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Legis Chamber (Law Firm)

Legis Chamber (Law Firm)

An inspiring narrative of empowering through adversity

The legal field holds the significance that transcends boundaries, permeating through every aspect of human interaction and societal governance. And in this field, ensuring that values of fairness, equality, and accountability are upheld, Adv. Surabhi Chopra emerges as a beacon of hope to offer transparent legal advice and services to those in need of desperate help to navigate the complexities of litigation.

In talks with our team, we happened to dive into the success story of Adv Surabhi Chopra who is the founding head of Legis Chamber, India and the emerging face of justice, fairness and equality that extends beyond the courtrooms and has made a mark by her fierce arguments in court, also known as a ‘firefighter’ in her inner court circle.


As a remarkable brainchild of Adv. Surabhi Chopra, Legis Chamber has solidified an eminent position in the legal arena. Its trumpet of success as a reputable international law firm has grabbed the attention of the global population. Surabhi has inaugurated the headquarters in New Delhi and established connections spanning across London, Australia, Middle East, United States and Canada. The global acclaim of the company relies on its acumen and skilled management.

Proving their prowess in litigation, Legis Chamber is proud of its vast cosmopolitan presence. Backed by an extensive network of associates and partnerships with firms operating in diverse jurisdictions worldwide. All the strategic collaboration enables the firm to cater to the legal needs of both national and international clients. Day by day, their commitment to ensure consistency and impeccable quality in service delivery across major areas of Indian and international law become more adamant.

Surabhi adds that at the core of Legis Chamber’s ethos lies a pledge to provide ceaseless dedication to client centricity. They are accomplished professionals, each equipped with a wealth of experience garnered from esteemed national and international universities. This collective expertise serves as a potent catalyst for delivering timely and effective solutions to clients’ legal challenges. Their operational model keeps reinforcing the firm’s reputation for best-in-class legal services.

Adv. Surabhi Chopra and her team is driven by a shared vision of upholding the highest standards of professionalism and adhering to international benchmarks. Today, Legis Chamber takes pride in its role as a standard-bearer of legal excellence. The firm has been rendering exemplary services. The main cause of its steadfast adherence to ethical principles is the bedrock that encapsulates operational philosophy that allowed them to endure success and client satisfaction.


On asking, Adv. Surabhi Chopra reflects on the trials and triumphs that have shaped her journey in the legal profession. She candidly shares how the early stages of her career were marked by formidable challenges, yet through resilience and determination, she emerged victorious. During her studies in London, England, Surabhi encountered numerous obstacles that tested her resolve. Juggling two jobs while interning for a prestigious corporation, she navigated the complexities of a highly competitive environment with unwavering determination.

Being a woman in this competitive space, Surabhi’s experiences resonate deeply with many aspiring lawyers who face similar scenarios. By encountering the daunting reality of balancing personal and professional demands, her story serves as a motivation to those who are grappling with uncertainty. Her perseverance and hard work led her to become a source of inspiration for countless individuals contemplating the challenges of pursuing a legal career amidst life’s ups and downs.

Surabhi’s educational background is a fantastic journey that displays dedication and reverberance of excellence. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree with Honors from Indraprastha University in New Delhi, laying the foundation for her legal career. Expanding her expertise, Surabhi pursued a Master of Laws in International Business & Corporate Law from the University of London. Her tenure in Londen nurtured her understanding of global legal frameworks while teaching her some lessons worth remembering for lifetimes.

Her professional credentials underscore her fervor for legal excellence. As a practicing Advocate & Solicitor in India and England, she has demonstrated her proficiency in navigating complex legal landscapes. Additionally, her training is completed for Advocate-on-Record for the Supreme Court of India signifies her readiness to tackle high-stakes legal matters with precision and expertise.

Apart from practicing law, Surabhi has lent her forte to various organizations and companies, Government panels and catering numerous private litigation that adds volume to her professional repertoire. She is serving as a legal advisor for the British Council of India, Government bodies, various bank panels, corporate companies, and NGO’s etc contributing her insights to international legal initiatives.

In addition to this, her role as Legal Advisor for the International BodyBuilding Federation (IBFF) highlights her multifaceted approach to legal advocacy. And since her entrepreneurial venture, she has been transcending traditional boundaries to make difference at the ground level.


Any legal firm is expected to be the flagbearer of catering justice to those in need and Surabhi resonates with this statement. Delivering equitable outcomes that could guide the clients and be transparent to them gives them an edge.

The focus is on client protection with efforts to establish effective mechanisms aimed at safeguarding the interests and rights of those they serve. Surabhi mentioned that she leads a team of qualified associates and each possessing a wealth of legal knowledge and a penchant for client-centric service. They constantly strive to foster a nurturing environment clients’ to get mental relief and a feeling of empathy.

Today, the company is a synonym of efficiency and value and they seek out the most cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each client. Their mantra to success is ‘Client First’ approach, where they prioritize the interests and well-being of their clients. Above all, each associate is focused on every decision and action taken in view of serving their clientele going extra miles.

A blend of core values like commitment, conscientiousness, and humility, cultivates an environment characterized by faith, friendship, and trust. The aim is to facilitate robust relationships built on mutual respect and understanding. Expedient and effective solutions allow them to uphold their reputation as a reliable ally and advocate of the pursuit of justice.


As a women entrepreneur who has got the responsibility to spearhead a law firm along with two young children at home, who are twins, Adv. Surabhi Chopra draws inspiration and strength from her parents, brother and her husband, Akshay Chopra who strains every nerve to support her in her endeavours and take equal involvement in raising their children. He is a distinguished public figure with an illustrious background.

A graduate from the National Defence Academy (NDA) and the Air Force Academy, Akshay’s journey has been defined by a remarkable career as a former Indian Air Force Pilot. What is worth noting, he has served as the captain of the Indian Air Force bodybuilding team, showcasing his dedication and leadership within the armed forces.

In addition to his military achievements, Akshay is a prolific writer, with a vast repertoire of articles and over 90 e-books to his credit. His expertise spans the realm of fitness and wellness, where he has made significant contributions as a renowned fitness influencer. As the founder of successful runningcompanies such as ‘We R Stupid’ and ‘Mango Herbs’, Akshay has carved a niche for himself in the fitness industry, leveraging his knowledge and passion to inspire others to lead healthier lifestyles.

For Surabhi, Akshay serves as more than just a life partner; he embodies resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence. His multifaceted accomplishments and entrepreneurial spirit serve as a constant source of motivation, reminding Surabhi of the power of perseverance in the face of adversity.

With Akshay’s unwavering support and guidance from her elder brother and love provided by her parents, Surabhi continues to navigate the challenges of her legal career with confidence and determination, embodying the spirit of resilience and fortitude that defines their partnership.


In sharing her story with our magazine, Surabhi seeks to inspire and empower fellow women in the legal fraternity. She emphasizes on women to be perseverant and determined to keep practicing law. Through her journey of resilience and triumph, Surabhi Chopra epitomizes the spirit of perseverance, serving as a guiding light for aspiring lawyers navigating the complexities of the legal profession.

And she aspires her story to be a motivation booster to the young and dynamic women lawyers to change the ratio of the women advocates in the legal profession which is significantly low and moreso the female advocates strength which is practicing in district court level remains to be with absent professionalism and not maintaining the proper conduct of conduct.

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