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Meet a firm helping Amazon / Flipkart sellers to sell more effectively and burdenfree, SuperDesk

Meet a firm helping Amazon / Flipkart sellers to sell more effectively and burdenfree, SuperDesk. 

The eCommerce giants in India are growing at an enormous rate but at the same time keeping tight hold on the guidelines and policies. This somehow creates speed breakers for those who want to sell.

“ So when there is a speed breaker there is a solution, SuperDesk.”

The firm came up with this very much straightforward solution to eCommerce selling, the tailored selling experience with Account Launch Services and Account Management Services. The main concept of selling online was developed with the mindset that an ordinary seller can sell globally but along with the growth, selling activities comes up with the burden of documentations, approvals and daily operations. The sellers being not technology friendly come to a dead end. The superdesk helps such sellers to fulfill their online selling dreams through simpler service options.

After launching the service in 2014, SuperDesk started serving local clients mostly based at Ahmedabad. Being physically available for the satisfactory service solutions, SuperDesk got warmly welcomed by the local sellers.

After a year serving local clients they started serving national clients remotely with the local reputation and references. They have been awarded with the Membership of Amazon Service Provider network for their dedicated services and profound knowledge of marketplace’s guidelines. Currently, they hold the title of “ The most knowledgeable and smooth service provider in the industry”.

Amazon & Flipkart growing graph has lured many big manufacturers, retailers and distributors jumping to e-retails and at the same time website, developers and other tech industry claimed an additional services for such marketplaces. Coping up with the changing guidelines and policy was quite a challenging part for such a “situational service provider”. The one specialization has benefitted superdesk and led them to the most successful marketplace service provider.

Being a dedicated service provider for the eCommerce marketplaces around the world, SuperDesk holds the accolades as a unique startup in the service industry. The service sector for eCommerce marketplaces is a very complex industry. The services rendered for eCommerce marketplace should be backed by bottomless knowledge.

Since the world of “Online Shopping” and “Online Market” has benefited people exponentially in every aspect be it Business to Business or even Business to Customer, there is a wide variety of businesses and brands which are thriving to take advantage of the customer audience that swears on the services provided by e-commerce websites.

SuperDesk is being considered as the saviours for each and every retailer/seller/business that’s looking to expand their sales network through eCommerce all over the world. They help advertisers and sellers solve challenges including deciding what products to sell online, how to get products noticed, and running advertising campaigns that drive sales.

Business Connect identified further details about SuperDesk’s Services that are cornering Amazon and other marketplaces, based on their reputations and clients and what problems they’re trying to solve.

  • The first-hand seller account setup: SuperDesk is offering the one-stop solutions for seller account setup at Amazon India, Amazon Global, eBay, 1mg, Net Meds, Meesho and many other eCommerce marketplaces.
  • The seller account management: eCommerce selling is not an automation process. Sellers need to handle daily activities like listing optimizations, order management, case logs, communication and others. SuperDesk extends services to handle all these activities.

Becoming an online retailer/seller comes with its own benefits, such as:

  • Regular income
  • No stress of delivery
  • Targeted marketing to help you boost your sales
  • Extensive range of customers from every corner of the country

Also, it is undeniable that along with every ease, comes a little bit of difficulty. But SuperDesk has also managed to take care of all that in account management services. If you as a, seller faces any difficulties with their orders such as

  • Category approval, GTIN exemptions
  • A2Z Claims on returns
  • Issues with the listings
  • Overcoming competition
  • Shortcomings with sales and many other such issues.

SuperDesk will offer to stand by sellers providing every kind of support and assistance required to make sure your sales go rocket high on the eCommerce platforms.

It is believed that SuperDesk is a trusted name in the world of retailers and business, where they are working Smart and Hard to precede the expectations of clients and their customers both.

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