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Mightywarner Infoserve (OPC) Pvt Ltd.


Mightyarners group has been serving the IT industry for more than six years by continuously meeting the challenges and making a continuous progression. When the foundation stone was laid on 15 July 2014, their objective was simple and clear: to bring a new revolution in the online marketing field.

Today, a list of satisfied clients and their continuous involvement in new projects illustrates a lot about the extent of their success.

Company Overview

Mightywarner Infoserve Pvt Ltd. is an IT Services providing company that provides Business Services, Cloud Services, Software Solutions, Web Services, and Digital Marketing Solutions.

It is headed by some of the most efficient team leaders in India, like, Faiyaz Ahmed Khan (C.E.O & Founder), Siddharth Manro (C.F.O), Shray Bhambi (C.T.O), Syed Abdul Hadi Barkati (C.O.O), and Jahangir Alam (General Manager).

In their journey in these five years, they have walked through several ups and downs. The firm determination, noble business approach, client-oriented approach and an uncompromising attitude towards quality always gave Mightywarner an upper hand over their counterparts.  Today, a list of satisfied clients and our continuous involvement in new projects illustrates a lot about the extent of their success.

Mightywarner provides their users with customized websites, keeping their prospects in mind and creating amazing sites that can reflect their business as a brand.

Apart from IT services, they have their contributions to some other industries as well:

  • Mighty Warner LLC, Winscon, USA
  • Mighty Warner Technology LLC, Dubai, UAE
  • Mighty Warner Fashions, Fashion/ Kolkata
  • Mighty Warner Infoserve Private Limited, Business Consulting/New Delhi
  • Mighty Warner Infocom Private Limited, New Delhi
  • Smart Infinite Agrotech Limited , Kolkata
  • Blue Pearl Solutions Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
  • Blue Pearl Services Pvt Ltd, Noida

Their Journey

During the initial days, they experienced a number of obstacles such as a lack of experience and association with the right person. At that time, they didn’t have any strong network connections because of which they faced problems in surviving and gaining growth in the business. Right from knowing the targeted audiences to structuring the organization, there were a number of obstacles that they faced. Other problems encountered by their organization included association with correct partners, setting up the protocols, and assessment of the competition.

To sail through all these obstacles they drew inspiration from the IT entrepreneurs and their success stories. They connected with experts who gave sound advice to conquer all the challenges and tackle the obstacles with patience.

Everything in the world is changing drastically, and when it comes to technology, the probabilities are just double in comparison to others. Keeping up the pace with ongoing trends is very important for any of the IT businesses if it is planned for the long term. Mightywarner Infoserve, therefore, leaves no stone unturned in adapting themselves according to the rapidly changing business environment. As a socially responsible enterprise willing to go for long, it emphasizes on the following measures to adapt to changes:

  • Awareness of the current situation
  • Understanding market change
  • Building skills & continuous learning
  • Hiring an adapting team with a proactive approach
  • Encouraging technological change and making a profit from it
  • Responding quickly, and developing the ability to face market uncertainty

The Clientele

Whether it is a start-up or an established entity, the first thing that matters the most is the way they serve their customers. They focus on keeping customers completely satisfied by providing excellent services. As a trusted digital marketing company, they have always believed in bringing expertise to the table.

Their organization has a competent team that has deep expertise in solving the confusion and providing the best in class service to the clients. They focus on listening to the specific requirements of the customers so that the project is executed in the same manner as they want.

Their way of serving the client’s requirements has enabled Mightywarner to gather a long list of clients who are from different market verticals:

  • RKG Enterprises LLC (USA),
  • Cloud9 Bounce Houses LLC (USA)
  • Radon Super Store LLC (USA),
  • Seoczar IT Services Pvt Ltd (India)
  • APVM Electronics Private Limited (India),
  • Quota Technical Services LLC (UAE),
  • Spartans Productions LLC (UAE),
  • Al-Moosa A Group (UAE),
  • First Step Properties LLC (UAE).
  • 32 Sub Limited (New Zealand)

For this, they have a strong customer support team that handles all the issues of the clients. If they are able to solve their query on-time then they will be remembered as a trusted brand for the clients.

Secondly, they have always given emphasis on delivering only the best in class service.

Thirdly, they are always accessible to their clients to understand their specific requirements.

An Efficient Team

The performance of the company’s workforce plays a critical role in growth, development, and expansion. They believe the workforce of the company not only helps in meeting the deadlines but also increasing the brand reputation via positive customer interactions.

Their stern quality testing team also helped the organization in maintaining the unbreakable faith of the clients in their company.

The company focuses on establishing team trends, creating a positive work environment, prioritizing a streamlined development process. When it comes to keeping the team motivated, they follow a number of strategies that are beneficial for them in different aspects.

  • Offering better opportunities for self-development
  • Paying them what they’re worth of
  • They don’t arrange meaningless meetings all the time to avoid wastage of time.
  • They encourage their team on their failures instead of punishing or scolding them.

To keep ahead of the market players, Mightywarner needs to be a technically advanced organization. Therefore, they have followed and made a number of efforts to keep themselves ahead of others. Some of these efforts include:

  • They have employed a competent and active team of professionals who are well aware of the latest technology and other proper utilization.
  • They provide proper technical training to them at regular intervals of time in order to keep them abreast with the advancement in technology.
  • In addition to this, they are making use of the latest version of software and applications for hassle-free execution of every service.

Spreading Wings

After specializing in the digital world they expanded their business to provide exceptional services in other areas with hassle-free online promotion with the help of the clients. Nowadays traditional web hosting services are extremely complicated and expensive to manage. Mightywarner thus decided to provide their users with customized websites keeping their prospects in mind and creating amazing sites that can reflect their business as a brand. For any digital marketing site or online store they specialize in the following:

  • Ad words advertising, not only with Google but with other several platforms that give their website great traffic with low budget.
  • Online store or word press development with the customized plug-in for site.
  • Getting clients through social media and creating a professional profile on LinkedIn and more.

In 2019, they went international as Mightywarners Technologies LLC, Dubai (U.A.E), and Winscon, USA as Mighty Warners LLC. The company has plans to open 10 more sisters companies in the next twelve years and running them profitably.

“I would say the jump from the top and up… Ambition, attitude, advice for you from yourself, you are the only right person to advice yourself, no one knows you and your caliber better than you.”~Faiyaz Ahmed Khan, CEO & Director

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