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Kustard The ‘chips down’ solution for mobile app needs

Kustard The ‘chips down’ solution for mobile app needs
These days, a new breed of young entrepreneurs are ushering some mind boggling ideas with innovative temperament. Gone are the days when serious brainstorming needed a designated cabin or some sorts of vacuum. Now is the time when many dynamic entrepreneurs ideate and create out-of-the-box concepts, staying on their couch only. Kustard is one such startup which works with an approach of blending design thinking with a deep understanding of your business goals. Kustard is a digital product and innovation studio based in Mumbai. Basically, it closely works with early stage startups and enterprises and helps them build digital products right from ideation to execution to go to market strategy. It helps companies convert ideas/dreams into a reality. It offers the secret sauce for building the right product with minimal investment of time, money and efforts. That’s what differentiates it from others.
Today there are lots of good companies in India who are either into design or into engineering or marketing. There are a very few companies who are equally good in ideation, design, engineering and solid execution. This startup is one of those companies. It has a unique market position especially in the Indian Startup Ecosystem. Also, design thinking is something which is at the centre of whatever is done at Kustard.
The company works in a much-planned manner. The very first stride that it takes after meeting a client is to understand the underlying problem that the client is trying to solve. Then, it draws up a roadmap and gets down to business. Secondly, it does extensive research on different challenges that a company may face. It tries to get the vision, mission and core values so that it could orchestrate the solutions in advance. Next path that the company follows is to get the know-how of the business. This is because knowing a business is the key to building the right product. It helps the company take the right decision. Further, it works on the user personas that include making its client aware of the target users including needs, behaviors and wishes. It makes sure that the user’s journey from problem to solution is smooth.

Globally acclaimed Clientele
Despite being a startup, Kustard has never let this become an Achilles heel. The long list of established clients is testimony to its dedication and excellence that it brings while serving clients. Some of its prestigious clients include Facebook, TATA, Procam, Bajaj Electricals, Radio Mirchi, Times Group, Indigo Paints and many other brands. The company was able to gain such clients because of its potential to create real value for the end users and customers. This has been possible also because of its principle of building products with good design principles and best engineering practices.
Since its inception, the company is working with a vision to impact at least a billion lives with the products and the innovative solutions that it would build in the coming years.

HIC – the world’s first smart and emotive Mix-o-Bot
The company in line with its efforts to introduce its own products has launched HIC along with chlorophyll innovation lab. It is a robot that is great at mixing drinks and personalities. Apart from this, it expresses 40 different human emotions and plays cupid using personality analysis algorithms. It is IoT enabled to make smart cocktails based on weather, location and geography. Moreover, it takes less than 15 seconds to make a drink. Not only this, it makes over 5000 unique cocktails and mocktails. It uses machine learning to learn and suggest new recipes. It communicates via touch. It is the perfect blend of technology, design and human emotions.

Recreating the magic of 3 Idiots
Mr Khatri has been quite aptly assisted by other two co-founders Mr Mandar Sawant and Uday Naidu. The friends can very well be associated with the trio of Ranchhor Das Chhanchad, Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi of the popular movie “3 Idiots”. The close friendship has The testimonials of various clients speak volume about the excellence and depth in its services. Mr Aditya Phatak, one of its clients says, “They impressed us with their empathetic evaluation of our needs— scoping it out properly and executing it well. Kustard stood out from the crowd with their excellent work ethic and their team always delivered high-quality work.”

Meet the Chief Everything Officer
Mr Javed Khatri, right after completing his BE from KJ Somaiya College of Engineering, became focused toward carving a niche for himself in the domain of digital products with a solid track record of shipping kick-ass products. He has always believed in smart work. He has always sought to do things and approach problems in a different way. He is really passionate about design thinking, product management, product design, UI/UX, ideation, business models, strategic planning. He also mentors and encourages youths to focus on developing skills and learning. He believes that everyone should “learn to learn”. His dream is to impact billions of lives with his products and problem-solving skills and that is what keeps him going!


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