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Top 10 Management Institutes in India: Official Data

Top 10 Management Institutes in India: Official Data

By: Anant Kumar

The ministry of human resource Development has released the 100 best management institute in India year 2023-2024. It is a yearly index of rankings educational institutions under the NIRF 2023 (National Institutional Ranking Framework). The institution rankings have been carried out based on different numbers of parameters, including Teaching Learning Practice & Collaboration, Learning Resource, placement, and more.

Here are the top 10 Management Institutes In India 2023-2024.

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Top 10 Management Institutes in India 2024
Credit Image: Justdial

RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative): 63.06

TLR (Teaching, Learning, and Resources): 92.87

Highest Salary – Rs 1.32 Crore PA (Internationally), 55.88 Lakh (Domestic)

Average Salary (Domestic) – Rs 26.13 LPA

As per NIRF 2023, IIM Ahmedabad has ranking 1, which is considered as the finest management institute in India, instituted in 1961. According to NIRF, 424 out of 432 students (batch 2018-20) have got placement. Their medina salary is around 23 lakhs in INR. In 2023, they have successfully completed an online placement.

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Top 10 Management Institutes in India 2024
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RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative): 91.46

TLR (Teaching, Learning, and Resources): 57.43

Average Salary – Rs 32.10

IIM, Bangalore is one of the top graduate B schools for management in Asia, established in 1973. NIRF has ranked this institution #2. Recently IIM, Bangalore mentioned that the institute has accomplished virtual summer placement 2023-24. During the ongoing Covid-19, the batch of 2023 has 100% placement.

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Credit Image: CEMS

RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative): 56.79

TLR (Teaching, Learning, and Resources): 90.68

Highest Salary (Domestic) – Rs 80 LPA

Average Salary (Domestic)- Rs 27.9 LPA

Founded in the year 1961, this is the first management institute developed under the IIM Legacy, is in 3rd position, ranked by NIRF. The institute offers master and doctoral levels of education in a management institute. An official report from IIMC, the 55th batch (class 2023) has been recorded 100% placement. They have placed in different sectors, including consulting (30%), sales (19%), and Product Management & IT Analytics (19%).

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow UP

RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative): 56.79

TLR (Teaching, Learning, and Resources): 90.68

Highest Salary (Domestic) – Rs 58.47 LPA

Average Salary (Domestic) – Rs 24.25 LPA

In 2023, IIM Lucknow has been ranked 4th and 5th for IIMs by NIRF and Outlook respectively. This Management Institute serves as a trusted adviser for IIM Jammu, Rohtak, and Kashipur. IIM Lucknow has secured 100% placement for batch 2023 in the history of its 36-years legacy. The average package was Rs 24.15 LPA.

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (Vinod Gupta School of Management)

RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative): 72.34

TLR (Teaching, Learning, and Resources): 63.67

Highest Salary (Domestic) – Rs 29 LPA

Average Salary (Domestic) – Rs 18.1 LPA

Establishment of the year 1993 Kharagpur, this management instituted was called 5th best management school in India out of 100 by the MHRD, Govt. of India, under NIRF Ranking. This management institute has made an announcement regarding the successful final placement of batch 2018-20. This institute has been recorded 100% placement of PGP in 2023 summer placement.

Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative): 44.07

TLR (Teaching, Learning, and Resources): 81.27

Highest Salary (Domestic) – Rs 58 LPA

Average Salary (Domestic) – Rs 23.08 LPA

In 1996, the government of India collaborated with the state government to establish this institute. IIM, Kozhikode has been ranked 6 out of 100 top management colleges in India, listed by INRF. Outlook also ranked this institute 6 out of 30 best MBA colleges In India. IIM Kozhikode proudly announced the accomplishments of the summer placement process 2023 for the student of the 24th batch of PGP.

Indian Institute of Management Indore MP

RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative): 43.42

TLR (Teaching, Learning, and Resources): 83.18

Highest Salary (Domestic) – 50LPA

Average Salary (Domestic) – 22.92

The 7th rank-based institute was founded in 1996. This is the 6th best MBA school set up under the IIM Legacy. The institute has been ranked as the 7th best among all of the management school. While outlook ranked 4th best B-school. The institute also has been accredited by the Association of MBAs, London. Recently, IIM Indore has happily announced the final placement for the 2023 class, secured 100% placement. They mentioned, “Its largest outgoing batch of 578 students.”

Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, Delhi (Department of Management Studies)

RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative): 72.08

TLR (Teaching, Learning, and Resources): 58.85

Highest Salary – 33 LPA

Avg CTC – 22.69 LPA

Founded in 1961 as a college of engineering in Delhi. Later, under the “Institutes of Technology act”, the institute was renamed “Indian Institute of Technology” in 1963. In 1997 MBA program was launched by the IIT Department. The Management Institute has increased so much over the year. In 2023, “Department of Management Studies” has ranking 8th graded by NRIF among all B-schools in India.

Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative): 31.6.

TLR (Teaching, Learning, and Resources): 87.81

Highest Salary (Domestic) – Rs 50 LPA

Average Salary (Domestic) – 22.35 LPA

Founded by a few Jesuit Fathers in 1949, XLRI offer PGDM (Postgraduate in Management Diplomas) and FPM (Fellowship Program). It also offers short term management development programs. Among the other management private college, it has ranked #1. While the institute has earned rank as a 9th best institute of India by NIRF.

Management Development Institute, Gurgaon Haryana  

RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative): 46.04

TLR (Teaching, Learning, and Resources): 79.56

Highest Salary (Domestic) – 40.50 LPA

Avg Salary -22.05 LPA

Gurgaon based private management Development school was established in 1973. The institute has been ranked in 2023 as the 10th best MBA school in India by NIRF. In contrast, the institute has ranking 3rd among the leading private company graded by Outlook 2023. MDI offers a majority of courses, which are residential in nature. It gives options to work in teams and a great learning environment on campus. The institute provides 24×7 online library and database to their students.

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