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Crafting a Canvas of Stories to Share Knowledge, Financial Insights, and Wisdom with Future Generations

India’s dynamic growth is driven by the efforts of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, their creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness. The Business Connect Magazine got an opportunity to write about the distinctive story-sharing platform MUKTHI by Uyirmei Infotech as part of its unique endeavour to bring to the readers’ tables inspiring entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Incorporated in 2021 by two visionary leaders, Sreevatsan V and Lakshana Padmanabhan, CEO and Co-founders, Mukthi is a cutting-edge platform crafted to help preserve memories and valuable financial data for future generations.

Planning for our emotional and financial wellbeing after we pass away is a crucial aspect of ensuring a smooth transition for our loved ones. Unfortunately, many people neglect this important step, leaving their families burdened with grief and financial stress. Mukthi recognizes this challenge and offers a unique solution that allows individuals to share their personal stories, memories, and important financial information with their loved ones, even after they’re gone.


Sreevatsan V

The man behind the idea, Sreevatsan, is a first-generation business owner who progressed through the corporate ranks by beginning his career as a video jockey before graduating from college. He relocated to L&T for his first job, and he has a variety of marketing and sales experiences. He has altered a few startups in addition to working with some well-known businesses like Zomato. With over a decade of experience in the fields of marketing and sales, he is now starting from scratch to create his own company.

Lakshana Padmanabhan

Lakshana Padmanabhan is an entrepreneur by profession and an artist by heart. She is a courageous businesswoman. With a foundation in HP and a bachelor’s degree in commerce, she confidently formed her own business since she was determined to live out her aspirations. Lakshana gracefully balances her artistic endeavours while fostering their shared aspirations, providing unflinching support for her husband’s vision and resulting in a symphony of love, passion, and artistic expression.

Cementing Position with Distinctive Approach

One family’s search for answers following a personal tragedy resulted in the development of a ground-breaking solution. By enabling people to share their valuable memories and crucial financial information with loved ones after they pass away, the personal history-sharing platform hopes to close the generational gap. Mukthi is a secure platform that enables users to produce and share content such as stories, images, financial and asset information, and more so that it can be appreciated even after a person’s passing.


Step 1: Record

Keep track of the events and data that matter. You can record images, movies, voice memos, documents, and much more using the platform.

Step 2: Store

You can decide with whom you want to share the information once you have recorded it. The platform keeps the data in a secure environment as an encrypted file.

Step 3: Deliver

When you pass away, the platform safely archives your memories and information and then sends it to the people you have designated after your death.

Feathers in the Cap

Mukthi has earned numerous awards and accolades for flourishing on its path to enabling people to create an extensive library of memories that can be shared with loved ones and facilitating the sharing of important financial information and emotional memories with close family. A few of them are listed below:

• Promising start-up of the year by the Indian Achiever’s Forum.
• Recognised by NASSCOM under the 10,000 Startup Initiative.
• Most promising idea by the IDEA PATTARAI (Vellore edition).
• Part of the Start-up India and StartupTN initiatives.


The company has set high goals and is focused on integrating blockchain technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to create an immersive experience that goes beyond words on a screen.

Through the fusion of technology and emotion, we seek to bridge the gap that death so often creates. Our goal is to offer consolation, healing, and a sense of continued connection to individuals who are grieving, quoted Sreevatsan.”

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