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Swisscloud provider to whirl up the Indian cloud market: n’cloud.swiss 

The digital revolution in our world is far more significant than the invention of writing or even printing methods for saving things. Digital technology, a new revolution pervasively, is getting embedded and logged in every place that includes: everything and every person.Every walk ofthe life is being fundamentally shaped by the digital technology. Simply Digital revolution takes over everything on which life runs — it is already happening to homes, workplaces, places for entertainment. Well, it is amazing to think of the world as a computer. That is exactly the right service metaphor for the SwissCloud computing provider n’cloud.swiss AG.

  •  N’, stands for Netkom, the initiating company with 17+ years of a proven track record of successful operations and IT project implementations for some of the world’s most renowned 
  • Cloud stands for,Cloud services: our core specialty area for 10+ years 
  • Swiss stands for, Switzerland: the secure heritage and origin of the first n’cloud.swiss platform

Today, several users are already working daily with n’cloud.swiss and some of them work since the very first day. Mr. André Matter, who founded the company Netkom IT Services GmbH in 2001, also initiated the creation of n’cloud.swiss AG in 2018 with the innovative cloud platform n’cloud.swiss at the heart of the company’s business. Known as the “Swiss made” alternative to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform & Co., n’cloud.swiss represents the company’s will of driving innovation, new technologies, state-of-the-art products, and ground-breaking services. 

 Things that set them apart from competitors

The rise of cloud computing made them realize that the future of IT happens to grow very fast by the cloud, that’s how n’cloud.swiss was born. Since then, they have added cloud computing, virtualization and blockchain technology, and services to the company. India, which first started its rise as a technology nation through BPO services is undergoing a transformation to a high-quality IT nation. As in Switzerland, education is an important pillar. They always like to help India by providing services and offering products driven by high-quality development, best in class support and Swiss efficiency.

What makes them unique and different from other big and international cloud providers is that their company and operations are entirely based in Switzerland. To be able to build a truly secure and privacy-oriented system it is important not only which technologies are used, but also where the data is stored and where the servers are located. The laws are better designed to protect people’s privacy and put the user in control of their data.

 Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits

The main challenge they face is the size and omnipresence of its competitors. Despite pioneering experience in the cloud business – they have launched the first IaaS/SaaS cloud platform in Switzerland and Europe in 2009 even before Microsoft and Google founded – They are also considered new entrants. However, they believe that the incumbents have quickly noticed that they can be a serious alternative to them. Many cloud customers realized that the cloud market is dominated by American cloud providers with Amazon AWS leading miles away from other cloud providers. They do have the big advantage of being a Swiss and trustable cloud provider. As an SME, of course, they do not have the capacities of competing directly with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft. For this reason, they focus on SMEs as customers. At the same time, they are open for partnerships with leading cloud providers, as already did with AWS in Switzerland.

 Game plan 2018-19 – Goals

The company is driven by modern and digital marketing. With the rapidly advancing digital revolution, big changes are coming to every company. Along with the increasing interconnectedness of today’s world, digitization has a tremendous impact on existing structures, divisions, products and services. For companies, it is more important than ever to keep up with “connected” customers in order to fully exploit the advantages of digital technologies. The delivery channel for an n’cloud.swiss marketing strategy is based on an integrated marketing model which utilizes a mix of communications media.

Champions keep playing until they get it right.”
— Billie Jean King

On top of that, they are currently building a marketplace to enhance sales on digital platforms for themselves and their customers.

Markable Achievements and Milestones

Their vision and aspiration are to achieve accelerated growth through international expansion by replicating the existing cloud platform and operational model in different countries worldwide. A look into their achievements up to date shows that the company is making significant progress towards achieving the goals set. The following milestones are few that have been reached so far:-

  • n’cloud.swiss is positioned as a global brand. The company’s website was elevated by Alexa into the top websites worldwide. Since the launch of n’cloud.swiss as a brand in 2018, more than 1,000,000 people from 160 countries across the globe visited the website.
  • Approximately 50 potential resellers and partners from over 20 countries are negotiating with n’cloud.swiss or have agreed on partnerships to push ahead of the roll-out of the n’cloud.swiss cloud platform in their respective markets.
  • The world’s first e-voting platform on the blockchain is running on n’cloud.swiss and has been successfully tested by the City of Zug, Switzerland. The project is a co-operation with Luxoft AG – a company based in Zug, listed on NYSE. The e-voting application is opening doors around the world for local and national governments ever since.
  • They are developing one Machine Learning application for a more accurate and faster diagnostic in radiology.
  • The Chief Information Officer Matthias Imhof was nominated for the Awards “CIO of the Decade” and “Swiss CIO AWARD 2019” by compare.at
  • The company has been successfully certified on ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO / IEC 27001: 2013

Future Plans and driveway to success 

n’cloud.swiss is the most tangible result of their company’s culture in innovation. While today several thousand users are already working daily on the cloud, the companies do not rest on their laurels, and they never will. Driving innovation, new technologies, state-of-the-art products, and ground-breaking services is what Mr.André Matterhas been pushing forward since he created Netkom in 2001.

The cloud market, in particular, represents a huge opportunity for them to perform. n’cloud.swiss customers also appreciated their personal support and competitive pricing models as well as API connectivity for fast, easy transfers of existing developments from or to other major cloud platforms.

Cloud exit strategy is thereby seen as an enormously important feature. It reassures companies, stopping them from fearing “lock-in” with a specific cloud provider. The development of n’cloud.swiss as a full-service cloud platform for all cloud models is the logical continuation of our long-term cloud strategy of a healthy fully self-financed company.

Mr. André Matter is indefatigable of the potential for n’cloud.swiss AG to become the European Alternative to the major 5 cloud providers. Consequently, the company is in a position to win a substantial portion of this rapidly growing market

However, future growth can be accelerated with the help of investors who are welcome to define an investment plan that suits them in collaboration with Mr. André Matter and his team. It would make sense for specialists to have a key role in building, implementing and managing the infrastructure. n’cloud.swissAG could, in turn, support the partner’s growth in the market.



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