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NewGen IT Solutions and Services Pte. Ltd

NewGen IT Solutions: Embellishing the industry with its services and solutions

NewGen IT Solutions and Services Pte. Ltd is one of the fastest-growing IT Services Company in the region, they provide IT Infrastructure Managed & Cyber Security Solutions and Services across many countries. It is celebrated and well-organized to render the best solutions and services to the valuable clients and customers. Mr. Jagdish Bhatt, founder & director, of this prosperous organization which serves its customers and clients in more than 21 countries on several continents. Mr. Bhatt (a Management Graduate and techno-commercial executive leader with great experience). He has years of experience in international business and led the GSCM and project operation teams in multinational IT companies. The journey of reaching this position started from Singapore two years back, with the help of consistent efforts and work towards the direction made by the director and core team of the company that made everything possible to reach here. At present, there are more than 80+ clients and customers across the globe who are also the strength as well as the motivation for the company to do more for them.

Services and Offerings of the Organization

  • In the fast-growing era of technology, the company has come up with some of its specific services and offerings for the clients and customers which are like IT infrastructure managed services (IT IMS), Cybersecurity solutions, software solutions, AI & machine learning and so on which are rendered to the customers across many countries by the company and trusted partners of leading IT providers. NewGen IT has the Expertise to facilitate both remote in-country and/or cross-country delivery through in-house and our trusted partner network of leading IT providers around the world, NewGen IT is able to reach out to all countries across different continents.

Having instilled faith in clients globally with the commitments and services along with local entities in India, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong, South Africa and Europe,  the company expanded not only the area of serving as APAC, Middle East, Africa, USA and Europe but also services in many sectors as Energy, IT & Telecommunication, healthcare, retail, mining, consumer, manufacturing, software, logistics, Indian and Global system integrators, distributors, software OEMs and many others.

The company aims to produce the best solutions and services to its customers, abiding by some of its following commitments such as

  • Help Reduce IT operational costs by 20–30%
  • Proactive IT Support
  • Optimize IT processes as per organization needs
  • Provide 24×7 monitoring & support services
  • Align IT roadmap to the business needs

Nothing is left to be undone to serve and save the time of the clients and customers across the countries such as giving complete support, perform more for the customers if needed, be bound to the commitment made to the customers and many others in accordance with the demands and needs with effective and affordable cost. These efforts are extremely helpful to build an ever-lasting relationship with the clients.

Steps taken to render the quality and the best services

Several extremely important steps have been taken up to produce different and effective services in this competitive market to augment the services which assure the expected outcome such as

  • The company has signed not only alliances with many software and hardware OEMs but also strategic alliances for the latest technologies in application platforms like the complete event streaming that enables the customers to innovate and win by being both real-time and highly-scalable to strengthen the trust and win the heart of the customers.
  • The company also possesses the application platform to take data from any source in any format safely and securely to search, analyze and visualize it in real-time.

Apart from all these steps, constant efforts are made to be updated and to provide to the clients; to create a difference in the industry and be on the top.

The achievements and milestones

The achievements of the company are the result of constantly working with dedication and willingness to meet the targets and deliver its fruits to valuable customers and clients. On the strength of the team and its clients, the company has got a lot as the fruits of its hard work such as

  • The company has made its presence and existence worldwide in a number of domains, in which the company provides the services and serves its clients including big multinational enterprises/corporates, SMBs and enterprise customers which helped to get the strength of more than 80+customers globally.
  • The organization has achieved more than US$4+ million marks within two years otherwise it takes 4 to 5 years to achieve such a big achievement.
  • Having been through the journey to reach here, the company has assured complete satisfaction and comfort of the customers.

There is a wonderful saying that “It takes two to make things happen” means, nothing can be done alone. In the same way, all the actions and plans of the company have been executed by a number of employees and key officials to get all these milestones which are now in the name of the company. Therefore, the teams and employees of the company are provided many facilities to be energetic and motivated to deliver their best as a healthy environment to work, opportunities to grow, freedom for decision-making as well as a refreshment by outings, team parties, and many others.

 Plans and targets of the company

Growing and prospering in the industry means having a bright future but it depends upon plans and targets to reach the highest height in the business. Having targeted vast goals and dreams, NewGen IT also has made certain plans to grasp more in the coming days and years to make the existence of the organization strong to stronger in the industry. The company believes in research and development (R&D) which helps to make the firm future-ready and accomplish the targets in time. R&D means innovation and modernization in the services and products of the company which will be for valuable customers globally. All these steps and efforts authenticate the bright future of the company. Besides it, the company targets to become 15 million company by March 2021 on the strength of its services and valuable customers globally.

NewGen IT Vision

“To be the trusted partner of choice in the global IT services market to become a leading, trusted and dependable IT Service provider”.

NewGen IT Mission:

“Efficiently & effectively assist clients in their global IT requirement so as to achieve
their business goals”.

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