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Israel-Palestinian Conflict Intensifies: 5,000+ Rockets Launched from Gaza, 4 Lives Lost

Israel-Palestinian Conflict Intensifies: 5,000+ Rockets Launched from Gaza, 4 Lives Lost

Written by Sanjay Kumar

Tel Aviv, Israel – Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip launched a barrage of more than 5,000 rockets towards Israel on Saturday (October 7), sparking air raid sirens across the country and escalating tensions in the region. The ongoing conflict has resulted in a death toll of four in Israel, according to reports from The Times of Israel. Kuseife’s mayor, Abd al-Aziz Nassara, confirmed the casualties and revealed that several others were injured during the rocket attacks on the town.

The relentless rocket fire from Gaza lasted for over 30 minutes, with its thundering sound echoing as far as Tel Aviv. This alarming development has set off a wave of concern and responses from both sides of the conflict.

Top updates you need to know

Israeli Airstrikes: In response to the rocket attacks from Gaza, the Israeli army reportedly carried out at least two airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, as reported by an AFP journalist. These airstrikes followed multiple rocket barrages fired from the Palestinian territory into Israel.

Israel’s Ambassador’s Statement: Naor Gilon, Israel’s Ambassador to India, took to social media to address the situation, stating, “#Israel is under a combined attack from Gaza during the Jewish holiday. Both by rockets and ground infiltration of Hamas terrorists. The situation is not simple but Israel will prevail.”

Israel’s Defense Minister’s Response: Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant condemned the attacks, stating, “Hamas has made a grave mistake this morning and launched a war against the State of Israel.” He also approved a call-up of military reservists and declared a “state of war alert,” as reported by Reuters.

Hamas Announces “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood”: Hamas’ armed wing declared the commencement of “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” stating, “We decided to put an end to all the crimes of the occupation (Israel), their time for rampaging without being held accountable is over.”

Escalation of Tensions: These rocket launches follow weeks of heightened tensions along Israel’s volatile border with Gaza, as well as heavy fighting in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Indian Advisory: India has issued an advisory for its nationals in Israel amid the ongoing conflict between Hamas militants and Israel.


Israel has maintained a blockade over Gaza since 2007 when Hamas, an Islamic militant group, took control of the territory. This long-standing conflict has led to four wars and a devastating impact on Gaza’s economy. While Israel argues that the blockade is necessary to prevent militant groups from amassing weaponry, Palestinians view it as collective punishment.

The recent rocket attacks coincide with a period of intense conflict in the West Bank, where Israeli military raids have resulted in nearly 200 Palestinian casualties this year, according to AP reports. The Israeli government asserts that these raids are aimed at militants, but they have also led to the deaths of stone-throwing protesters and bystanders. Additionally, Palestinian attacks on Israeli targets have resulted in over 30 casualties.

The tensions have further spread to Gaza, with Hamas-linked activists staging violent demonstrations along the Israeli border in recent weeks. These demonstrations were only halted in late September after international mediation efforts.


Q1: What is Operation Iron Swords, and why did Israel launch it?

A1: Operation Iron Swords is a military operation launched by Israel in response to a massive Hamas attack. Hamas fired over 5,000 rockets into Israel and infiltrated armed militants across the border, prompting Israel to initiate this operation to defend itself and respond to the threat.

Q2: What was the objective of Operation Iron Swords?

A2: The main objective of Operation Iron Swords was to neutralize the threat posed by Hamas and protect Israeli civilians from rocket attacks and ground infiltration by armed militants.

Q3: Who authorized Operation Iron Swords in Israel?

A3: The operation was authorized by the Israeli government, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu playing a key role in its initiation. Israel’s security cabinet was also involved in the decision-making process.

Q4: How did Israel respond to the Hamas attack in Gaza?

A4: Israel responded by launching airstrikes with fighter jets targeting multiple locations in the Gaza Strip. Ground forces also conducted raids using various methods, including paragliders and sea-based attacks.

Q5: What were the casualties and damage caused by the Hamas attack and Israel’s response?

A5: According to Israeli media, there were casualties in Israel, with six people killed and around 200 wounded. Some of the wounded were in serious or critical condition. In Gaza, there were reports of casualties and significant damage due to Israeli airstrikes.

Q6: How is the international community responding to the situation?

A6: The international community is closely monitoring the situation and has urged both sides to exercise restraint to prevent further escalation. Diplomatic efforts and calls for a ceasefire are ongoing.

Q7: What is the current status of the conflict?

A7: The situation is fluid and evolving. Both Israel and Hamas continue to engage in hostilities, with ongoing rocket attacks and military operations. The conflict has the potential to escalate further, and efforts to de-escalate are being pursued.

Q8: How can civilians in the affected areas stay safe during the conflict?

A8: Civilians in affected areas should follow guidance and instructions from local authorities, seek shelter during rocket attacks, and stay informed about developments through official channels. It is essential to prioritize personal safety and avoid unnecessary risks.

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