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Meet the top 10 richest women in the world

Meet the top 10 richest women in the world

By Sanjay Maurya

Who is the richest person in the world? We all want to know about it. But whenever it comes to the richest people, the names of businessmen like Elon Musk, Gautam Adani, Jeff Bezos, or Bernard Arnault come to mind. But do you know who are the richest women in the world? If not then you must read this article. Many wealthy women have inherited wealth. But there are many such women on the list who have achieved this position on their own. Let us know about the net worth of these women.

01 – Francoise Bettencourt Meyers – Net worth: $74.8 billion

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & family
Francoise Bettencourt Meyers | Credit Image: Forbes
  • Born: 10 July 1953 (age 69 years), Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
  • Spouse: Jean-Pierre Meyers (m. 1984)
  • Children: Jean-Victor Meyers, Nicolas Meyers
  • Parents: Liliane Bettencourt, André Bettencourt
  • Nationality: French
  • Grandparents: Eugène Schueller, Louise Madeleine Berthe, MORE

According to Forbes, the world’s richest woman is François Betancourt Meyers, a French businesswoman, philanthropist, author, pianist, and wealthy heiress with an estimated net worth of US$75.3 billion as of March 2022. François inherited her fortune from her mother, the late Lillian Bettencourt (shareholder of L’Oréal). To this day, François’s family still holds a 33% stake in L’Oréal. She has achieved numerous milestones in her long and illustrious career. In 2017, François took on greater responsibility for the family business after the death of her mother.

02 – Alice Walton – Net worth: $65.3 billion

Alice Walton
Alice Walton | Credit Image: Forbes
  • Born: 7 October 1949 (age 72 years), Newport, Arkansas, United States
  • Net worth: 5,480 crores USD (2022) Forbes
  • Siblings: Jim C. Walton, S. Robson Walton, John T. Walton
  • Parents: Sam Walton, and Helen Walton
  • Nationality: American
  • Nieces: Carrie Walton Penner, Alice Anne Walton

Alice Walton from America is the second richest woman in the world with a net worth of $61.8 billion. The source of her wealth is Walmart. She is the daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton and heiress of the Walmart fortune. Alice’s wealth has increased by $7.4 billion in one year, as Walmart stock has risen more than 5 percent since 2020. Alice has a strong background in finance and spent much of her early career working in investment services. Alice Walton owns a 13% stake in Walmart through the Walton Family Holdings Trust and Walton Enterprises.

03 – Julia Koch – Net worth: $60 billion

Julia Koch - Wikipedia
Julia Koch | Credit Image: Wikipedia
  • Born: 12 April 1962 (age 60 years), Des Moines, Iowa, United States
  • Children: Mary Julia Koch, David Koch Jr., John Mark Koch
  • Net worth: 5,340 crores USD (2022) Forbes
  • Spouse: David Koch (m. 1996–2019)
  • Education: University of Central Arkansas
  • Nationality: American
  • Full name: Julia Flesher Koch

Julia Flesher Koch is an American billionaire, philanthropist, and socialite who has a net worth of $60 billion. Julia Koch joined the top richest women in the world after her husband, billionaire industrialist David Koch, passed away in 2019. Together with her three children, Julia inherited a 42 percent stake in Koch Industries. Currently, Julia David H. Koch Foundation has given more than US$200 million to a variety of causes, including science, medical research, education, and the arts, according to its website.

04 – MacKenzie Scott – Net worth: $43.6 billion

MacKenzie Scott Divorcing 2nd Husband, Dan Jewett
MacKenzie Scott
  • Born: 7 April 1970 (age 52 years), San Francisco, California, United States
  • Net worth: 3,360 crores USD (2022) Forbes
  • Spouse: Dan Jewett (m. 2021), Jeff Bezos (m. 1993–2019)
  • Nationality: American
  • Full name: MacKenzie Sheri Tuttle
  • Awards: American Book Award

MacKenzie Scottis an American novelist, philanthropist, and activist, she is best known as the former wife of Jeff Bezos from 1993 to 2019. As of September 2022, due to a 4% stake in Amazon (founded by Jeff Bezos), she has a net worth of $43.4 billion. She plans to donate the majority of her fortune to charity during her lifetime and has donated over $12 billion to hundreds of charities around the world.

05 – Jacqueline Mars – Net worth: $31.7 billion

Jacqueline Mars
Jacqueline Mars | Credit Image: Forbes
  • Born: 10 October 1939 (age 82 years), United Kingdom
  • Net worth: 3,580 crores USD (2022) Forbes
  • Children: Stephen M. Badger, Alexandra Badger, Christa Badger
  • Spouse: Hank Vogel (m. 1986–1994)
  • Education: Bryn Mawr College (1961), Miss Hall’s School
  • Parents: Forrest Mars, Audrey Mars
  • Siblings: Forrest Mars Jr.

Jacqueline Mars is an American heiress and investor. She is the daughter of Audrey Mars(Mayor) and Forrest Mars, Sr., and granddaughter of Frank C. Mars, founder of the American candy company Mars, Incorporated. As of April 2021, Jacqueline Mars was ranked as the 48th richest person in the world by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, with a net worth of US$43.4 billion. She holds US citizenship and holds a degree in Anthropology from Bryn Mawr College.

06 – Gina Rinehart – Net worth: $30.2 billion

Gina Rinehart
Gina Rinehart | Credit Image: Forbes
  • Born: 9 February 1954 (age 68 years), Perth, Australia
  • Children: Bianca Hope Rinehart, Ginia Rinehart, John Hancock, Hope Rinehart Welker
  • Spouse: Frank Rinehart (m. 1983–1990), Greg Hayward (m. 1973–1981)
  • Parents: Lang Hancock, Hope Margaret Nicholas
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Education: St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls – Bay View Campus, The University of Sydney

Georgina Hope “Gina” Rinehart AO is an Australian mining magnet and heiress. Her father, Lang Hancock, founded the privately-owned mineral exploration and extraction company Hancock Prospecting, which is today run by Executive Chairman Gina Rinehart and CEO Gary Corte. She is probably best known for being the richest person in Australia and one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of $30 billion. She owns luxury homes in several Australian cities, and she also owns a private plane and many luxury cars.

07 – Miriam Adelson – Net worth: $27.5 billion

Miriam Adelson & family
Miriam Adelson | Credit Image: Forbes
  • Born: 10 October 1945 (age 76 years), Mandatory Palestine
  • Education: The Hebrew Reali School, Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Rockefeller University
  • Children: 5
  • Awards: Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Full name: Miriam Ochshorn Adelson

Miriam Adelson is an Israeli American physician and billionaire who has a net worth of $34 billion. Miriam Adelson is the widow of Sheldon Adelson, the former CEO and president of casino company Las Vegas Sands, who died in January 2021 at the age of 87. Miriam now owns more than half of the New York Stock Exchange listed gambling empire, which has casinos in Macao and Singapore. Sheldon Adelson donated $93 million to Republicans in 2012. In 2016 and during the 2018 midterm elections, Sheldon and Miriam donated $123.25 million and $82.58 million to Republicans, respectively.

08 – Susanne Klatten – Net worth: $24.3 billion

Susanne Klatten
Susanne Klatten | Credit Image: Forbes
  • Born: 28 April 1962 (age 60 years), Bad Homburg, Germany
  • Parents: Herbert Quandt, Johanna Quandt
  • Siblings: Stefan Quandt, Silvia Quandt, Sonja Quandt-Wolf, Sabina Quandt
  • Education: Kaiserin-Friedrich-Gymnasium, The University of Buckingham, IMD Business School
  • Awards: Bavarian Order of Merit

Susanne Hanna Ursula Klatten is a German billionaire heiress, the daughter of Herbert and Johanna Quandt. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, her net worth as of January 2022 was estimated to be US$23.4 billion, making her the 65th richest person in the world and the richest woman in Germany. Currently, Susanne Klatten owns a 21 percent stake in BMW, the second-largest manufacturer of luxury vehicles in the world. Klatten also owns 27 percent of SGL Carbon and 23 percent of Nordex, a wind turbine developer.

09 – Iris Fontbona – Net worth: $22.8 billion

Iris Fontbona & family
Iris Fontbona | Credit Image: Forbes
  • Born: 1942 (age 80 years), Antofagasta, Chile
  • Spouse: Andrónico Luksic Abaroa (m. 1961–2005)
  • Children: Jean-Paul Luksic Fontbona, Maria Paola Luksic, María Gabriela Luksic
  • Grandchildren: Isabella Joan Mary Luksic, Sebastian Luksic, Thomas Luksic
  • Parents: Luis Alberto Fontbona Buxalleux, Emma González Morales
  • Nationality: Chilean

Iris Fontbona is a Chilean mining magnate, billionaire businesswoman, media proprietor, and widow of Andrónico Luksic Abaroa, from whom Iris Fontbona inherited Antofagasta PLC. Fontbona and her children control Antofagasta Plc, which owns copper mines in Chile and trades on the London Stock Exchange. Fontbona and her children also own a majority stake in Quiñenco, a Chilean publicly traded conglomerate active in banking, beer, and manufacturing.

10 – Abigail Johnson – Net worth: $21.2 billion

Abigail Johnson | Credit Image: Alux Resource
  • Born: 19 December 1961 (age 60 years), Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Net worth: 1,890 crores USD (2022) Forbes
  • Education: Harvard Business School (1988), MORE
  • Children: Julia McKown
  • Spouse: Christopher J. McKown (m. 1988)
  • Siblings: Edward C. Johnson IV, Elizabeth Johnson
  • Parents: Edward Johnson III, Elizabeth Johnson

Abigail Pierrepont Johnson is the granddaughter of the late Edward C. Johnson II; the founder of Fidelity Investments(A financial services company) and an American billionaire businesswoman. Abigail Johnson has served as CEO of Fidelity Investments since 2014, when she took over for her father, and has been chairman since 2016. She owns an estimated 24.5% stake in the firm, which has $3.7 trillion in managed assets. In 2020, Johnson was named the richest person in the state of Massachusetts.


Who are the top 10 richest women in the world?

The top 10 richest women in the world are as follows: –

  • Francoise Bettencourt Meyers
  • Alice Walton
  • Julia Koch
  • MacKenzie Scott
  • Jacqueline Mars
  • Gina Rinehart
  • Miriam Adelson
  • Susanne Klatten
  • Iris Fontbona
  • Abigail Johnson

Who is the richest woman in the world?

According to Forbes, the world’s richest woman is François Betancourt Meyers, a French businessman, philanthropist, author, pianist, and wealthy heiress with an estimated net worth of US$75.3 billion as of March 2022.

Who are the top 10 richest people in the world?

The top 10 richest people in the world are as follows: –

  1. Elon Musk
  2. Jeff Bezos
  3. Gautam Adani
  4. Bernard Arnault
  5. Bill Gates
  6. Larry Page
  7. Warren Buffett
  8. Sergey Brin
  9. Larry Ellison
  10. Steve Ballmer

Who is the richest man in the world in 2022?

Elon Musk is at the top of the list with a net worth of $273.5 billion.

Who are the top 10 richest women in India?

The top 10 richest women in India are as follows: –

  1. Roshni Nadar Malhotra
  2. Falguni Nayar
  3. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
  4. Nilima Motaparti
  5. Radha Vembu
  6. Leena Gandhi Tewari
  7. Anu Aga
  8. Neha Narkhede
  9. Vandana Lal
  10. Renu Munjal

Who is the youngest billionaire in 2022?

The youngest billionaire in 2022is as follows: –

    1. Kevin David Lehmann – 18
    2. Wang Zelong – 24
    3. Alexandra Andresen – 24
    4. Pedro Franceschi – 25
    5. Henrique Dubugras – 26
    6. Katharina Andresen – 26
    7. Austin Russell – 27
    8. Ryan Breslow – 27
    9. Gary Wang – 28
    10. Gustav Magnar Witzoe – 28

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