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Komal Jain: Scaling greater heights while imparting the seeds for healthier tomorrow

Komal Jain: Scaling greater heights while imparting the seeds for healthier tomorrow

Today, the world is in dire need of empathetic leaders who can make a difference to society with their thought leadership while successfully establishing their ventures in the corporate sector. Women leaders embody such inherent traits that allow them to emerge out as phenomenal torchbearers in the business world. Being an epitome of empowerment, women are now pursuing their passion with utmost dedication and determination.

Komal Jain, a woman magnate with an intense passion for farming and cooking, recognized the impact of harmful chemicals used for augmented crop growth on the human body and the environment as well. Her steadfast desire to bring forth a healthier way of living with the usage of organic products motivated her to incorporate an agro-based business venture- ‘SOW FRESH’.

At present, when GM foods, chemicals and fertilizers have become a root cause of the deadliest diseases in human beings, organic farming is the necessity of the moment.

WE BELIEVE IN A HEALTHIER WAY OF LIFE– This instigated me to become a business leader in this domain. My passion for farming & cooking for the past 24 years has eventually blossomed into a stronger desire to share the same passion with the world. ” says Komal

About its exclusiveness”
operates on the Farm to Fork concept, where cultivation of organic produce is performed as per the seasons. The team ensures doorstep deliveries at Delhi NCR and renders nutrient-rich certified organic cold-pressed oils at international levels. In this regard, Komal accentuates on the selection of finest crops and unadulterated sources of the raw material from all across the country. In addition to its uniqueness, SOW Fresh has several internationally recognized certifications & standards. Its out-of-the-box product portfolio has extraordinary commodities like yellow mustard oil, A2 Cow Ghee enriched with Omega-3 and Hydrosols like Rose Water.

Komal has ensured to empower women in the best possible way. Owing to her women to women sales strategy, her team has encouraged home-makers to become individual re-sellers to promote a steady income as well as good health among friends and families both. She states that these women are the backbone of the company.

An outstanding leadership style
Komal firmly believes that quick decision making is what defines an entrepreneur. Covid-19 brought a myriad of unforeseen challenges, but SOW FRESH has adapted itself for unprecedented situations like these in advance. They often come across multiple problems occurring out of seasonal effects or natural calamities and to make a way out of every situation, Komal ensures swift decision making to impact the business venture positively. She avidly declutters her mind with the help of meditation and then perform a SWOT analysis concerning the challenges and perform a lot of research to attain a practical solution.

To this context, Komal speaks, My leadership is driven by my passion and purpose to have a disease-free world and this gives us a competitive edge. We are seeking a long term growth perspective and not just the sudden bottom line. I like to go beyond my comfort zone and adopt risks to ensure boosted growth for my business”

Leading an outstanding business at the forefront, Komal believes in empowering other women and for this, she has carved a robust distributor network of women across the countries like the UK, UAE and several places in India as well. Altogether, her team of dedicated women employees constantly strives to take SOW FRESH to greater heights.

Moreover, Komal is also an avid- book reader and keeps herself motivated by reading a few inspirational books now and then. Some of her favourites are- SECRET by Rhonda Byrne, IKIGAI by Hector Garcia; Francesc Miralles – The Japanese secret to a long and happy life and Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

The phenomenal businesswoman aspires for a healthier and disease-free world. She believes nutrition is the key to achieve this vision and bring a wave of change to the world. Under her thought leadership, the organisation is brimming with self-motivated individuals who have aligned themselves as per its vision and mission effectively.

Enhancing its uniqueness via R&D
SOW FRESH offers a plethora of credible products that are the results of adamant research programs performed by its determined team. Here, the diverse range of inhouse bio-fertilisers is produced by syncing with traditional methods like Beej amritam, Ghana Jeev amritam, Jeev amritam, Agniastram, Panchgavya & more.

Komal has been associated with PUSA Institute of Agriculture for the past decade. This collaboration has allowed SOW FRESH to improve the yield of the crops with the help of extensive research. The unique cold-pressing technique to extract oils is the outcome of Komal’s determined efforts only. Moreover, she has learned some outstanding farming practises in Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Indian villages and got herself enlighten with some exclusive organic farming techniques.

Sailing through the Covid-19 pandemic
Komal speaks that amid the peak of the pandemic, they heavily invested in logistics network to ensure doorsteps delivery of their exclusive products. The production model was transitioned to a contact-less and advanced manufacturing process to curtail the spread of the fatal virus.

Her team ensured connectivity via virtual modes of communication and reached vast audiences through social media platforms. Having survived COVID-19 herself, Komal acknowledges the need for being close to nature for a healthier body and mind.

I spend a lot of time on the fitness regime that I had neglected earlier. But now I follow a strict schedule of walking, yoga, pranayama and meditation that offers me a perfect work-life balance.” continues the Founder.

The work culture at a glance
Under the guidance of Komal Jain, people associated with the company automatically align their efforts with its vision and mission. The management ensures the well-being of the employees and establishes an exuberant work culture. They ensure to adjoin the self – motivated individuals who can take the company to greater heights with their fortes and positive attitude.

Komal keeps her workforce motivated with the help of regular training sessions and workshops where they learn various aspects of dealing with the day to day operations. Moreover, farm picnics and appreciation programs set out high spirits among the teammates.

Milestones and achievements
SOW FRESH has successfully crossed numerous milestones over the past years. It has received approval to sell from large retail shops at PAN India level via Modern Trade, Online channel and speciality organic boutique stores. The company has also adjoined mega food retailers in the UK while planning to expand its reach in the USA, Australia and Canada. The Founders of such companies are pretty impressed with SOW FRESH’s products and are keenly promoting them at the personal level as well. SOW FRESH has started exporting of products to UAE in 2018, where people go the extra mile to purchase their best-in-class offerings.

Additionally, Komal has been associated with superstar Manjula Ghattamaneni and brought up a joint venture where they promote the products in India and these plans are in pipeline to reach the USA market.

SOW FRESH has been associated with different NGOs and been a part of GFI (Garbage Free India) so far. A significant portion of its earned profit is spent on cow welfare and women empowerment. It constantly endeavours to develop sustainable ways of living while majorly giving back to society via its significant offerings. Shortly, it will expand its horizons to multiple verticals while ensuring its reach to different countries as a GO TO BRAND.

 “Make in India – Vocal for Local is the key term to promote Indian products and is the centre of my goal. As the volume increases, we are planning to improve efficiency and reduce the prices for better product expansion.asserts Komal.

Words to convey to the aspiring entrepreneurs
INNOVATION is the key to unlock the door to the surging success.  One has to be innovative all the time, creating new ideas, listening to the consumer and syncing with their requirements. Always give them what they want, then switch to a sustainable way of life. Things have to go on and on in a cycle to ensure sustainable practices and then only, the manifestation will find its way.
Komal Jain



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