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Leadership Test in the Time of Global Pandemic

Leadership Test in the Time of Global Pandemic

As the severity of the situation is rising exponentially each day it is becoming tougher for the business heads to keep pace with it. Every morning unfurls a filthier and tougher scenario. It is not just the social lives of people that are affected but their personal and professional parts too see a major shift. Amid all this crisis, it is important for the leads to take charge and support their subordinates to come out of the situation well.

Surely, you may not understand how to proceed the right way, but don’t worry. Here’s a piece of advice from some of the biggest names in the business world.

1 Timing Plays the Trick

Do not pressurize your employees to reflect exactly as they did in the office premises. Show empathy. Speak to them about the troubles back home. Tell them you understand their situation and motivate them to perform better. Just be their support and as a team be firm that this too shall pass.

Time your words and communication. Keep it limited and as required. Do not let your employees feel being watched over for every second, but don’t let them go lethargic either.

2 Prepare Before You Break

A lot of organizations opt for cost-cutting by firing the employees. In a situation like this where lack of communication is an issue, be very transparent. Share with employees the issues and feedbacks regularly. Make it a point that your employees are not in a state of doubt regarding these things. This only hampers their productivity and increases stress levels.

3 Remember This Is a Pandemic and Not a Productivity Competition

Yes. I had a discussion with some of my friends late yesternight, and they expect their subordinates to deliver more than they did before because they are home. Does this make sense? No. The situation is tough to try to show empathy to your employees and encourage them to do their best. Making this a productivity competition may result in a loss.

4 Plan Your Growth Style

The time is long. For the past three months, all of us are stuck in our homes and the businesses have borne a significant loss. It is important that you plan your growth style and the recovery plan before hitting the office. It needs to be implemented now. Small steps will make great differences and get better revenues.

5 Set Up a Virtual Meeting Room

The board members need to come together once in a day to think of better strategies and future plans. They also need to talk about marketing strategies and client relationship management. It is important that you are connected with the key people who can impact your business for better.

 6 Prepare for the Worst

I am a very optimistic person. But believe me to be a pessimist sometimes help. It would help you prepare for even worse conditions. Let your employees have a plan in case things go weirder. You can not simply stay aside and wait for things to fall in place. Make the best of this horrible situation now.

Wrapping Up

These points are the major test points in the tough time of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is important that you take care of the ups and downs of the business and the events and move forward decisively. Employee empathy is one trait that is going to help you hold your business strong here.

Demonstrations of genuine administration, when we as a whole develop in the long run from the haze and savagery of COVID-19, will be for quite some time recalled. No perplexing hypothesis or treatise is fundamental. Qualities matter. Chiefs and board seats can discover lucidity from one of the least difficult everything being equal: show others how it is done.

Author’s Bio: Scarlett is a technical writer associated with A3logics. She has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence. With an eagerness to explore all the advancements the technology has in store, she is generally found reading journals and discussing with the professional software development team on the same. A tech geek by nature, in her leisure time, she loves to visit nearby cafes and enjoy some coffee with a book.

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