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MB Associates


Company Overview

MB Associates, founded by Ms. Mansi Bajaj, Adv., is a law firm that specializes in Medical Negligence cases and other healthcare-related issues, Property Laws, Family & Matrimonial Laws, Banking & Insurance Laws, Labor & Employment Laws, Environment Laws, Education Laws, Transportation Laws,  Intellectual Property Rights, and the list continues.

The singularity of the firm lies in the fact that it is a transparent and cost-effective law firm, working with utmost dedication and sincerity. Every team member is well qualified in their field of law.

The faith of the clients/ customers of MB Associates is ensured through its transparency and by keeping the client well informed about the proceedings of their case. It is very important to keep the clients in confidence and that can only be achieved through transparency. The firm specializes in medical negligence cases and other healthcare-related issues, so a majority of their clients include hospitals, nursing homes, and individual doctors.

Ms. Bajaj, who has been practicing law since 2008, states that “I think as a lawyer, the foremost responsibility is to be honest and true to the profession. A lawyer should also be honest to his or her clients, to the Court and also to the colleagues. A lawyer is the Officer of the Court, and it is the foremost duty of a lawyer to be honest to the Court. A lawyer can contribute a lot to the society with his or her skill and talent, thus making society a better place to live.”

As is often said, “Honesty is the best policy”. Ms. Bajaj believes that the foremost value in her profession is the honesty of a lawyer, and honesty always pays. Give honest advice to your client, in their best interest. A legal advisor should always uphold the interest of the client by all fair, reasonable and honorable means, and not manipulate facts.

She started the firm with two employees, and now MB Associates has grown to a team of seven. They have established the firm’s name as far as medical negligence cases and other healthcare-related issues are concerned. It conducted a conference titled “When the Hammer Shields the Healer” at India International Centre in the year 2018. The conference was attended by doctors and lawyers and was well appreciated. Ms. Bajaj started as an employee with one of the cancer hospitals in Delhi, and today her firm has an ever-expanding list of clients.

Ms. Bajaj represents many government organizations, Banks, Insurance Companies, Multi-State Cooperative Societies, other private companies., and is also an external member of the Internal Complaints Committee under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act (POSH). She has also been appointed as Sole Arbitrator in several matters by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court.

Behind the Wheel

Everybody goes through a period of struggle. Being a first-generation lawyer, which means no support system at the start of the journey, and no help with understanding the nuances of the profession, Ms. Bajaj had to face a number of challenges as well. She was fortunate in finding inspiration with Mr. Kailash Vasdev, Senior Advocate, whom she interned with before enrolling as an Advocate with the Bar Council of Delhi in the year 2008.

She then completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Management from AIIMA in the year 2008, and Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Law & Ethics from NLU, Bangalore, after that.

By the time she entered the profession, Mansi was married and was blessed with a baby girl, and so it was a difficult decision to start working. With the push of both her families in the direction, she finally decided to work and after a lot of efforts and interviews, got her first job in one of the reputed cancer hospitals of Delhi. “That was the best opportunity I could have ever got, which I am still enjoying. I used to keenly observe the panel lawyers, used to visit Courts diligently with them and learnt the nitty gritties of this profession,” she says.

Moving forward, with the support of some wonderful teachers in life she started her independent practice in 2009. Building an independent practice was an arduous task, however, with perseverance and a lot of hard work, she reached a place in the profession, which is a matter of great satisfaction for her.

Along with building a striking career for herself, Mansi has also succeeded in being able to serve the society. She established a registered Charitable Trust called Sanrakshak Charitable Trust through which she gives her contributions for Cancer patients and needy children at Welfare Homes. The other aspiration she has is to be helpful in any manner for the cause of women, especially those who face sexual harassment at the workplace.

A few words of wisdom from Ms Bajaj for upcoming lawyers:

 As I said earlier, honesty is the best policy. Please be transparent and honest to your clients, to the Court, to the opponents and to your colleagues.

I strongly believe in the philosophy the more you learn, the more you earn. Do not practice because you want to earn. Practice because you want to learn. Once learning is there, money will pour in.

Hard work and passion towards work is the mantra in this profession. Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits. Always strive for the best. Burn the midnight oil to reach to the pinnacle. There is no shortcut to hard work.

I have seen many young lawyers who are fantastic at drafting but are not good communicators. Work on your communication skills. Half of the battle in Court is won if you are good at communication.

Last but not the least, have patience and faith in yourself. Please remember, if you are working with honesty and hard work, the sky’s the limit. Success will come your way, sooner or later. Even if it’s later, have patience and move ahead with faith. ~Mansi Bajaj, Advocate, Founder of MB Associates

 Goals and Vision

In these times, technology plays a very important role in any organization. MB Associates uses legal software like Manupatra, SCC Online, etc for research.

They also make sure the files are scanned so less paper is used in the office.

In the Corona times, the Courts are hearing matters through Video Conferencing, and MB Associates is well equipped to do so.

The long and short term goals of MB Associates coincide when they are consistently striving to better their legal services for client satisfaction resulting in a trusted and long term relationship with the clients. As a long term goal, Ms Bajaj wishes to start a Medico-legal Society for the legal education of doctors and other healthcare professionals/ staff. The other goal is to expand the firm globally so that they are able to serve more and more people.

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