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A dynamic player in the transportation sector, catalyzing business growth via streamlined logistics and unparalleled customer service

As you can see, this time our cover star happens to be Navata Road Transport. Well, what motivated our team to highlight it at the forefront is that the company is a values-driven and process-driven establishment that places great importance on principles, people, and performance, all while remaining prospect-centered. Such companies are critical to the growth of the business community as they serve as an example of how an organization can successfully balance profitability with a commitment to values and ethical practices.

By prioritizing its workforce, Navata has created a culture that nurtures and empowers its employees, resulting in greater productivity, employee satisfaction, and, ultimately, better customer experiences. The company’s performance-oriented approach has enabled it to scale its operations, build a strong ecosystem, and emerge as a one-stop solution for all supply chain management needs.

Navata demonstrates that a solemn promise to principles, people, and performance can lead to sustainable growth and long-term success, making them leave a trail of footprints to be followed and endowing them with global reckon as an invaluable contributor to the collective growth of the business community. This whole narrative would help you explore the length and breadth of the organization while shedding some light on industrial trends, knowledge, etc. that might help our global aficionados in their respective career pursuits.

The outline of the business portfolio Navata has emerged as a trailblazer in the transportation industry, particularly in the delivery of goods for secondary and last-mile delivery. The company has developed a self-contained system consisting of multiple services that are managed by well-defined and sturdy standard operating procedures, along with advanced technology.

The company utilizes a hubspoke approach, with strategically placed warehouses, to efficiently carry out operations. By tailoring solutions based on a thorough comprehension of clients’ business needs, Navata has established itself as a one-stop shop for all logistics requirements, which has led to a diverse and high-profile customer base.

The organization is supported by an ecosystem that includes an “in-house” body-building workshop, vehicle maintenance, fuel stations, tire retreading unit, driving school, and ITI, all run as a part of corporate social responsibility. Navata began as an automobile workshop fifty years ago and later started providing daily parcel services as a start-up with headquarters in Vijayawada in 1982.

The company has now expanded to states including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Pondicherry, Indore, and Silvassa. With a network of 650 branches, the company is managed through regional offices in locations such as Bangalore, Hubbali, Bellari, Raichur, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag, Rajahmundry, Nellore, Tirupati, Kadapa, Anantapur, Kurnool, Chennai, Salem, Pune, Bhiwandi, Vapi, Surat, and Ahmedabad.

The brand’s regional offices and transhipment hubs are generally company-owned, structured premises. Navata offers its services through 400 customized closed-body vehicles that are equipped with GPS and connected to a central command control system. The company’s primary strength lies in its presence in tier 2, 3, and 4 locations in addition to all major cities and metros.

The intrinsic mission

At Navata, the team’s mission is to connect even the remotest corners of India through its extensive network, delivering complete transport solutions with an unwavering commitment to service quality and business ethics. It strives to continuously improve its infrastructure and work environment while keeping pace with the evolving needs of its customers. The company’s ultimate goal is to maintain the highest standards in the transport sector and build lasting brand equity at every level.

Cultural principles that set them apart

Navata places a strong emphasis on its cultural principles, recognizing that its employees are the foundation of the organization’s success. From the very beginning, Navata has established a structured employee welfare system that has been developed and improved over the years. The company’s cultural principles revolve around the following key elements:

• Navata ensures that its employees are covered with all statutory compliances, right from the day they join the organization. This not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also demonstrates the company’s commitment to its employees.
• The company strives to create a healthy, hygienic, and congenial work atmosphere for its employees. This helps to promote a positive work environment and fosters employee satisfaction and productivity.
• Navata equips its employees with comprehensive training on skills, behavior, and processes. This helps to develop a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that is able to deliver high-quality services to customers.
• Navata offers scholarships for the kith and kin of its employees who are studying from primary to postgraduate level. This helps to support the education and development of the families of its employees.
• The company provides additional facilities such as a canteen, guest houses, dormitory, and hospital facilities for its employees. This helps to ensure that employees’ basic needs are taken care of and that they are able to focus on their work.
• All of Navata’s offices are surrounded by lush and well-maintained greenery. This creates a peaceful and serene work environment, which promotes employee well-being.
• Navata encourages cross-functionality to make the front runners as future managers. This helps to develop a pool of talented employees who are able to take on leadership roles within the organization.

Overcoming the Bullwhip Effect through Effective Processes and Tech Inclusivity

The bullwhip effect can arise due to a lack of coordination and communication among various supply chain elements. However, Navata has implemented wellstructured processes, including effective communication throughout the service life cycle, to overcome this challenge. This approach has resulted in better forecasts and customer satisfaction. Navata also emphasizes data capture and detailed analysis to optimize resources and improve yields.

Deviations are analyzed, corrective actions are taken, and standards are set to maintain highperformance levels. Collaboration among managers with better cross-functionality is also a key factor in Navata’s success. Moreover, the company recognizes the importance of tech inclusivity at all levels to keep up with emerging market trends. Data is captured at all trigger points and analyzed to continuously improve market share while keeping costs in check, resulting in a notable bottom line.

Leadership that fosters the holistic growth

The contribution of the workforce to business growth cannot be overlooked though the leadership is extremely competent in any organization. The implementation of the business processes and strategies is performed by the employees only. Hence, Navata recognizes the pivotal role of its workforce but also acknowledges that results are achieved through customer-centricity, a strong value system, and process control.

The workforce is equipped to execute defined tasks with structured training and guidance to achieve desired results. The team is always guided and led by stakeholders and continuously innovates through technology implementation and automation. The company’s research and development team puts its best foot forward to bring something out of the box to underpin its growth, enabling the introduction of more effective ways of achieving business goals like increasing customer satisfaction and boosting revenue while maintaining focus on the bottom line.

It goes without saying that Navata’s leadership embodies a self-made, experienced, visionary, participative, and philanthropic approach, driving the organization’s growth vertically through wider and deeper penetration across Pan India and horizontally to serve other areas of supply chain management. The company has ambitious plans to build a robust ecosystem and emerge as a one-stop solution for all SCM needs.

Proud accomplishments

Sitting on several laurels and having an unblemished track record of over 4 decades, Navata today stands as one of the leading service providers for most of the top brands in various sectors like FMCG, Electrical/Electronics, Hardware, Apparel, Fertilizers/ Seeds etc.

All the major brands are associated with the organization for over a decade and are relishing the benefits of such a lasting relationship that has only become stronger with each passing day. But above all, the leadership panel takes immense pride in being able to offer customized solutions to their adored clients that resonate with the evolving business requirements and latest market trends.

The words to convey

The core leadership team at the company shared a keynote that could help the readers improve their ways of moving ahead in their respective businesses or any other career endeavors. Such as-

• In order to succeed, one should be focused, passionate and have patience.
• One needs to have thought about planning with business plans and projections.
• Understanding the market and exploring the business needs.
• Innovate and think ahead and walk the untrodden path
• Aim at strong long-term goals, which can be broken down into short-term goals.

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