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Mistpoffer Perfumetics LLP

Mistpoffer Perfumetics LLP


Since ages people are using products that produce fabulous scent for feeling refreshed and magnetic. Erstwhile, ‘Itr’ was so frequently used to give a scintillating effect whereas in contemporary times perfumes and deodorants are preferred by young and old.

On the same notion, catering to a variety of needs of the present generation, Mistpoffer Perfumetics LLP produces products that bind your senses with a fascinating fragrance, taking care of your hygiene. Located in Mumbai, the Company is innovation-driven, which offers a unique range of products that persuade the customers to retrace and purchase more.

Nazarali Sheliya is the CEO and MD of the Company. Under his aegis, the Company has ascended to greater heights.


The modern customer is quite intelligent and being aware of his or her choices and preferences, consciously paying attention to quality at the same time. As e-commerce is gaining popularity, the shopping mannerism and ways of Indians is changing rapidly. Big brands are becoming irrelevant unless they understand this scenario. Young consumers need choices, innovation, and uniqueness along with quality.

It doesn’t matter to them if the brand name is an established MNC or a small niche or upcoming one. What we have discovered during the initial phase of the market research is that customers are extremely fond of premium European fragrances, but are skeptical about the originality and quality of such products in terms of long lastingness of fragrance in the Indian climatic conditions.

Also, the duplicate product is a huge showstopper in Indian markets where the consumer is never 100% sure about the products he or she is buying.  At Mistpoffer@, they have tried to address these issues by assuring the consumers that their products are of high quality and manufactured using genuinely imported European fragrances because Mistpoffer Perfumetics manufactures its products in India, the customers can rest assured that they will take care about duplicates in the market.

The other aspect is about the cost and affordability of high-quality fragrances, most of whom are manufactured or imported from Europe. Such products are often beyond the purchasing capacity of an average Indian, although these are aspirational fragrances for most of them available in the price range of Rs. 1500 to 10000 for a glass bottle of 100 ml. They have synchronized with the market and manufacture products to cater to such consumers by making them available in the price range of Rs. 70 to 400.

Their deodorants and perfumes offer a more long-lasting fragrance that distinguishes the products from other brands. One of the biggest disappointments consumers face after purchasing such products is the lasting of the fragrance – something which Mistpoffer has tried to address. I

They are the only player in India, offering Eau De Perfum in pocket size. Eau De Parfum (EDP) is a French term that is commonly used to classify European perfumes based on fragrance concentration that is directly linked to its lasting effects. The other such terms commonly used are Cologne and Eau De Toilette. Also, the 25 ml package which they have developed for pocket-sized perfumes for men, is one of its kind in India, which offers customers up to 400 sprays – enough to last for an entire month.

Apart from this, the fragrances have been selected and classified based on the personality of the individual, thus making it easier for consumers to identify and select a product based on their own personality. European fragrances consist of different notes and the perception keeps changing with time till they fade away completely. Therefore, it’s important to understand the finer aspects before buying, otherwise, the results are often counter-productive.


The company’s vision is to be recognized as a premium European fragrance brand offering best in class consumer products, which are completely safe, skin & environment-friendly without any harmful chemicals such as Triclosan.

Their incredible mission aims at giving consumers the power to express themselves. They will cater to the modern consumer to whom personal hygiene is the single most important factor in grooming. They are launching their startup with products such as Deodorants, Pocket Perfumes, Perfumed Wet Wipes, Perfumed Hand Sanitizer, and Liquid Hand-wash.

There is a huge gap in the market, which they want to fill in. Customers are looking for variety and innovation in fragrances, whereas bigger and established brands are very few. Others are low-quality products where fragrance does not last long or is of very poor quality. Also, there are cheaper and duplicate versions of big foreign brands. Therefore, they want to become a one-stop-shop for customers who are looking for variety, innovation, high quality and reliability for buying fragrance based products.


With a sense of exhilaration, Nazarali Sheliya states, “The journey so far has been filled with a lot of excitement. There have been roadblocks, disappointments, failures, and successes all in one short journey so far. Right from our first order on our first e-commerce portal where we launched to cross the figure of Rs. 1 lac revenue in a month, we have come a long way.

But this is just a beginning and our milestones are still far away.” They aim to touch Rs. 50 lacs turnover by the end of this financial year. Their key achievements include developing two innovative products for the first time in India – pocket-size EDP in 25 ml pack for men and Twin Pack Wet Wipes pack, which consists of 2 wipes packed inside one small package for ease and convenience of use. Both of them have been well received by their consumers.

Crossing 100 online orders in the first month and 500 orders in the first 3 months are their significant achievements for keeping them motivated to go for higher benchmarks. More importantly, some of the best and most celebrated moments they have had during this journey include positive customer feedback and reviews both online and offline, demand for bigger sized perfume packs and repeat orders. This has encouraged them to start tapping offline channels by appointing channel partners for launch in general trade.


They envision a bright future for the company as well as the overall industry in India. Deodorants, Wipes and Pocket-Sized perfumes are growing at a compounded average annual rate between 12 to 16%, whereas other personal care products are also growing at more than 15%. And this trend is going to continue for quite some time.

They will expand their product portfolio into other high growth products in the future and cater to the ever-changing tastes and demands of the modern Indian consumer – improving themselves and learning as they progress along the way.

Some of the products at which they are already looking positively to include in their portfolio are After-shaves, Colognes, Deodorant Sticks and Roll-ons, Body Wash, Indigenous Oil-based Perfumes, Car Fresheners, Air Fresheners, etc. They will roll out new products based on consumer and trade feedback as they get ready for the trade launch.

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