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Kimia Bioscences

Kimia Bioscences

An Emblem of Uncompromised Quality & Affordable Pricing, Addressing the Unmet Pharma Industry’s needs Since 1993

India’s pharmaceutical industry has come a long way from being a major importer in the 1950s to a manufacturing house of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) today, projected to expand to $120 billion by 2030. The crucial ingredients steering and fueling the growth of the industry include increased government spending and growing awareness among people.

Its success can also be attributed to emerging and established pharmaceutical companies and their innovative solutions. Among the domain, with its commitment to producing affordable, world-class medicines, Kimia Biosciences has flung its wings as an R&D-driven pharmaceutical company, established in the year 1993, and evolved into one of the prominent players in this space.

Under the direction of Sameer Goel, a renowned leader in the Indian API market for his multifaceted skills in Business Development, Product Development, Strategic Marketing, and Operations Management, Kimia has strengthened the Indian pharmaceutical industry through its dedication to continuously raising product and service quality standards.

The team has been crucial to Kimia’s ongoing development. To accomplish the objectives of the business, they work collaboratively. Kimia’s core value is that everyone is accountable for the quality of their own work and should make a continual effort to do so. They encourage involvement, open communication, and teamwork while interacting with one another in a fair, dependable, and polite manner.  Having excellent guidance at the helm, a dedicated team, and open work culture with excellent growth opportunities make Kimia an ideal place to work.


We go above and beyond to attain our goals and have established core strength that allows us to proceed in this direction. — Sameer Goel.


Sameer Goel, Chief Executive Officer, Kimia Biosciences The leading man behind Kimia is Sameer Goel, who holds a tall stature in the Indian API market and has strong multidimensional capabilities in the areas of Business Development, Product Development, Strategic Marketing, and Operations Management.

In order to achieve experience in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and trading of various APIs and their Intermediates, he has played a crucial leadership role with many organisations in gaining and aligning the strong backing of professional networks, business partners, and executive teams. Mr Goel is currently in charge of providing overall leadership in order to achieve business and product development goals as well as the creation of strategic partnerships.


2015: Started R&D and ramped up with 120 people with a strong IPR team
2016: Acquisition of Laurel Organics Limited, a listed company in 2016.
2017: Accreditation of GMP in 2019 and DSIR R&D in 2017.
2017: Filed KDMF for 2 key products, Benfotiamine and Fimasartan Potassium Hydrochloride.
2017: Commenced export business in Pakistan in 2017 and quickly ramped up exports to more than 15 countrie between
2018-2020 and successfully exported to the US in 2021.
2018: Upgraded facility with 2 modern Microbiology labs, Water System, 5 clean rooms and in house micronization.
2018-20: Increased exports to more than 15 nations
2021: Successfully exported to the US


Kimia Biosciences Limited has become one of the pharmaceutical industry’s chosen partners for APIs not only in  India but also globally because of its creative and cutting-edge products at a very cost-effective price across all therapeutic categories. It focuses on producing bulk medications that target a number of high-potential therapeutic niches and plans quick expansion through the creation of infrastructure and CMS. The following are the main characteristics that set the brand apart:

• The dedicated team at Kimia go above and beyond to achieve the objectives and has developed a strong foundation that enables them to move forward in this direction.
• The company’s capabilities encompass selecting niche molecule products, developing new products quickly, commercialising them in a variety of therapeutic segments at scales from grammes to tonnes, ensuring quality compliance, and conducting research and development backed by cutting-edge manufacturing facilities.
• There are more than 50 SS/GL/HP reactors with capacities ranging from 150 to 4500 liters accessible at the site, along with fully equipped manufacturing blocks with a controlled filtered air circulation system.
• For scale-up investigations, they also have specialised pilot plants with clean room amenities. A variety of analytical tools, including GCs, HPLCs with PDA, IR, and a specialised solvent recovery unit, are housed in the manufacturing site. They have a microbiology lab, a hydrogenation facility, a purified water generation and distribution system, an effluent treatment plant, and all of these things.
• Their facilities fully abide by all laws governing the environment, human health, and safety. They have been granted approval by the WHO-GMP, COPP, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Korean FDA, and ISO-14002015, ISO90012015, and ISO-180012007 standards.
• They adhere to the company’s values, which include innovation and excellence, service and customer satisfaction, nurturing talent and rewarding accomplishment, and sustainability by acting in an environmentally friendly manner. They also believe in upholding the highest level of quality, integrity, and ethics.

“We want to be a top pharmaceutical company with a global presence that regularly creates high-quality, reasonably priced medications. We are committed to honouring our social and environmental obligations while serving humanity. The visionary went on to say, “We intend to do this by persistent efforts to research and manufacture safe, innovative medications focused on increasing quality of life, alleviating disease, and, eventually, greater societal good.


● Open Communication
● Innovative Approch
● Space for Personal Development
● Employee-focused environment
● Engaging Workplace


Over the next two years, Kimia Biosciences plans to make a large investment in order to establish itself as a major participant in the Indian and international markets. In order to shift to vertical integration, they also want to build their own FFF facilities for lifestyle categories in accordance with international regulatory standards. Additionally, it will enable them to take root in ROW and developed markets.

They respect the greatest standards of integrity,  openness, and ethics while fostering local values and culture in order to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Their overall objective is to establish themselves as India’s most known pharmaceutical firm for their high-quality and affordable product offerings, as well as their ethical and transparent business practises.

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