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NETSTAIRS.COM: Top-Notch secured and integrated video service platform providers

Today, computing mainly automates things for people, but when it connects all those IT things, then you can truly start assisting people in a meaningful way. Similarly, when it comes to best business Video platform as a service, Real-Time Broadcast, Communications & Collaboration then NETSTAIRS.COM, INC. formidably uphills in the Consulting and Technologies serving.

From inception, they have been in love with innovative video and interactive user experience over the Internet. In 1999, Dr. Ahmad Moradi, a blue-chip key official of Netstairs left Silicon Valley’s post CEO role and started the completion of an M&A project for the public company. Hence, he founded NETSTAIRS.COM Inc.

On March 2000, NETSTAIRS.COM® INC. was incorporated. Three months later, it went bust due to the fall of Sadly, at that time, no one wanted to speak or considering an investment opportunity with their company. They thought that they were insane calling themselves ‘’.

During those eras, they only had a dial-up modem. ISDN was just coming up. There were no published standards for video compression algorithms. Coupled with the lack of industry standards, the video was truly a frontier business. In fact, there was only one company who had introduced a new audio codec called Real Audio published by Real Networks.

Acclimatize with latest Market trends

Being an ICT veteran for nearly 40 years, their company has learned that technology is monetization of life cycles. Each cycle comes with its own innovation and product/service strategy.

Therefore, every five 5 years they have transformed NETSTAIRS through Mr. Moradi’s vision and introduction of innovative products and online services. Those services could bluster the company’s growth and lead while weathering the market’s obsolescence. They have continued to do so, as their plans have produced some of the most unique products and services around the globe.

Upkeep Pace with Peers

Ace Entrepreneur NETSTAIRS considers themselves a ‘Knowledge Engineer’. With Ph.D. studies in AI Expert System dating back from the late ’80s, he has always applied AI theories and practices into their corporate strategies.

Throughout his career, he has enjoyed pioneering technologies and innovative services to the marketplace. Some of the past experiences such as Building the largest blood lab network in Florida, California, and Michigan with its $188M IPO make them prominent in their field. Some of the highlights are:-

  • Electronic Billing for Medical Practitioners
  • Development of first AI-based Practice Management Software for Dentists and Physicians
  • Being a part of the founding team in HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations)
  • Having a “C” executive seat with 22 public companies
  • Conducting the first IPO on “condo-hotel” business model
  • Delivering $100M a month in mortgage wholesale banking to lower than A+ rated Housing market for the U.S. citizens,
  • Establishing 24/7 remote heart monitoring laboratories serving 20M patients

They are just a few subjects that he has been proud to bring to the marketplace. Therefore, the same disciplines and applied working disciplines made him lead NETSTAIRS from peers. Empowering their organization to bring the unequalled vision to the multimedia market.

Symphony of Struggle

From the initial days and up until now, there are always challenges. From the early days of ‘dot com’ market crash where no one wanted to speak with them, today they bring a whole new set of new videos and WebRTC technologies as leapfrog operating platforms to various market segments. They have always prided themselves as a catalyst.

Their vision has always been time tested and is proven that they have been right on the market and intuitive prediction. In fact, most often they have been ahead of time serving the market. As a result, sometimes they hit and sometimes they missed. The key obstacles were the inability to build a strong corporate marketing and sales workforce.

Nearly all of their business came through referral and channel partners. Like most companies, they had limited resources and capitalization. Therefore, they have sailed through the challenges by being true to themselves and their clients as well. Similarly, by remaining focused, and being resilient, they have endured and still are passionate about what they do.

Diverse Clientele

NETSTAIRS offers two classes of services. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and White Glove (Turnkey). Their go-to-market AS IS platforms are designed for companies who wish to obtain and build their own services through monthly rental, long-term lease (OPEX) and or CAPEX white label construction.

This White Glove service starts with the consulting service that are guiding the clients with the architectural aspect of making their digital economy, management’s vision, corporate mission, strategic goals, and tactical objectives into a set of deliverable metrics. After blueprint production, they proceed with the construction aspect of the platform as a service.

Due to strict NDA, they never share the client’s details unless they have granted them permission. Some of their clients are Olaf Kitseroo’s Production, LeasePlan Bank, Pepsi, and Malibu Rum by Pernod Ricard. Historically, they have always respected clients’ privacy and confidentiality. For the record, NETSTAIRS has never sold clients’ data.

Hereby, their client service starts with a journey. By doing and delivering what they promise, they ensure their clients to enjoy the highest level of product/service throughout their terms of service contract. In the end, user experience is the ultimate unit of clients’ measure coupled with KPI.

Technology and R&D

They define their own destiny. By keeping a pulse on the market research, industry trends, published technologies, intelligent business strategies along with dedicated and proven team powered by both Real and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They deploy and apply the best intellectual aspect of knowledge thus mitigating risk and failure. Hence, they have a proven track record with a timeline that clearly demonstrates their pioneered spirit.

Nearly their entire company is founded on R&D. From inception until now, it has been a part of their corporate DNA. Unlike the Real World Economy, Digital Economy thrives on R&D. Without it, they will face obsolescence in no time. This is particularly true as a technology innovator considering market dynamics and services shifts the paradigm, they are a driven company that must always excel.

The energy flow of the company- Employees

Mr. Moradi’s relationship with their team has always been sacred. Their team already know and appreciate that he is their well-wisher. They all treat each other as a family unit. It builds longevity and they endure many challenges together. Even when some of their team members leave to pursue own interests, they remain in touch and loyal. Therefore, together, they share many triumph moments as they always climb and achieve higher excellence.

They look after each other’s interest and unlike other companies, they build a coalition of a small group that could manage effective and responsive results while assisting one another to make everything work. However, they are highly selective about their outsourcing partners who act as a part of our inner-working extension. They take constructive measures to enhance their lives while turning the non-core assignment to their team.

Future and Success Stories ahead

Because, security and privacy are of paramount importance as organizations broadcast, communicate and collaborate, they shall continue to offer their expertise in what they love the most, “Video”.

In addition, they care about their client’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives. Hence, they shall remain a client-centric boutique firm offering solutions that exceed client’s expectations.

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