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Kwality Animal Feeds Pvt Ltd

Kwality Animal Feed’s Bold 160 Cr Expansion for Growth and Sustainability

In an era where sustainability and growth go hand in hand, Kwality Animal Feeds Pvt Ltd has taken a giant leap forward. The company, a stalwart in the Agri and Food sector, has announced an ambitious expansion plan, entailing a whopping investment of 160 crore (approximately USD 20 million). This move is poised to not only boost the company’s production capabilities but also cement its commitment to sustainable practices.

Mr. Ajit Lokur, Managing Director and Co-Founder, remarked, “When we started Kwality 40 years ago, our vision was to create a company that prioritizes quality and innovation. This expansion is a testament to our enduring commitment to these principles. We’re excited to see how these advancements will shape the future of our company and the industry at large.”

Director and Co-Founder Mr. Sanjeev Deshpande added, “This investment represents not just growth but our dedication to sustainable practices and technological advancements. It’s about creating a legacy that reflects our values and meets the evolving needs of our customers. We are proud of the strides we’ve made and look forward to the future with great optimism.”

A New Era of Expansion

At the heart of this expansion is the enhancement of Kwality’s processing plant. With plans to handle up to 50,000 birds per day (BPD) to serve rising demand from esteemed customers likes of KFC, McDonald’s, Vista, Army, Jubilant foods and Licious., this upgrade is more than just an increase in capacity. It represents a significant stride towards streamlining production processes and amplifying efficiency. The company’s determination to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive Agri and Food sector is palpable.

In tandem with the processing plant expansion, the company is set to revolutionize its feed production. A state-of-the-art feed mill, designed to produce an impressive 144,000 metric tons annually, is on the horizon.

This development is crucial in meeting the escalating demand for high-quality animal nutrition products, a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence. The company has recently obtained an export license for processed chicken. Additionally, it has launched the Belchick brand for value-added products.

Cutting-Edge Hatchery Facility

Innovation is at the core of Kwality’s operations. The introduction of an advanced hatchery facility capable of setting 4 million eggs per month epitomizes this spirit. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this facility ensures optimal conditions for poultry breeding and egg production. It’s not just about increasing numbers; it’s about enhancing quality and efficiency at every step.

Breeding Farms and Solar Power: A Dual Commitment

Kwality’s expansion includes four breeding farms with a combined capacity of 150,000 bird placements, reinforcing their commitment to quality breeding practices. The most compelling aspect is a 5 MW solar power project to meet 100% of their energy needs, setting a benchmark in an environmentally scrutinized industry. This project highlights that sustainability is a core value for Kwality, ensuring they grow responsibly by reducing their carbon footprint.

Financial Outlook: A Promising Horizon

The financial implications of this expansion are as ambitious as the projects themselves. With a 160-crore investment planned over the next two years, this animal feed company is poised to witness an 80% growth in revenues. This growth trajectory is set to propel the company’s revenue past the 1000 crore mark by FY26-27, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

Leadership Commentary: Vision and Commitment

Mr. Sachin Nanda, CEO of Kwality Animal Feeds Pvt Ltd, says, “Our expansion underscores our vision to lead in innovation and quality. By investing in advanced technology and sustainability, we aim to meet customer needs while benefiting the environment.” His commitment reflects holistic, sustainable progress. Under his leadership, the company is set to double its topline to achieve ambitious 1000 Cr Mark by FY’26-27.

A Future Shaped by Innovation and Responsibility

Kwality’s expansion plans boldly declare a future where growth and sustainability go hand in hand. Innovation drives progress, and each step taken aims for a more responsible industry. Kwality’s journey from strength to strength showcases what’s possible with vision, commitment, and action.

In the competitive Agri and Food sector, Kwality is setting the pace. Focused on the future, the company is poised to lead, demonstrating that with the right vision, the sky’s the limit.

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