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Pioneering excellence in the alcoholic beverage space, leaving a legacy

In the lively business landscape, numerous enterprises have been carving their unique niches. And one such name emerges as a beacon of distinction: Magpie Trading. It is known as a visionary force redefining the contours of business acumen and innovation. Magpie Trading firmly stands as a poised venture at the forefront as its wings spread wide apart, it is ready to expand into new realms of success and distinction.

We would say Magpie Trading isn’t just a common venture; it’s a symphony of ingenuity and resilience. Nestled within its operations lies a collective of strategic brilliance and solemn promise, supporting a legacy of excellence that transcends mere business transactions.

With a keen eye for market nuances and convergence on quality products, Magpie Trading has etched its presence not just as a company but as a custodian of remarkable standards and visionary enterprise.

Under the stewardship of Dr. Vijayaraghavan and Navin Raghavan who are the Directors of the company, Magpie Trading is scaling greater heights in the alcoholic beverage industry. In this narrative, we would be exploring various facets of the company based on the one-on-one virtual interview held with the father-son duo/directors of the company.


Magpie Trading FZC was a UAE-based company established during the second millennium and Dr. Vijayaraghavan was the Managing Director. Magpie Trading FZC was marketing many other multinational brands along with that were a scotch whisky named Hedges & Butler from Scotland, and the distillers & bottlers were Ian Mcleod Distillers, UK. This product was exported to milldleast & Africa. After Navin”s entry, a new company was formed in India in 2019 to expand their presence to the Indian subcontinent as well.

Magpie Trading has ascended as a formidable force in India’s imported liquor distribution arena. The company boasts is predominantly a brand owner of imported foreign liquor, has robust infrastructure, and extensive last-mile connections spanning numerous states across the country. The company initially focused on trading other imported brands to duty-free customers for over a decade, the need to develop a brand has been an idea in the last few years.

Pioneering the introduction of exclusive in-house brands and fostering collaborations with renowned international manufacturers, Magpie Trading has solidified its position as a premier brand owner, importer, and distributor. Dr. Vijayaraghavan is the founder and chairman of the company who took the brand higher aloft based on his years of experience. Well, Magpie Trading underwent a remarkable transformation upon Navin’s entry into the family business, experiencing an unprecedented surge in growth.

A pivotal turning point occurred in 2019 when Navin, a business graduate from the USA, recognized the need for a strategic overhaul in their business approach. This led to a pivotal shift in their operations, steering them towards ownership, importation, and distribution of foreign liquors within India’s dynamic market landscape. Diversifying their business verticals, Magpie Trading expanded its portfolio to include sectors such as healthcare, advertising, and duty free trading.

Noteworthy is their organized network of contemporary, fully compliant warehouses. What compliments their infrastructure is their in-house dedicated team of employees, facilitating precise point-to-point deliveries meticulously overseen by a proficient team. This concerted effort ensures seamless operations, solidifying Magpie Trading’s reputation as a benchmark in the industry for efficiency and reliability. Today, they have heavily expanded their prominent presence across UAE and India becoming a wellacclaimed name in the industry.


When asked to reveal the concept behind the venture, both the directors explained that building an international brand that has an Indian soul is the core purpose of starting this venture. The venture’s core vision aimed to introduce a premium liquor brand tailored specifically for the discerning Indian market.

With a keen focus on catering to the Indian clientele, they unveiled an exotic brandy meticulously crafted to harmoniously blend the quintessence of Indian flavors with the unparalleled expertise of French craftsmanship. This inspiring creation is a display of their commitment to craft a product that not only captivates but resonates deeply with the Indian palate, seamlessly marrying indigenous tastes with the finesse of French distillation techniques.


We wanted to mention Navin’s contribution to the company’s growth since he joined his family business. To this, Dr Vijayaraghavan explained that he is highly regarded figure in the realm of media and branding, boasting an extensive career spanning over 15 years within the industry.

His expertise in crafting and fortifying brands has been instrumental in driving significant transformations for his previous employers. Through his adeptness in brand building, Navin has consistently delivered substantial value and notable impact in his professional endeavors, setting a precedent for excellence in the field.

Navin’s wealth of experience significantly enriches the company’s growth trajectory, contributing a wealth of expertise to its overall portfolio. Since Navin’s arrival at Magpie Trading in 2019, the company has experienced substantial and remarkable growth, a testament to the impactful influence and contributions he brings to the establishment. His presence has not only elevated the company’s performance but has also been instrumental in steering its impressive upward trajectory.


The exquisite DORDOGNE French Brandy VSOP is meticulously crafted from select varietal wines sourced solely from the esteemed vineyards nestled in the illustrious Dordogne region of France. Through an extended aging process within carefully curated small oak barrels, this brandy evolves into a resplendent amber hue, accentuated by glistening golden undertones.

Upon indulgence, it unveils a symphony of red fruit fragrances harmoniously intertwined with hints of vanilla and nuanced woody essences. Crafted and bottled in France, this esteemed French brandy originates from a lineage deeply rooted in tradition, with the family’s legacy spanning back to 1889—accumulating an impressive 120 years of expertise in the art of brandy-making, transcending eras and generations.

The current custodian of this legacy, the master distiller, mirrors the unwavering passion of his ancestors, preserving their dedication while infusing contemporary innovations to cater to evolving tastes and demands.

By honoring the heritage and wisdom passed down through time, the current master distiller introduces subtle enhancements in flavors and processes, skillfully blending tradition with modern expectations, ensuring this iconic brandy remains both timeless and tailored to contemporary preferences.


Magpie Trading is apparently one and only Indian company that stands as a beacon of quality commitment, focused on delivering exceptional value to the Indian population. Their uniqueness lies in the creation of bespoke liquors meticulously curated exclusively for the Indian clientele. At the core to their ethos is a steady dedication to uphold the highest standards of quality, a principle they never compromise on.

Their excellence is rooted in a robust ecosystem meticulously designed to eliminate any gaps in the procurement process, ensuring an unblemished path from sourcing to creation. When it comes to their operations, there lies a profound respect for the family’s heritage and reputation, a legacy they safeguard with unwavering dedication and an absolute commitment to preserving its integrity at any cost.

What gives them an edge in the market is their unparalleled portfolio of scotch and whiskey products, unrivaled by any other Indian-based company. This distinction in offering toptier, high-quality spirits stands as a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence and their unyielding commitment to providing Indian consumers with nothing short of the finest libations available.


The father-son duo elucidated that they have set their vision on a future filled with the view of becoming an indelible household name, adorning the product shelf with a rich assortment of 10 to 12 meticulously crafted products within the wine and spirit segment. This visionary pursuit includes a curated selection featuring French vodka, Caribbean rum, French gin, and several exclusive offerings tailored to cater to the needs of the Indian palate.

Also, their expansion endeavors extend far and wide, aiming to grace every corner of the Indian subcontinent with their presence. At present, their footprint spans across southern India, laying a foundation of appreciation for their premium libations. They are epitomizing a journey fueled by a visionary approach and a promise to craft matchless beverages on the Indian landscape.

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