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Mazda Art

Mazda Art

An innovative venture pioneering the way to promote Indian Artists at the global level…

Art is said to be a ‘language for all’ that cuts over linguistic and cultural limitations. We commemorate and maintain many cultural traditions, histories, and identities by supporting a variety of artistic mediums. It enables us to develop knowledge of diverse viewpoints, encouraging empathy, tolerance, and cultural sensitivity. The beauty of our shared humanity is highlighted while appreciating our exclusivity in art, which encourages inclusion.

It is said that art is an essential aspect of human expression that reflects emotions, thoughts, experiences and whatnot. Empowering the artist, can connect people from diverse backgrounds and convey powerful messages. However, the significance of promoting art goes beyond individual enjoyment. But do you think artists have truly been recognized and applauded for their respective art forms? Unfortunately no!! People haven’t yet fully realized the significance of artists for personal, societal, and cultural growth.

In many ways, supporting artists entails defending speech and expression rights. Even on delicate or divisive subjects, art enables people to truly express themselves and their perspectives. But there aren’t enough platforms that could transmit the voices of the artists who aspire to be heard. And this is where thought ventures like Mazda Art pitch in. Mazda Art is a pioneering establishment which is a brainchild of a husband-wife duo who are first-time entrepreneurs.

Dilnawaz Tarapore is an artist and always aspired to grow the artist community. Her vision turned into reality when her husband, Vispi Tarapore, decided to incorporate Mazda Art back in 2016. After performing intense market research and bringing in the insights and expertise of many veterans in the art community, the inception of the company occurred in 2022. Now, it serves as India’s pioneering platform that promotes the work of Indian artists at the global level.

As we got a chance to organize a tete-a-tete with the duo, we managed to explore the length and breadth of the establishment to bring the best possible information to all the hardworking artists out there alongside spreading awareness among our global readership regarding the topic. Dilnawaz and Vispi struck up the conversation as,

“At Mazda Art, our mission is to forge meaningful connections through art, celebrating India’s rich cultural traditions while showcasing the talents of emerging artists from the country to the world. We actively engage in the art space by collaborating with artists, organizing captivating art exhibitions and festivals, harnessing technology to create a dynamic online platform for art, and providing support to art education through grants and sponsorships.”

“We believe that art is not a goal, but instead a window that creates an urge in people to look beyond. Flowers in a painting are only a medium to the real fragrances offered in nature; somewhere hidden in the rose the Creator calls” -Mazda Art

Hyderabad Art Festival — A product of Mazda Art

Mazda Art has emerged as a holistic platform that collaborates with Artists, organizes Art Exhibitions & Art Festivals leveraging the power of tech advances to foster a nurturing culture for Art and support Art Education via Grants & Sponsorships. Hyderabad Art Festival is their flagship product from where they operate at the national level.

Art grants are a unique opportunity being offered by Hyderabad Art Festival to support artists’ creative projects, research, and artistic development. These grants are provided in recognition of the company’s motto to support the artist community. Any artist can apply for a grant but need to submit a strong application that outlines their artistic goals. It’s a great opportunity for artists to cover their research or project expenses, besides getting exposure & recognition — all of which helps grow their career as an artist.

Meet the brains behind Mazda Art

• Dilnawaz Tarapore- Artist, Founder and CEO

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, India, Dilnawaz hails from a Parsee family. Her artistic personality is said to be derived from her memories of spending time in nature and being mesmerized by the enormous stone boulders that dot the landscape. She started off as a 2D animator before starting her journey with colours, brushes, and palettes. She also works with oils, acrylics, and ink, but she loves watercolours because they are more transparent, flowing, rapid, and spontaneous. Dilnawaz studied art from the London Art College in England, and she currently owns and operates an art studio.

• Vispi Tarapore- Co-founder and COO

Vispi Tarapore is a visionary and puts forth original and creative ideas to revamp the future of the art industry. He sees beyond what is currently possible or apparent and can anticipate future trends and developments. He has a deep understanding of the world around him and has recognized patterns and connections that others may not see.

He has 20+ years of experience in the gaming industry and is on a mission to ‘gamify’ the art space with unique game mechanics, design elements and principles in a non-game context i.e. ART to create a more immersive and interactive experience.

• Utkarsh Veer- Chief Strategist & Angel Investor

Utkarsh is an innovator, advisor and mentor who enjoys using the most effective strategies to complete tasks. He has earned his BFA from University of Lucknow and has more than 24 years of expertise in the art and animation space that have refined his perceptions, seeing him as a leader with creativity and distinctive business qualities.

He founded and now serves as the Managing Director of Rocksalt Interactive Games Pvt Ltd. He is ultimately responsible for Rocksalt’s success and expansion, having guided it to become one of India’s top studios for game art. Utkarsh has been instrumental in propelling MazdaArt to success because of his special combination of commercial savvy and artistic instinct.

Insights on the significance of promoting Art

Dilnawaz and Vispi enunciate that art has the power to provoke thought, challenge societal norms, and inspire social change. History has it that in any big revolution that happened across the globe, artists were an electromotive force who invoked several among the masses. By supporting works of art that deal with significant societal themes, Mazda Art builds forums for discussion and introspection.

Art may bring attention to important issues like inequality, environmental issues, and human rights, igniting debate and promoting group action for change in a subtle way and talking to human awareness in the most unimaginable ways. The capacity to recognize beauty and aesthetics as well as emotional intelligence and cognitive development are all improved by exposure to art.

Also, with innumerable people dealing with mental health issues at the current age, art may be used as a therapy to help people deal with their problems and improve their mental health. All of the difference that Mazda Art has been able to create so far while pursuing its intrinsic vision is fuelled by the leaders’ passion to bring that wave of change where Indian talent would be awarded and applauded via their platform. Not only this, they are directed to help the artists with the best possible financial support in their career pursuits.

How R&D helped Mazda Art enter the game?

“Without R&D any entrepreneur would be shooting in the dark,” responded Vispi when asked to reveal the role of R&D in the conceptualization of the venture. He asserted that any business leader should take market research sincerely before establishing any venture. From knowing the market pulse to evaluating the potential of the company, a variety of factors come into play which could only be addressed with the help of persistent R&D, Vispi Tarapore suggests.

What, When & with who?

“You want to eat lunch, ok, – this Friday, fine – but with who? Lunch with Family, or with friends or with your boss — changes your entire lunch experience. So is the case with any venture. We were clear what we wanted & conceptualized Mazda Art, but when? was just a question of timing, covid is now behind us, markets have opened up, and so have wars. What took the longest was with whom? And as soon as we had the answer – we marched straight into it,” mentions Vispi.

The leadership mantra

We couldn’t help but ask both the co-founders to share their leadership philosophy and how they drive the culture of the organization. To which they replied, “Giving freedom to our team members is what we firmly believe in as leaders. After freedom comes respect but it is the outflow of freedom itself. However, as we offer the liberty to our employees to suggest the best possible solutions as per their talent/skills or expertise, we expect them to acknowledge their role and responsibility in the growth of the organization.”

Future outlooks

The leadership duo explained that they have secured their Angel Investment from Utkarsh Veer and have a strategic plan to invest it accordingly in the business expansion. Vispi elucidates, “It’s great to have an Angel Investor who is well aligned with our vision, values, and goals. It has quickened our journey to achieve specific objectives in regards to our Product Development, and a go to market in the fastest time possible. From here it is now about collaborations and strategic partnerships in the art domain that add value to our long term vision.”

A keynote

“Yes we are celebrating Art, but we would like to celebrate the Artist even more.. We encourage artists to come forward and apply for grants or sponsorship programs available at by submitting an application that outlines their artistic goals or creative projects. We would not leave any stone unturned to cater financial support to your endeavours while providing you mentorship from the seasoned artists who have collaborated with us so far,” concluded Dilnawaz Tarapore.

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