NASSCOM Design4India Challenge 2018 along with being featured in Coffee Table Book of Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit 2018.

At present, they have 35,000 beta testers with 6000-6500 active monthly users and 2000-2500 weekly active users.

They want to stretch their boundaries to a global audience and wish every phone that rings have to be Ctunes User.

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