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Intelizon Energy

Intelizon Energy

Advancing the solar industry with Quality, Innovation and Customer satisfaction

Indubitably, the future of Lithium-Ion batteries is dynamic and resolute. They are swift, methodical and steadfast in terms of decarbonizing and shift the grid to carbon-free resources. While today, they are many flourishing companies in the solar industry, Business Connect Magazine has chosen a notable name in the solar space, who has not only laid the foundation with sheer determination and ardency but also embarked on the journey by launching novel products and services. Let us go through this pristine edition, depicting the entrepreneurial expedition of Intelizon.

Intelizon is one of the most stupendously progressing ventures in the solar industry. A pioneering lithium ion-based solar system rendering company, founded with a vision to create a world of smart energy. The company centralizes on integrating state of the art technologies to create innovative systems which enrich human lives. They substantiate an emblazing line of authentic products like solar LED lights with inbuilt batteries to replace the outdated kerosene lanterns and candles that are broadly efficacious in the rural sections of the Indian and African market.

Intelizon Energy is one of the top brands in the solar industry. They foster innovation and the future of the emerging world. The company has set prominent standards for energy-efficient products leveraging the right amalgamation of lithium-ion battery with solar, LED, BLDC fans and electrical technology to deploy top-notch quality and reliable solutions at economical prices.

The purposeful team forges ahead with a customary goal to facilitate platforms redefining productivity gains for people residing in rural sections of the world. They believe that these platforms will lead the world towards a splendid transformation and development.

The firm focuses on the energy ecosystem to deliver the best in class system efficiency through source and load management, combining it with robust technology for the balance of the system. To bloom the functioning by proffering outdoor and indoor solar and grid-based platforms is Intelizon’s greatest treasury. Withal, the team also clenches to the finest sales and service to their esteemed customers.

Intelizon has a diversified range of products and services to put across. Over the years, the company has variegated itself to provide exclusive services. Let us take a glance at their phenomenal list of creation.

  • Zonstreet is one of the first inbuilt lithium ion-based solar streetlight platforms with unlimited autonomy, inaugurated in 2014.
  • Zonbulb, the most definitive solar home lighting platform empowering quality light to rural homes and shops.
  • Zonhome is a magnificent hybrid power system that operates on solar and grid, setting up AC and DC power. It comes with streamlined lights and fans as a package providing 90% electricity savings to the user and a dependable backup with a lithium-ion battery.
  • Zoncam, an IP65 outdoor surveillance system with an inbuilt battery, wide-angle IP camera and memory card dispensing a premium security platform for houses and commercial establishments.
  • And the company’s latest platform, MicroUPS is a Made in India backup for routers, set-top boxes, CCTV and small 12V appliances.

The originality and novelty of products give Intelizon an industrial edge in the market. They procure the choicest components and well-structured in-house quality metrics.

“Nothing is achievable without a dedicated team. Intelizon’s team works tirelessly to build trust & long term relationships with customers & suppliers. Their dedication and passion help Intelizon to achieve its vision of creating the world of smart energy”, Sweta Singh.

As addressed earlier, Intelizon is a pioneer in lithium ion-based solar systems which unfolds a remarkable competence in the arena. The organization is a profusion of level-headed and extremely industry-acquainted minds, embarking their ways with a rich knowledge of lithium-ion-based batteries. Their expertise in outdoor and indoor systems, grid and solar solutions, astoundingly positions them to cater for a wide range of applications. The entire workforce secures an in-depth understanding of the requirements in rural and urban markets of India and Africa.

A well-timed synchronization with the sprightly moving world holds the utmost supremacy for every organization. While the business fraternity is ever-evolving in nature, it is imperative for companies to keep their resources and advancements intact. Technology plays a crucial role in the elevation of a venture. It is vital to be modernized and comprehend the surging market demands. At Intelizon, it is considered non-negotiable as the company understands what significance a technology bestows in the industry.

The firm has an approach of providing the most energy-efficient systems to the customers. It stays abreast of the most vigorous appliances, electronics, IoT and power supply solutions. They take pride in imparting ingenious and innovatory solutions for their treasured customers. Intelizon was the originating enterprise to launch inbuilt lithium ion-based solar streetlights with an Avant-grade inbuilt CCTV based solar streetlight. They ameliorate the energy savings by 90% as compared to conventional solar inverters.

Intelizon is the second name of contemporary technology and staggering creativity. Research and Development plays an affirmative part in the growth of the company. It is the backbone for providing state of an art platform to the customers.

In the near future, the firm will thrive to expand its basket of revolutionary products contingent on lithium-ion batteries. In parallel, with persistence in hard work and diligence, the company looks forward to strengthening its horizons to global channel partners in India and Africa. Their blazing goal is to reach 10million people by the year 2025 while saving more than a 100million units of electricity and reducing the CO2 emissions by over 50000 metric tonnes.

“Entrepreneurship is a spiritual process of creating something out of nothing. It’s a lifelong journey of unique experiences which requires a strong commitment and passion to endure”, Dr. Kushant Uppal.

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