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Medesun Healthcare Solution


Within the last few months, the Covid-19 has forayed the globe as an uncontainable contagion. The chaos has created a severe disturbance, in many industrial verticals and has also shut down the operation of many companies. However, medical coding and billing, and healthcare remain unaffected, proving its diligence and requirement of Data analytics in healthcare. One such unyielding firm is Medesun Health Care Solutions, located in Hyderabad- Telangana State and Delaware, USA.


Medesun is a leading global platform that offers training and services on medical coding and billing. The area of focus for Medesun resides on specializations like HIPAA, HL7, ICD-10 (International Classification of Diagnosis 10th Revision), CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) and HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System) for supplies and drug coding, ICD-10-AM-Australia Medical coding and Saudi ICD-10-AM Medical Coding Training. Till date, Medesun has nurtured over 5000 students and flourished its services to many foreign nations like the US, NZ, Australia, and the Middle East.


The company was founded by Dr. Santosh Kumar Guptha. Dr. Guptha was born and raised in a moderate middle-class family. His father was a salesman and mother a homemaker. None of them had the opportunity to attend college. However, Mr. Guptha was highly empowered with the value and significance of education. His implementation to ICD-10 became a turnkey in his career, where he received profound training under AHIMA USA. Dr. Guptha has been a respected World Record Holder in training with 42 certifications including CCS-P, CCS, CPC, COC, CIC, CPC-P, CRC, CCC, CPCO, CANPC, CPB, CPMA, CEMC, CEDC, CIMC, CFPC, CUC, COBGC, CPCD, COSC, CPRC, CPEDC, CHONC, CENTC, CRHC, CGIC, CASCC, CGSC, CSFAC, CCVTC, RMC, RMA, CMBS, CMRS, CSCS, CSBB, FCR, FNR, FOR, CHA, CHL7. He is also an AHIMA Approved ICD 10 Trainer, as well as AHIMA ICD-10 Ambassador and has inculcated 15 years of experience in the field of Medical Coding and Billing. The idea of founding Medesun came in his mind in 2003, while he was serving in a US-based health care company. Working as a medical coder, he observed the effects of globalization in the healthcare domain and how it will bring change in the space. He understood that companies were aiming to outsource medical billing and coding process to India. The scope was formidable although, India lacked trained and certified Manpower. Discovering the opportunity, he introduced Medesun Healthcare in the market. The principal objective was to nourish brilliant minds in medical billing and coding and furnish skilled manpower to the health care industry.


Medesun has incorporated an adept team that train students on clinical knowledge, practical application, gap analysis, and communication. The growth in the healthcare territory shown a steep demand for individuals competent in medical billing or coding. Comprehending to this, Medesun is providing assured training while sparing no effort in creating industry-ready professionals. The company has partnered with many pharmacies, nursing and degree colleges, and Govt. aided organizations to create medical billing and coding savants in the Indian youth. With its intense and fathomable knowledge, the firm provides training in all specializations of medical coding and medical billing EM coding, ED coding, Radiology, risk adjustment coding, surgery, IPDRG, ICD-10-AM, Tumor Registry, among the others. Further, they prepare students for certification exams like AHIMA and AAPC through a selective set of tests crafted by academic experts. Shedding further light on this, Dr. Guptha asserts “Students often face a dilemma while investing money for certifications or placement in progressive organizations. When it comes to medical billing and coding, the industry has enormous opportunities for efficient professionals. Our organization has exquisite knowledge and all the notable certifications that can help learners thrive in the arena”.

Apart from training, Medesun organizes workshops, job fairs, and seminars to help students with their professional careers.


After gathering a huge trove of knowledge, Dr. Guptha believes – to create individuals that can have an impact in the healthcare space; one has to master the art first. His enormous knowledge and impeccable training methodology have guided many students, who at present are managers and Vice Presidents in medical coding and billing companies. On the same notion, Medesun has also employed more than 20 skilled professionals with immense experience in the US healthcare industry. Their exposure to training students helps them get an edge over their peers. With a good collection of trainers, Medsun has built a harmonious relationship with students that generate interest. Medesun also delivers HIM training, HIPAA Compliance training, ICD-10-AM, tumor registry, cancer registry, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service and medical coding auditing services, online medical coding training, and internship programs as well. The vast collection of training modules has helped in seeing enormous revenue growth in the last few years and students have been placed in remarkable positions in the healthcare industry across the globe.


The Novel Coronavirus has brought the world down to its knees and presently is the most trending catastrophe. However, the crisis hasn’t stopped the functioning of Medesun. As soon as the lockdown was announced, across the nation, Medesun stopped training at locations to ensure safety and started online training for their students and prospective coders. Medesun has a very robust training methodology that integrates cutting- edge technology with cultured knowledge. Their employees are very enthusiastic towards their job and have ensured a freewheeling and engaging training framework. Even after the lockdown is dropped, The company ensures “Safety first”, as such, is focused on following all the precautions procured by WHO and govt. like Social Distancing, avoiding crowding, using sanitizers, Masks and ArogyaSethu App in mobiles, reduced working days and hours in the month, and enlightening their students on the safety and precaution of traveling outside.


Looking at the current era, Dr. Guptha interprets “As healthcare costs are skyrocketing, proper statistics on time will help in risk adjustment and healthcare cost control. Coding allows a statistical analysis of diseases and treatments, diagnosis-related group reimbursement, and easier observance and tracking of epidemics or pandemic events. It also helps inform planning with the medical organization’s decision support systems.”

Dr. Guptha strongly believes that proper medical coding can produce valuable diagnostic data, which can be utilized for research and education, including the betterment of patient care. Henceforth, Medesun is focusing on instilling a strategy to implement medical coding in state and central government health schemes by leveraging “Ayushman Bharat”, A bright initiative by the central government. Although India is still at the emerging stage of medical coding and billing, Dr. Guptha looks forward to elevating the nation to the next level through his entrepreneurship. Having a well-cultured leader and proficient trainers, who are certified by AAPC and AHIMA US, the company aims to continue as the apex in furnishing exemplary candidates for the healthcare arena. Even in this dearth period, Medesun has shown its enthusiasm and hard work. The company has incurred a 200% increase in revenue, within the last five years and is aiming to build a 500 seater coding service company by 2023. With a team of combined experience of over 100 years, Medesun is striving to become the most preferable trainer and provider of medical coding and billing services.

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