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Manarti Exports

Manarti Exports: Emerging as a Global Leader in Top-notch Medical Devices and Equipment Manufacturing, Led by Manohar Lal

The demand for medical disposables in India’s healthcare sector has significantly increased. These consumables are essential for efficient medical treatment in routine and emergency scenarios. When it comes to sourcing these supplies, it is vital to work with reputable disposable medical supply manufacturers who value quality and follow industry guidelines.

Manarti Exports, established by Mr Manohar Lal in 2018, is an esteemed company that pioneered medical disposables’ production and export through its brands, namely Mowell and Medrop. A specialized supplier of hospital equipment, systems, disposable medical supplies, and equipment, recognised for its stringent quality standards., Manarti Exports remains at the forefront with its state-of-the-art, highly productive manufacturing facilities in India, Additionally, the company specializes in turn-key projects, installations, and operating rooms for hospitals.

Manarti Exports is a dedicated team of 30+ professionals, operating across 25+ nations, including Australia, South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The company has its corporate office in New Delhi and two warehouses in the Delhi NCR. Has strong participation in international exhibitions and conferences like Arab Health Dubai, MedEXPO Kenya, South Africa and Ghana, medical conferences in Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and also including exhibitions in neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh.

The company has tie-ups with 200+ manufacturers and suppliers from India and promotes products manufactured in India to overseas customers as per their requirements. Taking their solid Indian medical technology to customers and patients where they are needed, they aspire to build their brands in overseas countries with a Made in India tag.

An Extensive Suite of Manarti Solutions

Manarti is giving a new direction to the healthcare realm with its comprehensive product portfolio covering all kinds of medical products. At present, the company has a total of 749 products listed across five major e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart, Tata1MG, and Alibaba. Their flagship products comprise clockface desktop monitors, paraffin gauze, IV cannulas, suction machines, stethoscopes, rapid test kits, cannulas and catheters.

Their main products includes Stethoscopes, IV cannula, Gauze and Bandages, Linens Gowns and Hospital Dressings, Gloves, Personal Protection Products, Holloware, Sterilizers and Autoclaves, Hospital Beds and Furniture, Infusions and Catheters, Rapid Test kits, Sutures, Implants and Orthopaedic Aids.

Purpose Driving Vision and Mission of Manarti

Manarti is driven by a path-breaking vision to be an Indian Global Leader for supplies of high-quality medical products. The company further aims to build a future in which employees are the foundation of growth and invest heavily in the employees to accelerate and tape growth potential.

As a dedicated medical exports company, Manarti is striving to offer high-quality, Indian-made products for the global healthcare market. The core mission of the company is to offer cutting-edge medical solutions that meet the highest industry standards and exceed the customers’ expectations. They continue to step towards the goal of promoting global healthcare by delivering top-quality medical products that are accessible and affordable to all.

The Genesis of Manarti

Manarti’s inception stems from Manohar Lal’s inspiration to become an entrepreneur and start a company without limitations on its service offerings, geographic reach, or product line. After 20 successful years of expertise in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry, the visionary man incorporated the company with his daughter Miss Surbhi Lal, who supported this new business venture and brought her fresh perspective into the company.

In the beginning, there were just the two of them working together in a room, sending emails and creative digital material for their company, getting on making a network of Vendors and customers and bridging the gap between demand and supply for both private needs and international tenders.

In the next phase, they built the team and soon set up an office in Janakpuri with only 5-6 people sitting. They hired one person for each segment including Procurement, marketing and Accounts. They soon started to grow, forming a bigger team with more skilled employees and bigger warehouses.

An Edge Over the Peers

Manarti is distinguished by its top-notch certifications, which include ISO 9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016, WHO GMP, along with the prestigious CE mark for its products. Furthermore, the company holds FDA approval for its medical devices and catheters, ensuring compliance with stringent international standards. Some of the other differentiating factors of the company include:

• The research team and dynamic sourcing are the cornerstones of the procurement process.

• Versatile approach, not restricted to specific parameters like price or quality.

• Manufacturer and trader catering to diverse medical industry needs and also pharmaceuticals as a one-stop-shop

• An extensive network of over 200 vendors across India and neighbouring countries provides unparalleled access to a wide array of products. Commitment to personalized service, with dedicated individuals shepherding each client journey

• Prioritization of genuine connections through face-toface interactions

• Customers are treated as members of the extended family, which promotes familiarity and trust.

• Transparency in introducing team members to clients

• Emphasis on relationships, not just transactions

Thriving Amids COVID Crisis

COVID affected all sizes of businesses, and Manarti was no different. However, the dedicated team performed well; they were working almost day and night and servicing the demands of Indian customers as well as the international clientele.

The company was registered for the supply of Medrop N95 masks on Amazon, and their order continued to tick continuously for 3 days, causing a panic that they were unable to supply the masks and ran out of stock. They kept supplying the items directly to end users as well as to hospitals and wholesalers.

During this time, they got a project to sanitize government offices, private offices, insurance companies, banks, etc. when they were allowed by the government to open for the general public with safety precautions. Manohar Lal formed a team in their Janakpuri office, coordinating through a localized sanitation team all over India and completing the tasks.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Manarti supplied oxygen concentrators imported from China to clients and end users in India in response to a new shortage of oxygen cylinders. Even though it has been a very difficult time, they continued to work when all other workplaces were closed.

Adapting Technology to Hover Through Changing Paths

The advancement of technology is pushing the boundaries and changing how the world does business. As a newly established company, Manarti recognizes the significance of leveraging cutting-edge software and technologies to stay abreast of evolving business trends and streamline operations. They actively explore various management software solutions to gain deeper insights into their business. Manarti utilizes top-tier e-commerce and inventory management software, Unicommerce, alongside research and marketing automation tools such as Lusha and Brevo.

The team places a high priority on ongoing innovation and research and development expenditures to ensure that their products are always aligned with the latest advancements. They often monitor emerging technologies, attend industry conferences, and collaborate with leading experts to stay informed about new trends and breakthroughs. Further, they regularly update their product offerings to incorporate cutting-edge features and improvements, ensuring that clients have access to the most advanced options out there.

They aim to deliver clients cutting-edge, premium medical equipment that surpasses their expectations and fulfils their changing demands by keeping up with the most recent technical developments.

Quality, Manarti’s Focal Point

Quality is at the heart of Manarti. The team strives hard to assure optimum quality from start to finish. The process at the company begins with sending samples to customers for all necessary products and getting approval from them first. Then they ensure that the quality, packaging, and transfers of those sampled products meet or exceed expectations. There is a trusted network of 200+ vendors who are not restricted in terms of sourcing; they know how to get the optimum quality at the best prices. In addition, all the products they deal with come with the proper paperwork.

Clientele and Corporate Ethos

Manarti’s esteemed clientele includes some of the best-known players in the industry. They deal with tenders and requirements from government authorities, national organizations, private and public hospitals, international human care organizations, and private requirements from distributors and wholesalers from different countries.

With a blend of quality, pricing, and service, the team strive to create trust in the market and win customers’ favour. Most importantly, they understand the international client’s requirements and prioritize packaging the goods to ensure their safe and undamaged delivery. The speed and reliability set the company apart from its competitors. Further, to reach potential customers and showcase their portfolio, Manarti takes an active part in international exhibitions, trade shows, and delegations.

Nurturing a Positive Work Culture

Manarti’s work culture is focused on open communication, new ideas, outstanding quality and innovation, and empowering people. The first step towards empowerment begins by involving employees in the decision-making process and encouraging open communication through regular meetings between managers and employees.

Additionally, they provide bonuses as tangible rewards for good jobs, as well as performance-based incentives and Employee of the Month awards to recognize exceptional achievements. Engaging in Fun Friday activities and celebrating religious festivals and offsite adventures create team bonding.

Manarti’s Achievements and Milestones: At a Glance

The trailblazing team members at Manarti have reached several milestones, including business dealings in 25+ countries with 100s of clients and working in association with government authorities like PHARMEXCIL ( Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India) in 2018, Arab Health Dubai 2022, 2023 & 2024. IPHEX LATAM DELEGATION 2024 in Columbia, Chilli, ASEAN DELEGATION 2022 in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and CII (Confederation of Indian Industry).

Charting the Path to Manarti’s Future Growth

Manarti plans to grow rapidly, expanding the present customer network to 75+ countries. It is currently in the process of opening two overseas offices, one in Dubai and one in Kenya. Further, they aim to grow to a team size of 70+ employees in the next two years and broaden their reach into India through e-commerce. The leading lady, Surbhi, is presently initiating in the hospitality industry, with a resort to be opened soon in Manali. In the next three years, the company aims to reach a turnover of $100 million or more.

Dynamic Leadership

Backed by a leadership team with two decades of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, Manarti is among the leading exporters known for quality, sustainability, and ethical standards, meeting diverse business needs while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Surbhi Lal (Chief Operating Officer): Graduate from SSCBS (Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies), the COO is in charge of managing day-to-day business operations and making sure that activities run as smoothly and effectively as possible. She actively manages all departments, including production, logistics, and quality control, ensuring smooth workflow and adherence to company policies and procedures.

Tanvi Chhabra (Asst. Accounts & Purchase Manager): She takes care of placing final orders and negotiating with suppliers, carriers, and shipping companies on the products’ final supply. She also takes care of documentation for shipments.

G. Sudarshan (Assistant. Procurement Manager): He is responsible for fulfilling orders, submitting tenders, creating and maintaining a network of suppliers, and ensuring that everything is done according to the specifications.

Brijesh Kumar (General Manager, Warehouse): He manages shipping and inventory management; he takes care of packaging; and he makes sure that everything reaches our customers in the best condition.

Parting Words by the Visionary Leader

Drawing upon his extensive expertise in the industry, Mr. Manohar Lal advises aspiring entrepreneurs.

Being an entrepreneur does not come easy; you have to have full faith in your capabilities and work hard to achieve your dreams. It’s about cultivating a mindset of resilience. Success may come after many failures, so be ready for the ups and downs. Human beings are the most valuable assets, so invest in them and build a strong team.

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