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Nelsonin Research Private Limited

Nelsonin Research Private Limited

Reforming the real business through Research and galvanized by AR and VR

The larger and growing possibilities of AR and VR are becoming hot topics among the tech unicorn and developers. During the old time, the consumers were living in the digital world which had made its journey from two to three dimensions realism. At present, there are frequent demonstrations of AR in our daily life and Nelsonin Research Private Limited revolutionizes the technology to explore the fourth-dimension experience for every life on earth.

The firm is ventured into the R&D of Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality technology (VR) technology. They are epithet in developing the AR/VR Software Development Product, which is indigenously made in India products.  When global competitors like Google & Apple are developing their own software for the global market, they provide their own product.

TESS.LA” is an Indian made product to fight the global players on AR/VR space. It provides the most powerful and purposeful 3-D Mobile Apps & experience.  It is firmly believed that it encourages and creates creative professionals for their future tomorrow.

Nelson Naveen Irudayaraj, the Founder & CEO of Nelsonin Research adds, “We collaboratively transform technology into business advantage”. He leads the business with a special focus on innovation, technology, product development, and strategy at Nelsonin Research.

The differentiating factors of Nelsonin Research

Nelsonin Research works towards future technology for the present market when Mobile Apps becoming absolute for everyone. They are reaching the saturation point, where a thirst for new application experience is there for customers. Hence, they are getting TESS.LA even closer in building 3-Dimensional Reality into Mobile Devices.

This market is relatively new in the Indian Industry and they still yet to find their potential competitor in the market for TESS.LA. Customers come from diverse Engineering system largely from Education, Architect, Space Technology, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Gaming, Healthcare, and Defense.

The backstage story: Nelsonin Research

“I’ll tell you a secret. Old storytellers never die. They disappear into their own story.” ~Vera Nazarian

They are hiring Talents, since there is a research company with women on board, founded along with Celine Irudayaraj Promotor & Chairperson, and Sage Antony Co-Founder & COO Nelsonin Research Pvt Ltd. They worked with gender balancing and getting the right intellectual on to the board. Next is the investors, the greatest struggle is choosing the right investor into the venture.

When many are willing to invest, they still kept our investment plans on hold until they figure out the right investor. One important parameter for any start-ups is bringing the right investor on board; they also look forward to a technocrat/women investor who is relatively low in their country, and they believe in women’s power!

Marching ahead from obstacles with learning

Awaken the greatness within, by the learnings from the old. Learning is a choice and they make a determined effort to learn about success. Hence, they executed Plan B, started looking for talents in unconventional ways. They have an MBBS doctor into their team of Computer Science Research, Dr. Jon Thomas: Medicine Graduate, Mr. Dominic Savio: Science Graduate and Ms. Rini Alphonsia: Agri Graduate. The Unconventional way is, starting with the main research idea via forums, friends, and networks.  Hearing their idea, the talent knocked on their door, these ideas inspired them.

Embracing technology and racing ahead

They take every feedback very seriously and improve their technology every day. They constantly focus on the future of technology and the creativity of present products.

By the very nature of their company, the Technology and R&D Company focused on Computer Science AR/VR Technology. Their next research area is Agro, and Stem Cell Research

Connecting clients to technology at ease

Their clientele information cannot be disclosed at present but they are sharing the industry. The industries they serve include Entertainment (Films Promotion and Social Media Traction), Education (3D-Visualisation and design thinking), and 3D AR/VR Workshop.

Apart from that, they forge AR/VR training & Certification Programme, Gaming Industry, Healthcare Industry, Manufacturing Industry (low-cost training), Architecture are very popular among everyone (customer visualizing the homes ready in Mobile Apps); this technology is low cost & high customer throughput rate

The promise of the Nelsonin Research

They maintain a healthy relationship with their customers, and best known for on-time delivery. The documentation work is well prepared by them with full privacy. They treat every customer as their first customer and give the tailor-made solutions to them. Their services and solutions are at Low Cost in the Industry. They work for the Business Profitability and Branding of their customer using their technology TESS.LA

Innovative, creative and fun Workplace

Most important is the team. According to Mr. Nelson, he completely believes in a team’s effort and crafted his team carefully. He also personally believes in Women in STEM and encourages women in R&D. They are trying their best to balance their team with 50:50 M: F (Male: Female) ratio. This idea motivates the team; everyone’s thinking goes to implementation that is more rewarding to his team than financial gains.

‘Wow’ factors of the company

The glorious accomplishments, Nelson proudly holds is 30+ Honors & Awards, which includes from IndiAfrica, IIM-A, IIM-B, IMI, IIT-B. The LaunchPad’14, MOP, SSN, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Anna University, SPIC, TVS, International Leaders Award (Prudential Foundation Global Citizen Programme 2015), etc.

He was a delegate for attending the recent Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 conducted at Hyderabad inaugurated by Ms. Ivanka Trump, Advisor to the President of USA & Shri. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

He is also the founder of the ‘Sa-Ha-Ya-Th’ program – a proposal for the welfare and livelihood of refugee communities present worldwide. This proposal is recognized, appreciated, awarded and received an invitation to join hands with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), India.

Nelsonin Research Private Limited recently received the ‘Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award’ from International Achievers Summit, held on December 2918 at Bangkok, Thailand.

A peek into future

They are welcoming new-age investors on board, and the company is venturing into Agro Tech Research for sustainable farming and produce low-cost yield, and Stem Cell Research for health Future.

“Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now”. ~Mattie Stepanek

The Vigorous Leaders who Forge the Company

Nelson Naveen Irudayaraj – Founder & CEO

The ace entrepreneur, Mr. Nelson is so passionate about engaging in Civic activities right from his childhood. These activities motivated and accelerated him to create many scientific products to address the basic needs of society.

He is an alumnus of The Washington Center, Washington DC, USA, awardee of International Scholarship Award from Prudential Foundation Global Citizen Programme. He holds his Masters of Business Administration, from Loyola Institute of Business Administration – Chennai. He also holds another prestigious degree in Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation (First Class with Distinction) from St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Anna University.

He was recognized by the Indian Government for the innovation of Maritime Border Indicator and received the Innovation Award from the Indian National Academy of Engineering for the year 2011.

Nelson Naveen is invited by the various premium educational institutions in Chennai to sign MoU in developing Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in their campus; he is also an avid public speaker and gives talks & guest lectures to students in various forums and conferences.

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