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Maxvita Foods

Maxvita Foods


Indians enjoy snacking and never need a reason to grab a bag of snacks. Due to this, the world’s largest snack companies and fast-food eateries have had to innovate to keep up with consumer demand. Amongst the few wellestablished market giants, Maxvita Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a humble leader in the world of snack food. The captivating tale of ‘Maxvita’ began in 2011 by Siji Jiji and Jijy Mathew.

Maxvita Foods opened its first manufacturing facility in Mysore, Karnataka, in 2013; since then, the company has grown remarkably fast to become a significant player in the branded snack food market in South India. Today, after a decade, Maxvita Foods has established itself as one of the major snack food producers in South India, producing potato chips, namkeens, rusk, and Corn snacks.

The young and talented team specialises in creating mouthwatering savouries out of simple ingredients. Maxvita Foods is a futuristic-looking Company that aims to be the leading supplier of the snacks food market in India, offering high-quality snacks at competitive prices.

Delighting Tastes With A Variety Of Flavors

Maxvita Foods brings to its customers a wide range of delectable snacks that sit within their ever-changing moods. Its product offerings, which are already a favourite among snack lovers in the area, demonstrate Maxvita’s capacity to produce lip-smacking snacks from essential ingredients. The company’s selection of potato chip flavours includes Barbeque Max, Cream and Onion, Tomato Ketchup, Masala Miracle, and Chilli Chutney, among others.

Its cornbased delicacies include cheese balls, puff corn, and corn rings. Maxvita Foods also offers a variety of namkeen items, including Aloo Bhujia, Soy Sticks, Crunchy Gathiya, Moong Dal, Crunchy Pasta, Crunchy Noodles, and Karumkure. Two varieties of its rusks are available: Premium Crunchy Rusks and Premium Milk Rusks.

The Differentiating Factor For Maxvita That Helped Them Overcome Challenges

In order to stand out from its rivals, Maxvita Foods focuses on producing the finest and carrying on its tradition of quality and customer-oriented approach. Maxvita Foods employs sales automation software for order processing and execution, and it has adopted SAP ERP Software for all of its production, billing, and inventory-related activities.

It can offer high-quality products that are on par with the quality of even its foreign competitors since it has the best in the industry processing equipment and systems. The following are a few additional distinctive characteristics that set the company apart:

• Experienced and seasoned production team.
• Growing business with an established management team for the past 9 years.
• State of the art of manufacturing facility.
• Business controlled through industry-leading ERP software – SAP.
• Sales executed through Sales Automation software – BIZOM.
• Optimal procedures to ensure quality at all levels.
• Strong distribution networks that enable on-time delivery.

The Widespread Sales & Manufacturing Landscape

Production at Maxvita Foods began in 2013, and the products were introduced to the market. The products were well received in the market, and the company achieved ten crores of annual sales in its 3rd year of starting production. In the following four years, in 2020, Maxvita doubled its annual turnover to 20 crores, and it took another two years to reach the subsequent milestone of 30 crores in 2022. Maxvita is on track to achieve its targeted turnover of Rs50 Crores for the current financial year.

The company’s success persuaded it to lay the foundation of its biggest manufacturing unit, which was completed seven months ago with an investment of 22 crore rupees, and it manufactures potato chips and namkeen products. The unit has 6000 tonnes of annual production capacity. Another unit processes baked corn snacks and extruded snacks with a total production capacity of 1500 tonnes per year.

The third unit has an annual capacity of 750 tonnes of Rusks. Maxvita Foods can effectively serve its customers because of the combined production capacity of its three units, which amounts to over 8000 metric tonnes.

Major Milestones That Can Measure Maxvita’s Range Of Success

Maxvita’s journey has been revolutionary, and in the process, they have received many recognitions. One of which was being recognised as “One of the Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India” in 2023 by The Industry Outlook magazine.

During the last 9 plus years of operations, Maxvita Foods has managed to build an exceptional market reputation due to its trustworthy products and honest dealings with its customers and suppliers. Armed with this excellent reputation and proven track record, Maxvita Foods is confident to increase its market share rapidly by expanding its production capacities and product range.

How Does The Future Seems For Maxvita & The Snacking Industry?

Snack foods are quick, simple, cost-effective, convenient, and hygienic. Fried snacks that are ready to eat are currently among the most popular convenience foods worldwide. In 2023, the Snack Food segment in India will be worth US$66.92 billion. It is expanding at a healthy pace of more than 10%. By 2025, it is anticipated to reach the $100 billion USD milestone.

The unorganised sector produces the majority of packaged, ready-to-eat snacks in India. With the assistance of its own sales team, Maxvita Foods is currently marketing its products in the South Indian market through a network of super stockists and sub-distributors. Maxvita Foods’ market share is less than 1% of the Rs 10,000 crore South Indian packaged snack market. As a result, the potential for growth is enormous.

Maxvita Foods just completed its first phase of expansion plans last year in its home state of Karnataka, and by 2026, the company expects to have a sales turnover of at least Rs 150 crore. Maxvita Foods is soon planning to build a second manufacturing facility outside the home state in South India as part of its second phase of growth plans, providing an extra 3200 metric tonnes of capacity. This new manufacturing unit should generate an additional 100 crores in sales revenue and assist Maxvita Foods in meeting its target of 250 crores or more by 2028.

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