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A Driving Force For Profitability

The CEO of Labaid Diagnostics, part of the Labaid Group, Mr. Manish Mishra is an exemplary leader and growth facilitator in the business world. Mr Mishra has an experience of twenty-five years, with an unmatched track record and a proven career in conceptualizing & implementing innovative strategies. He has worked in high-profile executive roles in well-established organizations, adding value through his enterprising leadership and rich experience.

The core competencies of the visionary leader include Business & Operational Excellence, Business Development & Expansion, International Business Management, Retail Sales Administration, Annual Business Planning/Budgeting, P&L / Revenue Management, Stakeholder / Client Management, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Strategic Planning & Execution and Thought Leadership.

Mr. Manish Mishra has shown throughout his career adroitness in overcoming complex business challenges and making high stake decisions. He, in his position as a key strategist, has addressed Channels, Retail Chains & OTC, and Institutional, Hospitals and Corporate Sectors.

His experience lies in the healthcare sector: the backbone of a nation. His domain of expertise includes Medical Devices (IVD) & Consumables, Pathology, Retail Chain of Pharmacy, Management of Big Hospital Set-Ups, Life Sciences and Chemical, along with Healthcare.

Mr. Manish Mishra has an exposure to market dynamics of various countries apart from India and Bangladesh such as SAARC Countries, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam & China. He has delivered outstanding results in terms of business expansion in the highly competitive markets of India. He has shown similar growth trends in the international markets by repeatedly exceeding targets, fueling marketplace presence, and deepening and retaining account bases. Manish Mishra has also endeavoured in his career to build and establish joint ventures or strategic alliances with financial, technology and business partners.

An insightful professional with an impressive skill set, Mr. Manish has shown year-on-year success in attaining business growth objectives and optimizing the entire value chain of business for the achievement of the targeted top & bottom-line profitability, turning-around the business and directing it towards growth by managing product mix, cost mix, pricing, adpro and marketing overheads for various geographies entailing thirty-three countries of Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Mr. Manish Mishra is presently working as Chief Executive Officer at Labaid Diagnostics, part of the Labaid Group, Dhaka, directing a team of 2000 resources for a business worth 52 million USD.

His present venture, Labaid Diagnostics is part of the Labaid Group, which incorporates different business sectors like Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Real Estate (Properties), and Agro.

The Labaid Group under its healthcare establishments runs Labaid Diagnostics Centre, Labaid Cardiac Hospital, and Labaid Specialized Hospital. The Labaid Group is one of the leading organizations in the healthcare sector in Bangladesh. Its motto, “Care First”, takes the patient’s health and comfort in precedence, and is reflected in every step patients go through at Labaid. The organisation reflects the growth of the healthcare sector in the country.

The past few years have seen tremendous growth in the healthcare services in the private sector in Bangladesh. The growth has been enhanced by government policy support, emergence of the entrepreneur culture, advancement in medical sciences and the will to keep up with it and with the neighbouring countries, and a flourishing middle class. Patient-oriented service and modern management systems hold the key to success in the booming private health care delivery system in Bangladesh.

The care providers at Labaid Group are oriented to support the patients and provide them the best possible comfort. The Group is planning to expand its services to provide doorstep services to its valued patients, and continues to evolve with the transforming innovations in the medical field. Labaid has equipped itself with modern technologies to offer its patients world-class diagnostics and treatments.

Labaid ventures into complete health solutions – from diagnostics to treatment to medical education. It mirrors the Group’s commitment to the well being of patients and to participate in the developing process in the health sector in Bangladesh.

Mr. Manish Mishra has served important positions in various organisations which demanded formulating effective and high-yielding business strategies for business proliferation, restructuring business policies in a region-specific manner, augmenting revenues, exploring different avenues and managing operations for increased profits, and so on. In the course of his career, he has partnered with businesses to increase the company’s footprints, expand market share, and create a management system that would generate sustainable revenue gains. Mr. Mishra has devised several business strategies, defining processes and creating appropriate systems for delegated functioning across the globe.

He has been responsible for monitoring the functioning of processes, identifying improvement areas and implementing adequate measures in order to maximize customer satisfaction levels. Throughout his career, Mr. Mishra has been turning around businesses and working to amplify the value of operating units through detailed assessments and strategy implementation that ensured process improvements focused on sales and best practice identification and implementation.

His job roles have also included establishing SOPs and processes, and implementing modern methodologies to cut down on execution time and make the functioning of the organizations more efficient. He has conducted market forecasting and competitive analysis to determine accurately the organization’s performance levels while simultaneously deducing the needs for the growth of current and additional markets and product categories. He has been administering profit-centric operations along with managing strategic relationships, market analysis & expansion and competency development.

Mr Mishra has led several successful deliveries of projects, meeting and even exceeding client expectations through superior deliverables by tracking CSAT Scores, NPS, Profitability, Revenue and Cost Control, and conducting regular audits, reviews and tracking customer feedback. He has also planned and scheduled critical project activities, estimation, and execution, and been the administrator in production, vendor development, purchase functions, and QA/QC functions.

Manish Mishra has a number of publications to his name, including Biospectrum, 5th October 2012 (Author: Manish Mishra), Express Pharma, 6th December 2012 (Manish Mishra speaks about companies’ future prospects and its new launches), and “India Is One Of The Strategic Focus Countries And Growing Markets”.

A visionary and strategic executive with broad competence in leveraging organizational resources and strengths, people capital, product & service offerings and competitive positioning, Mr. Manish Mishra stands as an example for all budding entrepreneurs.

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