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InventaTeq: Skilling young minds to prosper the IT industry

InventaTeq at a glance

In the world, there are several developing countries which have been facing a number of major problems. India is one of them, which also has the same problems owing to rapid increment in population, lack of education & technical skills and so on across the country. Having been the youngest country in the world, lacks of hands are empty only because of not being educated and skilled to serve the country. There is the name of a visionary person, Safura Begum (founder &CEO), who observed and understood the plight of young minds of the country and sowed the seed ofInventaTeq in 2009, Bengaluru known as Silicon Valley of India, which has grown up now and has been spreading its fruits among the newly graduates, working professionals, job seekers, entrepreneurs, businessmen and so on with its commendable skill-training programs to make youth skilled to serve the industry with their caliber and innovations.

About the visionary

The founder and CEO, Safura Begum of InventaTeq was from a middle-class family and a  graduate. Having observed and seen the challenges faced by newly graduates, she started her journey to build the foundation of InventaTeq and made it an august organization in the field of the training industry. All was not as easy as it seems today. It took a lot of courage and will power to make all possible to smoothen the career objectives for the upcoming newcomers. Now, it has been filling the gap between the employees and employers to bring them closer to flourish the IT industry through its distinct and highly job-oriented courses. The visionary believes in constant learning and growing to meet the demand of the time. She is fond of learning the latest skills and reading blogs to be updated with upgraded technologies.

The commendable flagships

Being in the industry of training programs for more than 9 years, InventaTeq has got a lot to deliver to young India on the strength of its more than 100+ professionally job-oriented courses with the latest and most practical teaching technique with the association of enriched experienced and highly educated professionals who have invested their hours and hours to strategize the courses such as Digital Marketing Course, Data Science Course, AWS Course, DevOps Training, Tableau, RPA Tools,  Python Courses, Software Training, Java, Net, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big data, Hadoop Training, Auto CAD, Salesforce, Data Science Course & CCNA and many others. These courses are rendered to targeted-audience after their counseling at personal and professional levels with affordable fee structure which ensures a prosperous career and makes them professionally ready to shape their future. Students are also offered their certifications of the completed course to be recognized as a certified professional.

Ensured placement at InventaTeq

InventaTeq has rendered the job-oriented and quality based-training programs to 1000s of students to get them a decent job with its placement program. The percentage of placement is commendable that is 91 percent. There are several reputed companies that are the recruiters of students at InventaTeq such as HP, Flipkart, IMS Health, TCS, Sandisk, JPMORGAN, ITC, Infortech, HCL, Lenovo and many others. The students have been hired for various small and big MNCs with an average package of 6 lacks and some with the highest package of 14 lacks annually depending upon their courses they opted for. From joining a course to placement, the complete support is assured such as teaching interview skills, grooming personality and much more as long as the students don’t get a decent job.

Highly-qualified and experienced team

The foundation of any organization lies in its dedicated team to achieve the vision of the company. At present, InventaTeq possesses a team of 40+ enriched trainers in their respective fields. The team is committed to support students at all necessary levels and strategize the subject in the most effective method of teaching which assures unforgettable learning and exposure of the students. The subjects are also prepared to meet the modern demands of the industry to make the students skilled and professionally ready to expand the industry. To ensure the best courses with candid understanding, a number of methods are applied such as case studies, assigning, real-time projects, hands-on training and much more if needed at personal and professional.

The fruits of InventaTeq

Success is the result of consistent hard work along with proper strategy. Visionary Safura Begum, founder & CEO, started the journey with the word ‘Skill’ to convert the unemployed into the employed with a number of courses and candid vision to contribute her large share to the country. Her dedication and work resulted in making InventaTeq, as one of the top 10 Data Science training institutes in 2018 across the country. Now, the brigade of the company works for the same vision and flourishing the industries across various fields under the supervision of maestro Safura Begum.

Targets to meet in future

One has said, “ life is vain without aim.” The desire to achieve something is the symbol of growth and development which makes the foundation strong to stronger. At present, InventaTeq possesses 4 branches but aims to expand its serving area and establishing more centers in Bangalore and Chennai and other cities so that more and more students can be approached to embellish the IT industry. on the strength of its services, trust and committed, it targets to become No-1 institute in the field of the training industry.

Safura Begum says, “innovations and the best resources are the keys for a prosperous business.”  

Besides all the efforts and necessary steps, InventaTeq considers the research and development (R&D) on its top priority as an investment, which is the core part of progress and modernization to make the company future-ready. Constantly, bringing contemporary developments and making young India skilled with them will surely help the team as well as the vision of the CEO to take InventaTeq on the top position in the industry, as a No-1 training institute in India


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