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Indian Law Watch: An online platform to rely upon for exemplary legal information

Indian Law Watch: An online platform to rely upon for exemplary legal information


For any lawyer, legal research is very crucial for handling cases, irrespective of the nature of the practice. There are two types of laws in the Indian Legal system- Statutory law and Case laws based. The Statutory law includes articles and sections on which, the overall principle of justice delivering system depends.  On the other hand, the Case laws based are an evolution of the statutes that are adjudicated by the courts while acknowledging the legal principles. So, to enhance the efficacy of the justice delivery system and support the legal practitioners in India, ‘Case Law Search Engines’ prove to be very instrumental infrastructure.


Several hours of brainstorming for preparation of any case requires legal professionals to get enlightened on various relevant case laws. All of which requires a thorough law research pursuit. It is impossible to memorize innumerable cases, and conducting precise research regarding any issue is quite a toiling task from the diverse material dispensed all over the internet. There are numerous online portals that offer legal research information, but yet the same may have their own challenges in terms of scale and depth of the research approach. Chiselling its way in this domain and acknowledging the gap to offer the content-oriented groundwork for the masses, Indian Law Watch is pioneering the field with its out of the box offering.


As law research, news and analysis organisation, Indian Law Watch founded in the year 2015 and is constantly striving to establish itself as a legal information superhighway. In its five years into the journey, Indian Law Watch constantly interacts with law colleges, law students, lawyers, law firms, corporates, legal organisations, individuals & professionals via its online portal. In our endeavour to deliver excellent quality content, which is prepared by a dedicated in-house legal team and external legal professionals associated with our organisation who are constantly contributing to the authentic research-based content. The online portal hosts content that is drafted after profound legal research. Under the auspices of Jyoti Srivastava, the CEO, Indian Law Watch is scaling new heights.


What is their differentiating factor?

Jyoti steadfastly elucidates that law is quite a vast domain where a single entity cannot encompass for all the deliverables, and when it comes to news and analysis segment, the complexity of the subject is inexplicable. Her endeavours are never converged on to entering any kind of competition, with the parallel organisations, instead, she unbiasedly respects the work of the peer organisations. In terms of USP, the team Indian Law Watch is carving a niche in the legal news analysis, research segment by enriching the content with law-research based information to benefit the masses from within the legal domain or beyond. Acknowledging the fact that law is an ever-expanding subject, the management of the organisation ensures to conduct the regular internal learning programs to enhance the team’s efficiency. There is a constant endeavour by the organisation towards augmenting the team’s skills on knowledge of legal principles and fostering a culture that promotes learning and professional development.


The exclusive content offered by the organisation is the product of independent research work. Indian Law Watch has bagged accolades in its favour for its exemplary work by references to its research work in the leading newspaper daily. While developing any subject-specific content, the team ensures the post is conveyed in such a way that it can be beneficial and useful to corporates, legal professionals or ordinary readers alike. The sole initiatives are aligned towards innovating the online portal as a tool which is beneficial and adds value to the diverse reader base.


As a lawyer, Jyoti encountered struggle at the very onset of her career voyage. When asked about what makes her forge ahead with the intense dedication and determination, she states that optimism is her impeccable tool to keep going always. Jyoti was a civil service aspirant, who cleared her prelims exam while  pursuing law, struggling her ways in the initial stages of her journey, but her indomitable spirit proved instrumental in overcoming the odds and chiselled her own way to success.


Work ethics and values at a glance

For Jyoti, success is nothing but a few key disciplinary actions that are practised on a regular basis. She firmly believes that it is of utmost importance to maintain high standards and consistency of hard work in your domain of performance. Her team conducts the operations with the same ethics to deliver the best-in-class content with immense integrity to the readers. The dedicated team of Indian Law Watch ensures to empower people and organizations by offering verifiable accurate information on various developments in the law. The operations of the organisation are all about ensuring excellence via their actions. Apart from focussing on the growth of the organisation, the management also offers equal opportunities to the team for their growth in terms of career outlooks.


A token of advice to the budding entrepreneurs

Indian Law Watch has envisioned to expand its reach in the near future.  For the entrepreneurial world, the dynamo, Jyoti Srivastava would like to convey some words of wisdom. She elucidates that to be successful, one must leave no stone unturned to work harder and should be adamant for relentless efforts for one’s goals. As an aspiring entrepreneur, one must know the significance of persistence while chasing one’s dreams. As a well know quote says- “Choose the job you love and you will never have to work even for a day in your life.”, and it will automatically steer your focus on your goals unwaveringly. In order to attain success, not only one should have self-determination, positive attitude in building our goals but one must also ensure self-assessment as to how we can through our work better serve the society.


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