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Master Dr. Vani Kabir

Master Dr. Vani Kabir

Navigating Spiritual Well-Being In Work Life Through Inner Compass.

“When your soul awakens, your eyes close in gratitude,” one of the musings by Master Dr. Vani Kabir.

This time Business Connect shines the spotlight on a Spiritual Leader who has been channeling spiritual wisdom in the most simplistic way that happened to alter more than 8 million lives globally. Yes, it is none other than Master Dr. Vani Kabir who has become a well-acclaimed spiritual leader in over 37+ countries.

What propelled us to feature her profile in this exclusive publication is her single-minded vision to make spirituality simple while breaking the stereotypical and religious belief systems being nurtured across the world populations for centuries.

This vision made her enter the entrepreneurial space from where she had been able to tap into the business world to create a difference in lives at the ground level. “So here us big shout out to her brainchild- Vani Kabir Multiverse and Soul Studio by Vani Kabir. which has become an inclusive platform to promote spiritual wisdom shared by Master Dr. Vani Kabir.”

In a tete-a-tete held with her, we explored her insights into a variety of topics that left us amazed and gave us food for thought. We are confident that this whole narrative would fascinate our global aficionados equally. Now, trimming the fat, let’s dive in.

“Master Dr. Vani Kabir.”, a master of healing, draws on the knowledge of her home planet ALALA. She harnesses special energies downloaded from the higher self of the multiverse to refine her craft. “Master Dr. Vani kabir.” advocates a message of love, insisting that God should not be feared but embraced, as fear has no place in love. She also rejects the notion of making spirituality overly complex, asserting that it operates on two simple principles: Vibration and Frequency or put simply forgiveness and gratitude.

When asked to define spirituality, she remarked, “The conviction that humans have to undergo spiritual experience is absolutely incorrect. Instead, we all are spiritual beings going through short-termed human experiences. We all are in the school of ‘Planet Earth’ and we have to learn our lessons from her and go beyond to reach our other dimensional destinations.” Today, she has become well-versed in crystology, feng-shui, rune readings, and ancestral healing while demonstrating incredible clairvoyant and claircognizance capabilities to help people in need of spiritual guidance.

The trajectory in the mystical world Master Dr. Vani Kabir’s spiritual awakening was not something that happened out of the blue. Her mystical journey was predetermined and was unveiled gradually as she grew old over the period of time. We wanted her to reveal how it all started and she proceeded to convey her story in her own words, “I was born unusually. The size of my head almost resembled an alien which terrified my father. But then he was quickly consoled by my grandmother that all will be okay.

My first known encounter with the spirit was when I was in my class 11th and I was down with a severe headache followed by a high temperature and unusual marks on my body. My parents didn’t know what to make of it and I was shuffled from one hospital to another.

When no medical respite came, I was taken to an Indian priest for healing. During this process, I really saw my own light and my purpose. I healed in 11 days while I was in and out of the hospital for 6 months. Ever since then my love for the occult started to grow and spirit visitations became normal but I kept them quiet and shared them with my journal.

Within each of us is the feeling that we have been born on earth temporarily, that we have some unique place to fill in the universe, and that there is a brief moment in which to live and then to die. But somewhere inside of me, there has always been the knowledge that I am connected to a greater life that is my life and from which I will never be entirely separated. And then life surprised me again with a stigma.

A compass imprint on my hand came and went leaving me with multiple spiritual downloads. Every time that compass came it directed me toward my home planet ALALA, through my meditations and I would learn its ways, the language, the healing energies and so much.

It was then that I realized that I have lived on earth since the age of Lemuria and I have a bigger purpose to fulfill so that I can go back home to ALALA. My single purpose in life is to HEAL – to let people know that they are special, that what they experience is true, that their heartbreaks are spiritual awakenings, and that unless you heal you can’t ascend.

When Master Dr. Vani Kabir was 28, she got divorced and it led her to seek answers to many questions that kept her agitated all the time. After this occurrence, she got more indulged in the mystical realm where she started receiving cosmic downloads that answered the questions that kept haunting her since her childhood. And this is how she began her remarkable journey in the world of spiritual readings, spiritual courses, crystology, etc, to transform lives at the ground level.

Master Dr Vani Kabir and her son Kabir share an inexplicable bond. When she got divorced, Kabir was only 5 years old and after this happened, he innocently asked his mother to use his name as her surname. This proposal made by Kabir touched and transformed Vani’s perspective on the world and helped her gain the strength to embark on the journey of her phenomenal life.

Hence, the name ‘Vani Kabir’ came into existence, fascinating enough! Today, she has become an inspiration to all the single parents out there who struggle through their trauma to lead normal and happy lives. She has been able to spread an insightful message to the world that if a person has realized his/her purpose in life and is aligned with the source of energy, he could do spectacular things in this world.

Soul Studio by Vani Kabir
Soul Studio
is the online extension of Vani Kabir Multiverse that offers a great variety of spiritual healing articles. For Master Dr. Vani Kabir, healing is the foremost priority and for this, she has tapped into a variety of ancient wisdom that utilized different media to provide beneficial solutions to people’s spiritual blockages. From crystals to elixirs/oils, everything that suits the needs of a person is easily accessible along with the counseling sessions available at the website.

“The Soul Studio offers a wide range of highly energized crystals and energy-based products that can be utilized for self-care, home-care, and to promote personal growth throughout life. Our selection includes a variety of crystal bracelets, home products, Feng Shui items, and other metaphysical supplies to suit diverse needs,” enunciated Master Dr. Vani Kabir.

Inner Compass- a flagship offering…
Master Dr. Vani Kabir has introduced Inner Compass which is an exclusive Life Navigation Tool. She enunciated, “Just as the needle of a magnetic compass always points to the earth’s magnetic north, our inner spiritual compass always points us to the Divine. It gives us direction, the ability to discern right from wrong, to make the right choices and to lead a life of purpose.

Our work is a large part of our purpose and how we do it defines and impacts our quality of life. When one starts working with their Inner Compass they find that obstacles become few and growth becomes regular. After all, we all can manifest all that we want. Spiritually Aligned People = Profitable Organizations =Community Growth & Expansion As A Whole. Sometimes to change your reality, a dent in your life is necessary.

It may be hurtful Vani Kabir- unique name indeed…
but that is how you wrap things and bring change to your life. Change is uncomfortable but necessary and inevitable,” quotes Master Dr. Vani Kabir.

Across the entrepreneurial space, different individuals have different requirements that are being addressed by Vani Kabir Multiverse in three modules-

  • Inner Compass – 5D Entrepreneur (One-on-One Spiritual Alignment for the Leader) 3hrs Session – Entrepreneurship is driven by purpose, which stems from a higher calling. Master Dr. Vani Kabir believes that this higher calling requires advice rooted in your birth chart, spirit guide wisdom, and ancestral lineage. It may surprise you to learn that many of your current worries and issues may be related to ancestral blockages. As the new 5D earth is under construction, faith-rooted leaders are needed to guide us through the next ten years. By seeking guidance and wisdom from realized beings like Master Dr. Vani Kabir, leaders of all backgrounds can adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and build a robust skill set focused on serving their constituents. The frameworks and tools provided through this guidance can help build innovative ventures that bring faith into action. The energy set by these leaders works to support all the foundations of the business.
  • Inner Compass – MonkWork (One-on-One session with Leadership)| 5hrs Lessons session – In a company, a team functions as the engine, much like the heart in our body. However, just as we need to maintain a healthy heart, the MonkWork program can help create spiritual balance for your leadership team. Master Dr. Vani Kabir has designed this program to provide clarity on goals, understanding of individual purposes within the company, and coaching in making the right decisions. This program is exclusively for the top leadership team to expand the human spirit, encourage individuals to reach their highest potential, and provide business instruction alongside ongoing support. through meditation, healing, and spiritual tools. By participating in this program, you can heal yourself, reset your energy, and examine your present goals. You will leave with a simple action plan that you can implement, leading to potential miracles.
  • Inner Compass – SoulWork (A Large Group Session for Employee Spiritual Wellness) | 2hr Session | Talk and Q&A – The ultimate objective of every business owner or entrepreneur is to earn the trust and confidence of their employees in their company. This can only be accomplished when employees feel understood not only at a physical level but also at a metaphysical level. With Master Dr. Vani Kabir’s two-hour session, your employees will gain a deeper understanding of their inner compass. The enlightening talk will be followed by a Q&A session, giving your employees an advantage in comprehending the power of discipline, routine, and ritual. By embracing this approach, you are contributing to raising the vibration of the planet through your actions and who you are. Whether you have chosen this path or it has chosen you, it is crucial to take advantage of all the spiritual resources and support available to manifest your spiritual vision, share your experiences, network, receive healing and readings, set your goals, and take action. Take ownership of your spiritual journey!

How could spirituality help the corporate world?
Master Dr. Vani Kabir shared her thoughts on how spiritual alignment could allow business leaders to attain greater heights while keeping them in balance with the outer world. The crucial aspect that defines our success is our health and modern society is in constant combat to sync with a healthy lifestyle and trying to keep their mind as well as body in perfect balance.

She explains that the corporate world is very much plagued by the fear of anxiety, depression, and various chronic illnesses that have become uncontrollable today. Firstly, we need to acknowledge the fact that all of these health issues are the ways of our body to talk to us. Health problems are inevitable as we are born as flesh and bones on this planet but we could definitely curtail the impact these diseases have in our lives by being a little bit conscious in our daily lives, she asserts.

In line with the aforementioned statement, Master Dr Vani Kabir shared three quite simple yet effective spiritual practices with the business world that could help everyone lead a happy, joyous, and content life as much as possible.

“I would like to share a few spiritual practices with the readers out there. The first is to rub your hands as soon as you wake up in the morning. As our hands are opening to our body’s 70,000 chakras, this helps in the instant activation of the body’s positive energy and become receptive to the blessings of the Universe. The second would be to chant the word- Amalvee in the multiple of 4. The Amalvee means that I am receiving hope and magic from the mighty Universe. It is a one-word prayer whose sound and rhythm can instantly raise your vibration and connect you to the source.

This divine prayer is channeled by me as a gift to my Soul Star tribe! And last but not least is to create a circle of white light around your body after you wake up in the morning. For this, set your intention and imagine the white light being poured by the Universe on your Crown Chakra and encircling you and infusing into your aura. It is a powerful practice to keep yourself protected from outside negativity and influences as you walk out in the world that drags us down daily.”

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